Free Dresser Coming Soon

Caution... this is a teaser post.

I know my fellow bloggers are familiar with how to do a teaser post.  They have teased me a time or two the past six months with waiting to see their cool projects.
I have learned well from them and I am repaying the favor.

I got this dresser free.
Free is good.
Free at a garage sale.
I couldn't take it with me right away and when I came back to fetch it they had put a 'sold for free' sign on it and one that said 'spoken for'.
They were as excited to get rid of it as I was to take it.  Yes siree.

Free turned a big yellow lemon into a cool rock n roll dresser a few months back.
Because it was free I took chances, I had nothing to lose.

I'm taking some chances with this one too.
I think you will be surprised.
And I think it was Brawn's idea.

I think you will be surprised both by the color and by what the dresser becomes.
Feel free to leave a guess in the comments.  
Free is good for dressers and guesses.

That sample spot sure looks like the purpley pink goo used for tummy aches.
It dries darker.
Bless it's little Pepto heart.  (That's what we say up North).

The dresser will be making it's debut in July.
Probably the 2nd week in July.

And why do I need to finish the dresser by then?
Because of the party.
What party? 

 Hot fun in the Summertime.
Five Blogs, Five Fridays.
First Link Party Ever.

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  1. Ohhh...I'm looking forward to seeing what delights you have in store for us! :)

  2. You're such a tease and your so good at it. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Woo hoo! Can't wait until your party begins! I'll be there!
    Stacey :o)

  4. I know what it i-s! (sing that like your 6 years old) Can't wait for the party!

  5. You are having a party?? Will there be beer??

  6. I'll come to your party!.... I've always thought we should party together! LOL
    I can't wait to see your dresser! You big tease...

  7. Bliss is having a party..Bliss is having a party!! Yay...I wanna come! When is cocktail hour?
    My guess for the dresser...a beverage cart.

  8. no wait!! I take that back. A dollhouse for little princess!!

  9. They have a name for a girl like you.......

  10. I'm guessing a sweet pink toybox for a little granddaughter.

    I could never post a teaser. Everybody would have long forgotten about it by the time I got around to finishing the thing!

    1. I am so with you on this one! ME TOO!!! LOL

  11. Ahhhhh I can't wait to see it! Tease!

  12. That's one hot pink tease! Can't wait to see her all gussied up! Congrats on your find - you've joined the freebie club!

  13. You lil' flirty tease, you! You show just enough to get me all excited....

    I can't WAIT to party with you in July! Yippee! Like a dream come true ;)

    Now for some reason my tummy is acting up... I think I need some Pepto.
    <3 Joanne

  14. A free dresser with a blob of pink?! Girl, you got this teaser thing down pat.

  15. No clue, but I am sure it will be fabulous! Free ad in furniture is my favorite word!

  16. Your too fun. I would love that dresser to play with too..Free how lucky so did you get a lotto ticket on the same day...giggle...I should do the same of all the projects that I need to do,they are backing up...and my post I did last nite was a nightmare and still not perfect..but alas I need to get to the shop and continue to clean up all of the upstairs...lots of a lucky you!!! So take a look at my blog and see what is going on!!!Take care and thank you!

  17. You are such a tease! Can't wait to see it!

  18. Anonymous6/29/2012

    Can't wait to see how it all turns out... wooo hooo!!!!


  19. Waiting patiently to see what you do with this free piece of furniture. No doubt it will be a work of art!!

  20. You are such a tease. My heart started beating faster when I saw that you were working on another dresser! I loved the first two so much!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  21. I can't wait to see what it becomes. I can only imagine...Congrats on your party! Can't wait for it!


  22. I've got no clue! I'm going to say that's just tinted primer and it will be red. Maybe! Are you turning it into a bench like Gail did from My Repurposed Life?

  23. That's not right! Guess I'll have to wait. And party you say?? Will you be dancing on tables? I guess I'll have to pop in and see for myself.

  24. Yay! Congratulations. I will be looking forward to it!
    <3 Christina

  25. Wow. I am very curious to see how this turns out. I wouldn't know what to do with the peeling drawers. Very anxious.

  26. Hi Bliss,

    Your last two dresser where fantastic! I'm sure this one is going to make us weak in the knees :)


  27. Knowing you .... it will be fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do to this one! How come I never find a free anything?!

  28. Hmmmmm......looks like one of the new chalk paint colors being used. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I know it will turn out great because every piece of furniture you've done has been so creative and well done.

  29. Can't wait to see what masterpiece you create! Just wanted to come over and tell you to check out my latest post. You'll like the end... =)

  30. If it's anything like your rock n' roll dresser it's sure to be a hit. I can't even think of anything to guess. Ya know, I thought I started following your blog quite awhile ago but there were a few posts I missed and so I wondered what was up with that. Anywho, I'm following now. I think I just always click on your thumbnails at linky parties so didn't realize I wasn't an official follower. Sorry about that!

  31. You have officially mastered the tease! Go, you! Can't wait to see what you come up with - and I'll be linking up! I actually have something - considered I'm been painting my fool head off for the last few days to get stuff ready for the store. Yippee! Can't wait to see what Brawn has come up with!!!

  32. So many parties - so little time, and there's absolutely no summertime here, just
    driving wind and lashing rain, but I definitely can't wait to see your dresser !


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