Farmhouse Cement Plank Patio Table, Part 2

Our family is growing.  I'm not getting any older of course.

What started out as a couple of young newlyweds building a life, turned into a large family of eight.  Six kids - four boys and a couple girls.

The oldest two flew the nest, and then the family grew by a daughter and son in law, and eventually two grand kids arrived.

This August another little peanut will debut as #1 Daughter and that son in law I mentioned start their family.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

Also recently, daughter #2 became engaged, so when the newest baby arrives this summer it will bring our current total to 14 wanting a seat around the table.

And it will only keep growing from there, right?

So when we decided to replace our temporary spool patio table we knew it meant building something ourselves to get the size we wanted.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

An 8 foot long custom cement plank table (you can read about the DIY by clicking the link) was built not only to withstand the elements, but to fit as many bodies around as possible when the chow hits the middle.

The top has texture and some color variations, it won't hold water, and if it gets messy after the wild ravenous animals dine, all I need to do is unreel the hose and spray it off.

It won't blow over either.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

The center of the table, that currently has plants in a left over window box type planter, was designed to hold a container of ice chilled beverages, and there is also a grid that fits in the center when we just need to put food there.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

On hot summer nights or cool autumn evenings around the fire, I won't even have to get out of my seat to refresh my drink.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

There's a lot of concrete and stones in the patio area and I wanted to brighten it up a bit without introducing more colors.

Our other patio chairs are gray and black.  I set out on an internet search for some affordable chairs, minimum of six, that didn't clash with the new free standing patio umbrella (a post for another time).

While searching I got it in my mind that I wanted white chairs of the non plastic variety.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

I found many, but at upwards of $80 bucks a chair that wasn't going to happen.

Then in the image search on my computer I spotted some simple mesh chairs........ at Target....... on sale for $21.00.

The page said "in stores only, in stock", it didn't say how many.

I was giddy as I announced to the famdamily that I would be making a quick shopping trip and said.....


Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

The good news was when I got to the closest Target - 20 minutes away for reference - I could test drive the one solitary white mesh chair they had left, which was also the bad news, only one chair.

I sat on it and found it comfy, and looking at it I decided I did indeed want 5 more to go along with it. 

Then I spied even more good news....... all the patio furniture was on clearance, and the mesh chairs were now only $10.49.  WHAT!?!?  

I sat on the lone white chair to guard it as I googled phone numbers for all the other not so local Target stores. 

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

The next closest sold out that morning. 

The next was out before clearance. 

The next one put me on hold twice for way too long so I hung up. 

My last option was only about 30 minutes from where I was, but my drive home would be close to an hour.

I called and spoke to a girl and asked her to get an actual visual on how many of the chairs they had in stock.........10.

Bonus - I only set out for 6 chairs at $21, now I could buy 10 for $10 each.

I flew down the highway hoping no one was on the same mission as me, myself and I.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

I walked in, told the first red shirted worker I saw that I needed a loading cart back in the patio furniture.

$100 dollars later - because I used my Target card and received an additional 5% off - I left the parking lot with all ten of the white mesh stacking chairs, quite possibly the only ones left in Minnesota.

Cement Planked Top Farmhouse Patio Table,

I arrived home close to three hours later and ten chairs happier.

It wasn't the quick trip I thought it would be, but mission accomplished.

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  1. what a great deal! They look fantastic with the cement table. And lucky you to be 'expecting" again!

  2. Don't you love when something works out like this. Those chairs were meant to be around that fabulous table! You're going to need two tables soon!

  3. Yes! That's how we roll! I love when things workout like's rare, I know! It all looks fabulous together. What a great look and it will last forever. Love the bridge in the background. :)

  4. Those chairs look fantastic with your table! Great deal!


  5. That was one dang amazing deal, woman. Those chairs look perfect and your table looks amazing!


  6. Those are adorable. I love, love the table. Congratulations on your growing family.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  7. Cue the Angel choir "AAAAHhhhhhhh!" Absolutely stupendous deal and I am so thrilled with your find! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! SO worth the drive. :))) Congratulations Bliss! I'm loving it with/for you!! ~ Christina in FL

  8. Loved this story! There's nothing like a good bargain, and that's one of the best I've heard of in a long time! They look great! And, how wonderful to have a big, growing family!

  9. Ich entdeckte viele neue Dinge aus Ihrem Artikel. Danke dafür!

    Unsere besten Mode-Produkte für Sie: Cocktailkleider

  10. I wondered who was hogging all of those chairs in Minnesota ;-) Way to score! They do look pretty comfy.

  11. Talk about things coming together? Those chairs are perfect and I'd say it's karma for all the hard work you put in to making that awesome concrete topped farm house table!

  12. Really love all of the new furniture too, and I think that lamp looks good against the grey wall after all that! bean bag


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