Powder Coated Steel Pond Bridge....From A Garage Sale

On a recent outing with daughter #2, cruising around at some city wide garage sales in I don't even remember what town, there was nothing extraordinary going on even though we did have two large furniture pieces stuffed into the back of my vehicle.

One for me, one for her.

We came to a house that had a mattress set and a sea of pink kids clothes in the yard, and as I hit the gas to keep on going I saw it....  

is that a pond bridge sitting among-est their sale items? 

Before I even got out of the car I decided the odds were against me finding the one thing we really could use, at of all places... someones garage sale.

But I pulled over anyway.

There it stood like a bridge outta water.... a powder coated steel pond bridge with a piece of masking tape that read $50.

At home my pond bridge - minus a mattress sitting next to it - was a no sides little wood bridge, unfortunately with rotting under boards that fell through last fall.

It needed to be replaced, so building a new bridge was added to the to-do list and I held little hope that task would be completed this spring with so many other projects underway.

I asked the lady why she was getting rid of it and she said her husband had put in a pond two years ago and now they have a toddler they can't keep out of it, so she wanted to replace the pond with something their 2 year old could actually swim in.

I whipped out my tape measure, wrote down the dimensions and took the ladies phone number to call her if the size was right and if she still had it in her yard by days end.

At that point I'm thinking maybe the the odds ARE in my favor - how many folks are driving around at garage sales with an extra fifty bucks and need a pond bridge!

When I got home I was giddy about the find, but I can't say Brawn the builder was as enthusiastic as me.  I thought for sure he'd be an easy sale, one less thing he would have to build, and supplies for a large wood pond bridge, this time with sides, would be at least $50 plus his time, plus the maintenance of painting it every few years.

His lack of enthusiasm was caused by the fact he didn't feel like hopping back in the truck and driving after a long day of work.

Until he started doing his calculations, thinking of his time savings in the long run, and the fact I wasn't cooking dinner and suggested a stop at the lumber yard and a meal out.

Yes bribery.

He simply said, "you have to drive", and I knew we'd be coming home with a pond bridge.

It was as if the bridge was made for the little stream that connects our two patio ponds. 

Of course I Googled to find out just what a large bridge like this would cost new, and the cheapest I found was $279.  Which we would not have spent, because as I said Brawn would of built one himself.

But that would have been a wood one, not a powder coated steel bridge that needs no maintenance.  With a light underneath to illuminate my walk over, if we hook that up.

One side called for a little cement pad, so the buckets and tools came out and he embarked on two projects - cementing in the larger rocks along the side of the pond......

 .....and pour a little pad on the other end that bridges another gap between the cement patio and the wood deck.

Below is the little pad stained to mimic the colors in the rocks and waiting on it's gloss sealer...

He stained it to match our other free formed cement walkways......

I was able to cross off one project on the to-do list before supplies were even contemplated thanks to my keen eye looking past that mattress set.

And a month later, sitting outside having coffee, Brawn acknowledged the bridge ... "your pond bridge looks really nice". 

Mine?  So now I'm thinking about making a little sign for the side to claim it as my own.

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  1. WOW! What a find and what are the ODDS of finding that at a garage sale? LOL I think there might have been some divine intervention there...and it IS a divine piece! Great job-it looks wonderful all plunked into place. xo Diana

  2. lucky you...and brawn to have such a enthusiastic women... i love that find of your's. Happy weekend!

  3. Well now, isn't that just perfect! :))) Nice going eagle eyes :) You, Brawn and crew now get a gorgeous bridge. Gotta love that kind of serendipity. :)))
    ~ Christina in FL

  4. Brawn should know never to doubt you. Ever. Love the bridge!

  5. Serendipity! It was meant to be! I hope you have a some fairies that will live underneath or a friendly troll. As long as it doesn't bother Clementine.
    I can just imagine the two of you having coffee and Brawn saying that... Good times.😊

  6. YES! I view finds like this as meant to be, by Providence.

  7. yes, what a find! i think i'll measure my little footbridge so i'm prepared the next time i'm traveling about at garage sales! this would definitely have stopped my fall last sunday when i cracked my tailbone as i slipped right off our footbridge made of 2x8 wood planks and no railing! mine might be the size of a queen-sized headboard/footboard - that's what i've been thinking of looking for.

  8. May the odds be EVER in your favor! You excel at the Bridger Games!!!


  9. First of all thanks for sharing your personal experience. This looks classy and unique. I loved your ideas here. I am a home improvement contractor at Beltsville, MD Roofing Company. I learned new ideas from here.

  10. Now that's the best garage sale success story I've heard in a long time! Can I go garage saling with you next time?... I'll drive, while you scope it out.


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