The Keg and The Crap

Opps I crafted. 

Yes I realized that silly song phrase has probably been said over and over on blogs, but really..... I don't care.
As for me crafting, sure I've painted some furniture and done some stuff here and there, but when I say I crafted, I mean I-Me-Moi, actually came up with something  
all     on     my     own.  

Sooooo my fine feathered friends...... this post was originally shared with Cassie over at Primitive & Proper so if you want to see what I made out of this 10 inch high 1919 Root Beer keg you will have to stop there.

1919 Root Beer Keg Turned Chicken Scrap Holder,

And since I have your undivided attention; whilst all of you wildly-talented-crafty-amazingly-organized-on-top-of-it people are busy being wildly talented, crafty and organized, with getting projects done and cranking out posts, I was hitting garage sales with one of my BFF's.  (Waving at Di who happens to be my only friend in real life who knows about this blog).  I'm stock piling crap to turn into treasures.  Or just stock piling crap.  Depends on who you talk to at my house.

Here are a few of the things that came home with me today.......

This mosaic planter waiting for a plant, it is nice big and heavy. $2.00

This box of six BIG crackled light globes -$7.00- that I am going to do something like this with:

I picked up this trunk for $20 when I stopped at one last sale on my way home.  It's suppose to be going to my daughters house, she has been looking for one and I called her to ok the purchase.  Brawn was surprised I wasn't keeping it for myself, so now I'm having second thoughts.

Last from today's stuff, I have wanted something on the chicken coop since the lovely ladies started gifting us with fresh eggs, and this sign was fifty cents.  I took it right out of the car and screwed it on their egg gathering door.
So unlike most of some of the stuff I haul home that sits around forever... this sign has been put in place pronto! where the only thing sitting are the hens.

Garage sales start on Thursday in Minnesota, why I don't know.  But it gives me the chance to get out and hit more if I want.  I want, so tomorrow Di and I are off again.  First stop, the mother of all junk sales that I learned about from a fellow Minnesota blogger, Laurel at Chipping With Charm.  Click the link and you can see some of the junk at the sale.

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  1. love the eggs sign- it's perfect!

  2. I wanna go (in my best whiny voice). You found.some cool stuff!

  3. Look's like you've been having fun! And now you've got me intrigued about your 'craft'!
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  4. Someone sold that trunk for $20? It would be $175 to $200 around here. Good deals.

  5. Just so you know, I'm really jealous that you and Laurel (chipping with charm) are going to hang out....
    Just saying...

  6. What great finds! I can't wait to see what you made! Love that trunk..I'd be keeping it.


  7. It looks to me like your found some great treasures! And...I'm dying to know what you did with that rootbeer keg.

  8. I'd be keeping that trunk, Bliss.
    I think it would be a great way to corral your wildthings while you de-crap your newly found crap. ;)

  9. I love your funky chicken sign! And your daughter is getting a seriously great bargain on that $20 trunk. I checked out the junk sale and would love to go, but I'm finally clearing out the junk I already bought and it feels good! BUT if it was closer to home, I'd be there, too. Have fun shopping and visiting tomorrow!

  10. Great finds and can't wait for tomorrows post...I am intrigued!

  11. Those globes are going to make great lanterns. I would have snapped them up too. I bought some things on sale at Hobby Lobby last week to turn into lanterns....too...I'll share them next week. Can't wait to see these when you are finished with them.

  12. loving all your finds, you lucky girl. I will be back to check out your guest post.

  13. You're giving up that trunk?!? And you're such a tease about that root beer keg! Oh, and what lovely globes you have!

  14. Super great finds Bliss. Your keg post was very cute.


  15. Great finds and great guest post on Keg and the s(crap). I'd rather get the eggs and pass on killing the family chickens too.

  16. Great finds! I'm off to Cassie's now. :)

  17. Saw you cute bin at Cassie's, what a great idea ... I could have use something that like for compost pile scraps, too. :) And I am in love with those crackle light globe thingys. Great finds!

  18. Keep the trunk! I love it and they cost jillions around here. You found some great things so now I'm waiting to see what you're doing with them. :-)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  19. I love the chicken. You can name her Beyonce ...

    And I can't wait to check out your crafting skills at Cassie's ...


    And give your daughter that trunk! Haven't you already given her a lifetime of therapy bills ...

  20. $20 for that trunk, wow - I'd keep it too. Off to check out the keg !

  21. Di needs to tell all your friends how awesome your blog is :). Love the new scrap bucket!! And I'm looking forward to seeing your crap turned into creative treasures...keep the trunk ;)

  22. That is so funny that you say garage sales start on Thursday, a couple weeks ago Deb who's blog is Garage Sale Gal is from Minneapolis and she was saying that she had a garage sale on Thursday and it was not very good.....I was thinking of course not it's Thursday LOL! That trunk was a great buy and I love the Fresh eggs sign!


  23. I think you should get mother of the year. Seriously. Who gives a trunk like that to their daughter. You are so much better than me :)

    Have an awesome day my garage-saleing friend!


  24. You keep stockpiling that 'junk' and keep turning out your awesome transformations. Where we live now, they don't seem to do garage sales...what the heck? I want to go with you!

  25. I'm loving that trunk you found for your daughter! No wonder you're having second thoughts about parting with it. Love your adorable sign on the chicken coop too. You're so lucky to have your own chickens.

  26. Looks like a good Saturday morning haul. I would rather yard sale than craft any day!

  27. Boy oh, boy did you score!!! A trunk for $20...whoohoo! Love the candle holder idea and the chicken sign would have gone home with me, if I'd been there! Great job.

  28. Score! You go girl. You will have so much fun with your loot. I am hoping to hit a few sales soon. Been too long since I scored something good.

  29. Wow, if you aren't keeping that trunk, then all I can say is you have much more self-control than I do.

  30. GREAT finds, Bliss! My hubs always threatens to turn me into "Hoarders" when I come home with a stash. I always tell him it's for my booth, but *wink wink*, what does he know? :)
    xo Heidi

  31. Totally ENVIOUS!

    Those are some FABULOUS finds... I don't get around to much garage sales anymore living in the city {insert b-i-g sigh here with a pitiful look on my face}. I do hit up a lot of thrift stores in town. Although they have a lot more unique stuff, the prices are much much hight {insert b-i-g sigh here with a pitiful look on my face}.

    Don't worry, I'll get my bargain hunting high again the next time I to Canton {that big huge flea market in east Texas}. But, I'll wait until it gets warmer.

    <3 Joanne


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