Hanging Laundry Hampers

There is a Jack & Jill bathroom shared by a certain five and eight year old, and 'ya know.... they wear clothes and those clothes need a resting place before the duds hit the suds.

Not that I know a thing or two about dirty clothes - although there were at least a few of my six kids that did actually make it a habit to wear clean ones.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Hanging Laundry Hampers with Graphic,

With just the right amount of space for a narrow shelf and two hanging laundry bags, the man with the tools and I, whipped this up based on the ideas of #1 Daughter in law.

The laundry bags were purchased on Amazon and I used a graphic from the world famous Graphics Fairy, which made this project quick and easy.

Citrasolv Transfer Method,

The Citrasolv transfer method is a simple and fast process that I have used several times.  If you click that link it will take you to the step by step tutorial that I used on both my dining room chair backs and matching napkins.

Citrasolv Transfer Method,

Pieces of left over wood found hanging around in the garage were nailed together and painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Hanging Laundry Hampers with Graphic,

A couple of hook type things I had in my stash were just the right length to hang the bags from.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Hanging Laundry Hampers with Graphic,

Dirty laundry is easily carried to the washing machine by moms, dads, or certain five and eight year olds.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Hanging Laundry Hampers with Graphic,

Also in this duel bathroom are two cute initial step stools made by Brawn's oldest son. 

Yeah, he's my son too, but you know how that is, kids are always dads kids when they are naughty and moms say things like "YOUR son______"., so I figured I'd give credit where credit is due.... he gets his skills from his dad, so that makes him Brawns son when he builds things.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Kids Step Stool with Graphic,

And because #1 Daughter in law liked the graphic, she added it to the drop cloth shower curtain they made.......

Drop Cloth Shower Curtain,

Neither Brawn nor I can take credit for her shower-curtain-making talents.

Citrasolv Transfer Method, Graphic Fairy,

But I did supply the Citrasolv!

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  1. the project would not have turned out this amazing without you! ha.. i totally get the "they are your kids". hope you are enjoying your summer.

  2. Those laundry bags are adorable Bliss! I've always loved that graphic and it was the perfect choice for these.

  3. This should be in a magazine! Love it!!

  4. Love this Bliss! I am brain storming on what to do with the boys bathroom in the new house since it will also be the guest bathroom.

  5. This is really a wonderful project...beautiful and fuctional! I love how inventive you all are...makes for one-of-a-kind spaces!

  6. Love everything in your post. How 'bout a tutorial on those pesky grommets?

    1. I think it was a grommet kid where you poke the ring in with the little doo dad gadget that comes with the kit, and them presto chango you have a grommet-ed shower curtain.

  7. Love them! I have yet to try citra-solv (where do you even buy it??). Now I want to get some just so I can try this out.


  8. super cute laundry hampers!
    I've never had success with the citrasolv, because I don't have the correct "copier" in my area.
    great job Bliss!

  9. so many things to pin in this post! it all.

  10. These look great! Handy, too. Your kids learned a few things aong the way, I see. Love that shower curtain.

  11. Love it Bliss and no yo u wouldn't know anything about doing laundry.


  12. Of course you would make your own laundry bags and shower curtain!!! I love the graphic image on them. That's such a popular look right now.

  13. Love the idea and those hampers ♥

  14. Very unique. Yes this should be in a magazine!!


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