Friday, January 27, 2012

Save Your Settings

Attention.... Attention.....fellow bloggers, followers and guests.....
Word verification is now off.  I AM SO SORRY!!!!  I was so careful when I set up the blog to NOT have word verification on.  But apparently I didn't click the save settings because it was on.  Some one finally told me, some brave soul must of knew I really didn't want it on, I won't kiss and tell who told me though!  FYI....  I didn't want you to have to go through the humiliation like me yesterday after the doc told me to loose a few pounds....  I come home comment on a blog and the word verification word it gives me???    PORKY!!!!  Isn't that mean?

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  1. Well Bliss, that was certainly not very nice! Mean, indeed! Don't believe a word! I'm thrilled that I found your blog, it's really neat and I love your header!


  2. Porky!! What?!?! Don't you find it awfully suspicious and a wee bit odd that good ol' Google the Great One always seems to know a little too much about what is going on with us? For example, the other day I was going to type in "coffee aroma" in Google search and before I could even get the "r" in aroma typed, "coffee addict" popped up. Seriously? Now "coffee addiction" would have been a mere coincidence but COFFEE ADDICT? I know that was directed right at me fueling my belief that GTGO invades our heads through some type of subliminal communication.

  3. I'm so glad that brave soul's comment was helpful! ;)
    Love your humor my friend! <3

  4. Although the 'big ol' blogs' always say 'take off word verification', it never bothered me, it only takes two seconds extra. Since I took mine off I have actually had 3 spams !!! I will leave mine off, but will still comment on others if they have it !
    When you came home from the doc's I bet Brawn made you feel a whole heep better !

  5. Don't be sorry - I have been getting comments from Anonymous - ADDs to my email. Blogger spams them for me but they still make it to my email somehow. It's buggy.
    I just added you to my sidebar. I saw you featured on Debbiedoo & wondered how I missed your post. Now I won't. Have a good weekend.

  6. Google does a pretty good job of filtering and i don't use it either. I think when spam (or weirdos) get through it's because they know how to hack and word verification won't stop that anyway. I'm just trusting that it won't happen here.....fingers crossed!

  7. Just checked my blog roll bc I wondered why I missed your post....I wasn't following! Now I am and won't miss anything!

  8. I removed the word verification last year and so far no problems!

  9. I didn't even notice that you had it on since I have been visiting! But glad you took it off if it bothered some people! Thank you soooooo much for the supportive comment you left! It made my day!


  10. Oh my word! Did that really happen? That's terrible! Glad to hear that you got it all fixed now. I had my sister help me with setting up my blog. Otherwise, mine probably would've been on too. Ha!

  11. Now that's just rude. Could lose a few myself, but whose business it that? Not my laptop, that who! ha! - Lori

  12. For some reason I am not receiving your blog by email. Hmmm....what do you think google is up to. I too was surprized that your word verification was on. And Porky? You must be kidding.


  13. How funny! Love your blog. I found you via The Polohouse link party.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams


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