project gallery

           Gift Bag Advent Calendar                  Metal Stool Seat Door Wreath            Paint Can Arrangement
Popcorn Cart                        Pallet Topped Side Table                  Mini Laundry Makeover
             Stenciled Sock Bin                      Concrete Vanity Sink                     Hanging Hampers                      
Metal Pipe Dog Diner                        Headboard Dog Bed                      Root Beer Keg Upcycle
New Front Steps                       Hand Painted Welcome Mat                  Cement Farmhouse Table
      Potting Bench                            Beware Of Dog Sign                             New Fireplace Cabinetry
Baby Dresser                                Pallet Table Top                           Refinished Washstand
  Recycled Suitcase                         Inspirational Boys Sign                  Baby Girl Keepsake Box
        Lettered Chairs                                   Baby Scale Makeover                              First Aid Cabinet   
          Dog House                         Upcycled Birthday Calendar              Great Grandpa's Toy Box
Etched Entry Door                         Coastal Coffee Table                              Wood Bow Ties

           Fresh Cut Flower Wreath                     Vintage School Chair                      Imperfect Pumpkin Sign

             Clyde The Duck Sign                            Storage Crates                                 Dear Liza's Bucket

           Spring Kids Boot Wreath                       Beer Tote                                    Galvanized Buckets

                 Vintage Lap Desk                       Handmade Fake Spa Boulders                   Railway Sign

                           Vintage Step Stool                                    Stenciled Milk Cans              Front Porch Update

               Quirky Inheritor Sign                     TV Barn Door Cover                         Short People Stool

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  1. leanne.m.kent@gmail.com7/04/2012

    I just stumbled across your blog (from pinterest) and I must say its gorgeous! I love your writing style and really enjoyed reading :) I want to be like you when I grow up! (Mind you I am 28 haha) Bliss Ranch sounds like my ideal home, the exact sort of place I would love to live! In Australia though, where my family lives. Keep up the great work!

  2. I love your stuff and your ingenuity. I've put some of your pictures and a link to your site on my blog. Just love it!!

  3. You sure have a lot of great projects here. So full of inspiration!

  4. Wow this is my favorite dresser redo ever! I am sitting in my kitchen nook wishing it was in the same room as me!

  5. Anonymous8/13/2012

    Inspired by YOU and YOUR DRESSERS, I finally found my courage to add typography to a piece of MY furniture!

  6. Anonymous8/13/2012

    I added text links in my post to two of your dressers... I should have asked, first. Sorry. Is that okay? If not, I'll remove them right away!! ~Amber

  7. Wow. Sure amazing see it all in one place! I shared it on my fb page. Bravo girl :)

  8. The black photo saying dresser and the Route 66 pieces are my fav. YOU ARE MIGHTY TALENTED BLISS! great work. hugs, jen

  9. Girl..Don't get me started! My eyes hurt because I am staring at all the projects... I have drool coming out of my mouth because my mouth won't shut- Totally in Awe over here! You Rock My Socks!

  10. I just discovered Bliss Ranch from the Cowgirl Up party. You are so creative, I love your projects! I look forward to learning more from you.

    1. Nice to have you here Kari. I stopped over to Loaves n Dishes and I can see if I visit often I'll get fat (er)!

  11. So glad I found you! I love all of your project gallery. So original and inspiring! Keep up the good work. I, myself, have started a blog and plan to make it better this year. Happy New Year my new blogging friend!

    1. Welcome Donna, nice to have you here. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? That means the way your settings are, when your comment arrived in my email, I could not just hit "reply" and respond to you. I did go to your blog to try to snag your email there, but could not find it. Add putting your email in an easy to find spot on your blog to your 2014 New Year resolutions so you don't miss any of the replies to your sweet comments that you deserve!

  12. I just love your furniture with words on it. I had pinned your Kodak dresser way back in the day and didn't eve realize it was yours until now! I also love your radio bar and dresser bar. I'm sensing a bar theme. Keeping my fingers crossed that this comment will go through!


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