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So you wanna use photos or text from the Bliss-Ranch blog?

It's a simple process....give me credit for my own stuff.   Don't crop off my photo watermarks or pass off a post as your own. You can't just copy and paste my words without permission, that's a no-no too. There is a creative copyright here so don't be in violation of the law by pirating - also known as stealing - other peoples work.  I'm pretty easy to get along with, so if you'd like to use anything you see here, just ask.

This blog, including all text, images, written content and otherwise, is the property and copyright of Bliss Ranch unless otherwise noted.  Bloggers and other websites may use one original image, and a brief description with a visible and direct link back to the Bliss Ranch post in use.  I expect full credit for my words and photos with that link!  No one may use an entire post or a significant portion of a published post from the Bliss Ranch blog and that includes any paraphrasing.  In otherwords, you may not publish, copy or reprint anything here more than noted above without asking me first, and you can't put my projects or tutorials into your own words using my photos.  If you need more than what I'm offering,, I will probably be happy to oblige.

To sum it up.... photographs may not be altered or edited, don't remove the Bliss Ranch watermark, don't copy my text, or paraphrase your own with my photos, and be polite - ask first.  If you don't I will hunt you down and spit on you.

I actively pursue any copyright infringement.  © 2018 Bliss-Ranch, all rights reserved.

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