Hankie Noodle Dandy

The pool noodle party has arrived hosted by some of my favorite bloggers.  If I sound excited it's because I am, simply because I'm actually ready.  Usually I'm scrambling at the last minute for link parties or miss them all together.  
Not this time, no siree.
On top of this party I am.  Literally - I could float around on it.  
Now that is using my noodle for it's intended purpose huh?  
However not the crusty rusty dirty pool float I actually used for the project.

Last summer's noodle left to shrivel and waste away under the winter snow.  It was on it's way to the trash, walked right by me in the arms of my hunk-o-burning love.  "STOP....... I NEED that".  Yeah, I got one of those sideways-your-nuts looks from him.

Inspired by all of the patriotic red white and blue stuff, 
practically getting inside my head by making a noodle wreath
that blue foam thing wasn't going to the trash.

I had also been pinning some of those fabric wreaths were you tie stuff on and I wanted to give that a whirl.  I can tie.   I hit a garage sale with a box of red white and blue scarves for .10¢ each.  So lets see here, I bought 7 of them, that is .70¢ and a free noodle.  A craft success and repurpose at it's best.

First you need a little helper to play with the pile of scarves/hankies.

 I taped the two ends of the noodle together with tape.  Then cut and tie.  Seriously, how flipping simple is that?  I didn't even worry if I cut the lengths of fabric evenly.  It's a rag wreath - emphasis on RAG.  

It needed a little something.
It needed this adorable printable from The Scrap Shoppe blog.  It's perfect and matches our big old sign at the end of the driveway that I have yet to take a photo of.

 I printed it out on card stock, hijacked a frame with a wedding photo, and hung it on fishing line with the wreath.  
It's hanging on the mudroom door.  Since we are the land of the free because of the brave my family can proudly see it each time we come in the house.
I did have another idea, have not seen it linked so far,
but I'm fresh out of noodles, or maybe that is out of a fresh noodle.

Gonna float the wreath around at the noodle party and I see there are plenty of awesome wreaths and some surprises....... noodle cupcakes..... get. outta. town!!
 These are the blogs using their noodle, so grab yours and create something.

Oh and 'ya gotta admit..... if there was a prize for the best post title, I win.

And while I'm at it, gonna link it here too:
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  1. Cute wreath, but cuter helper! Can I have her?

  2. GREAT title!!!

    "I can tie" - LOL

    Adorable little helper. :)

  3. tape and kind of project! The fact that it looks good...BONUS!! Way to go!

  4. Raggy noodle - love it !

  5. Yes, you do win! Fantastic Bliss. I love your cute little helper too. Looks fantastic. How fun...and best part is you got to use that nasty ole noodle! LOL. Thanks for joining us, as always you are a lot of fun my friend!

  6. I love it! In fact, I think I'll do a Canadian version for Canada Day which is on July 1st!!! I'm off to the dollar store to get some red and white bandanas and a pool noodle.

  7. You have the cutest wreath and the cutest little helper around ;)
    Thanks for sharing it at the par-tay!! This is a double pinner... wreaths and patriotic (which I love!)

    Happy Summer lady!!

  8. This is great, Bliss. I am slightly addicted to ragging myself. My kind of craft. Inexpensive and doesn't have to be perfect, but fab results. Your wreath is outstanding!

  9. Hi Bliss,

    Your hankie noodle is adorable. So is your little helper :)


  10. Adorable! LOL@ You rescuing it from the trash! I totally get it darling ;) xo

  11. It is a great title- and a great wreath!

  12. I would say those were a few fabulous, fortuitous finds - a free float, and cheap patriotic hankies. Your wreath turned out fantastic, and your little helper is a doll! ;)

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday this week. Have you entered my "French-inspired" giveaway yet? Tonight's the last night to do so.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  13. Now how fun is that noodle of yours! You did great and your granddaughter is a cutie!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  14. I love this even without the addition of my printable!! So cute, as is your helper. :) Adorable idea, and I'm so glad you could use the print!

  15. I love your wreath! It's a great re-purpose of a noodle that was headed to the heap! And how cute is your helper! The print was perfect for it too! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  16. Oh so cute! You are definitely getting a prize for that title & also for taking the most beat up noodle around & turning it into something amazing. Now where is that prize patrol?

  17. Why is Kirby trying to steal babies again?

    Hands down best noodle wreath post title. And you know how I feel about that land of the free because of the brave saying ... best ever!

    And I've been eye spying those rag wreaths too ... might need to try my hands at one very soon ...



  18. Love the post title! And you've come up with a very fresh way to use a stale noodle just in time for the upcoming 4th of July celebration.

  19. Fantastic title! Hands down the BEST!! Love your rag wreath and the fact that you re-purposed a ratty old pool noodle into something fabulous!

  20. Great idea, Bliss. It looks great. If only all Americans would use their noodles...but I digress. I just may have to try this particular noodle idea. Awesome.

  21. love girl...I need to do this one....and your helper...lets her and my granddaughter would be scarry what they get into but fun ...check out the chair I just posted to my blog....perfect for a porch and add your wreath and we are ready

  22. Great job!! new follower - hope you will drop by and do the same~~

  23. Bliss, The title ALONE qualifies you for some sort of prize, (although it may be a trip for two to your local VFW for bingo when they resume in the fall. I heard that the air conditioning may be out and they have decided to suspend play until the weather cools off...something about there being an issue with perspiration and the ink on the cards. Whatever it was, it sounds too gross to discuss in polite company. But I digress....)

    Seriously though, I love your hankie noodle, and your helper! xo, Kimberly

  24. 70 cents - hats off to you for really using your noodle! And your little helper is a super star!

  25. So is it a bad thing when your husband gives you a weird look after you blurt out "what a dirty noodle!!" while looking at your computer? Then I really confused him when I told him to relax - that I was only reading a blog post about making a rag wreath out of a dirty noodle.

    I would say you used your noodle very well on this noodle. And your helper is adorable!

  26. You really used your noodle on this one. Love it, Bliss

  27. Hankie Noodle Dandy... I-N-D-E-E-D!

    As always, fantabulous.

    Beacuse of the Brave... I stand and salute!

  28. This is awesome bliss!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  29. You sure did use your "noodle" Bliss, I LOVE your wreath!!

  30. LOVE this fabulous rag wreath! And your title certainly is the best of the season!!
    <3 Christina

  31. OK...this is my favorite pool noodle project that I've seen! Love it!

  32. Hey Bliss - just wanted to let you know that you're project was featured on the All Star Block Party. Head on over to grab your button!!

  33. Adore your noodle wreath! So creative and festive, and yes I do like your post title! Your baby is precious!

    I'm so happy you shared your wonderful creativity at Potpourri Friday!!

  34. I love this so much, I've featured you here . Please stop by when you get a chance & grab a "I've been featured" button from the side bar. You can put it in this post, side bar or both. Thanks so much :)

  35. This is awesome! I love it!

  36. You are featured today on Potpourri Friday!

  37. This is great! Love it and congrats on your feature!

  38. This is awesome! Love it.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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