Home First Aid Kit Recycled Tool Box

Inspired by Suzanne over at MeridianRoad, I pinned her lunch box turned first aid kit and set out on my merry garage sale way to find one of the millions of lunch boxes I see every week.  
Except last week.  Not one. 

I did however score two old tool boxes for a buck each.  

Now with six kids we've had our share of household mishaps, and those tool boxes are twice the size of a lunch box which is better to hold more medical supplies right?  

You know.... bandages for things that don't require an ER visit.  

Say maybe a stubbed toe, cut finger side of onions, splinters the size of Texas, or a barbed fish hook in your naughty finger.

Enter this nice big heavy galvanized tool box with shiny silver feet and hinges, accompanied by a nice black doctor bag style handle under that masking tape.  

I think this will work nicely as a medical bag in a junky sort of way.

First I taped all the chrome.  

I sort of wanted to go wild with paint, and my original vision was a nice bright color.  But all I had was Dove White, so Dove White it is.  

I also decided I wanted some of the galvanized part to show, so the whole wild color thing went out the door and at least I didn't slam my finger in that door before the kit was loaded.

Web graphic inspiration

I hand painted the emblem I found on line for one side of the medical kit with regular silver and red craft paint.

Then I did a reminder to call 911 for an emergency on the other.

Next I had to name it....

They call me Dr. Love.  Nope, the Ranch voters vetoed that one.
Fine...Dr. Kildare.  "Who's THAT, mom?" 
How about Dr. Feelgood.  Yes? 

Ok, how about Dr. FeelgoodER because I did my math wrong and it's not centered and it's 100 degrees out and I don't feel like painting it again. 
Dr. Feelgooder and Dove white it is.

Maybe it's like Dr. FeelgoodER for emergency room?

The bin was easy to stock.  I just ran around the house in a panic as if someone was bleeding to death to gather supplies that are spread throughout the house.  

You can put whatever you think you might need in your kit, these are just the items that I decided should be centrally located. 

I eyeballed a set of 4 little bins I saw at the dollar store hoping they would fit.
They fit inside like they were made for that old tool box.

Gauze, several sizes of bandaids, a pair of disposable gloves.
Goo and goop and Bactine for bee stings, bug bites or fire pit burns.
Antibiotic and alcohol wipes.
Even something for sore muscles and a sample size dental floss in case there is a BBQ emergency and someone has a piece of corn on the cob stuck between a molar.

Rubbing alcohol, or just vodka?  Only the kit maker knows for sure. 

Hydrogen Peroxide.  Thermometer, scissors.  Tweezers, possibly the most used tool in all my years of marriage.

Superheros for the tough guy boo-boos.

Splints for the kid who always thinks they broke something, or the backyard volleyball sprain.

Yes those are an extra pair of reading glasses.  

They help to read directions and see splinters.

It's a good idea to be prepared for summer cuts and stings, and to always have a first aid kit handy, you never know when something unexpected will happen. 

I'm not sure a first aid kit would of helped when Brawns friend cut off his pinky finger in our garage.  I guess we could have used a sterile piece of gauze to help transport the pinky to the emergency room in my Tupperware lettuce keeper.  True story for another time.

 The very next morning The Hulk was put on a bleeding finger...... of a 21 year old.  
And she picked Hulk out herself.

That part earlier about a barbed hook?  Unfortunately that wasn't a joke.  

Any fisherman knows that there is only one way to remove a barbed hook...... you can't pull it out.  You must push. it. out. the. other. side.

And anyone that knows my fishermen, knows they don't want to pay an evening emergency room fee for something they can do themselves. 

*CAUTION* graphic photos follow.....  Look away squeamish people.

 Now you know why the rubbing alcohol container is just marked alcohol.

 First step, clip off the lure and take a question from the shaky disbelieving photographer.... 
"youuuu ARRRRE NNNNOT....are you??????"

Yes they are.

Next step, dip finger in ice water.  Yell.  Loud.  Repeatedly.  Me and son both.  

Brawn was calm, like he does this all the time, he didn't even wash his hands before surgery. 

I left the room till the operation ended and the hook was pushed out the other side of his finger.  

This time the story of the one that got away had a different ending.  When the fish jumped off the hook, the lure snapped into the finger, and the big one really did get away, just without the hook.

If you want a giggle about getting a fish hook in your finger without the graphic photo, check out this post by a gal who left me a comment.  Olive can relate.

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  1. Such a cool idea Bliss!!! Waaaaay cool!!! (and funny:))

  2. OUCH! Yeah... I would have totally been out the door for that! Thank the Lord for husbands, right????

    LOVE the idea of a tool box/first aid kit. You would think with 5 kiddos at home, I'd have one. Nope. I don't. And my four year old uses band-aids as "stickers", so yeah... I never have anything. I'm like, "Yeah. Wrap you bleeding knee with a paper towel, when stops come see me and I'll put ointment on it.... If I can find it! LOL!!!!!! You have just inspired me to get a first aid kit together. Some guy at an auction is not going to win the tool box he has his eye one. WAY COOL!

    Love ya, Bliss!

  3. OMG, I am cringing here! Cute box though.

  4. Oh my! that's some first aid you are administering there!
    PS- cute little kit. I will be back for the party!

  5. Well, I love this! I hope you don't mind if I steal it! :)

  6. I'm not sure how my emotions are at the moment...

    all excited and giggly over an AWESOME First Aid Box...

    or all cringing and screaming loudly over the surgery {and I'm getting strange looks from my kiddo and new puppy}.

    Wow. Just wow! {On both counts.}

  7. Girl you are just so creative! I love it!!! Come by and share it on The "Sunday Stop" I think others need to see it :)

  8. cute AND useful. i like it! :)

  9. OHHH NOOOO!!! I was smiling to myself about "Dr. Feelgooder" and then there was a lure in a finger! Ack!! But still... good job on the box. ;)

  10. Glad to see everything worked out well! Yikes. What a story about the one that got away!

    Have a great Fourth!


  11. Oh my, you didn't know how soon you would use that first aid kit, right? One of the first things I did when we bought our ranch, was to install a first aid kit. You never know, and my dad, a boy scout troop leader, always said to be prepared!!

  12. Too too cute Dr. Feelgooder, but I couldn't look at the last couple of pics - OUCH !

  13. Love the first aide box. I have one outside that would server this purpose, will add to my "to do " list.

    I do not have many posts on my blog, but one of them is my own story about my incident with a fishing lure in the finger. I had no choice but to go to the ER and let them take it out(I was behind on tetanus). I remember the Lidocaine hurting worse that the actual hook in the finger or the removal.

  14. That is genius! I am making one for my pumpkin patch!

  15. Love this idea. I'll now be on the hunt for a tin box to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Feelgooder!

  16. Love the tool/medical kit, but those tools look a little rusty ;) What a great idea, the bandaids are neat too!

  17. This is too cute. Great idea, and I think the tool box was perfect. Holds a lot more than a lunch box. I love the Dr. Feelgooder too.

  18. What a fantastic idea! Love it! I feel guilty...I'm a nurse and don't have anything like this!! Love the surgical one puked I guess.....THAT happens all the time....

  19. I LOVE this!! I have an old toolbox that I need to transform so that I can be Florence Nightengale when my kids get a scraped knee or a friend has corn stuck in their teeth! I'm pinning it so I can gather the lone band-aids and empty bottle of neosporin into one place.

    My cabinet maker cut off the top of his finger while he was making my kitchen cabinets! Talk about guilt! Glad you had the quick thinking skills to turn that tupperware into a finger transporting device. Are you sure you haven't thought about medical school - it's never too late Dr. Bliss!

  20. I really love this idea! I'm pretty ashamed that as an actual Registered Nurse, my First Aid kit is sorely lacking! I NEED to do this!! Thanks for the post.

  21. So now I feel like I'm spamming you by leaving another comment :) But thanks for the help and I do really like the first aid kit!!!

    Hope it works now...

  22. Love the first aid kit makeover. The surgery left me a little queasy. In the movie Moonrise Kingdom, the little boy pierces the girl's' ears with fish hooks..gahhh!! That freaked me out enough and it was a movie!

  23. Try this one... :)

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  24. Okay, got a bit squeamish there with the whole hook thingy. Hope you don't mind that I skimmed over that particular tutorial! Yeah, I'm Dr. Nothing. I'm Dr. Run Away From the Blood ...



  25. I love it! First aid kits made fun --maybe takes a little sting out of a fish hook injury. ;)
    Well.. If not take 2 swigs of the alcohol (medicinal of course) and call Dr. feelgooder in the morning.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  26. Girl you need to write a book, Your fun and real...Love this...My son who day cares..and handles is own 3 plus others in need of a Daddy ...this would be great...Happy 4rth Bliss

  27. A very nice idea, i like it tool box as a medicine cabinet the medicine is more safe and well keep..i am a medtech student and i care a lot for my medicine stuff's this one is good enough.

  28. You're a STAR today over at I Gotta Create! Just had to feature this cute little box and remind everyone to have a safe and happy July 4th!

    <3 Christina

  29. I LOVE it! The box itself is great, and the paint job is just cute! I really like that you let some of the metal show through,and the inside is so organized! I like that you painted it white, too. It looks very medical. :)

  30. This is such a GREAT project, Bliss...we need one of these! Two of my kids have had fish hooks in the fleshy part of their palms...I wasn't brave enough to get those out myself!

  31. Absolutely genius!!! Love how it turned out. Going to pin this :)
    Have a great 4th of July Bliss & fam!

  32. that is the most stylish first aid kit I've ever seen! Hopefully, though, you won't have to use it too much. Ha!

  33. What a great Nurse Kit...And a reminder to me that I need to put one together...I flop around like a fish out of water when an accident happens...I like the glasses..Blessings, Becky

  34. Bliss this is so cute, clever,creative and of course needed!~ I love that you pin things and then actually do them. Happy 4th to you and your family. Be safe.

  35. Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I can't believe you said I was forgot the smelly part.

  36. What a FAB idea! I need to put one together. It seems that someone (thankfully, NOT me) is always looking for a bandaid. Ours, however, (until now) have been the plain beige ones. I'm going to have to go look for superman or something "befitting" the men who live with me! :) I hope that you had a safe and happy 4th and that your cute kit stayed closed for the day! xo

  37. I love this, Bliss! Between the two of us we've got the whole first aid thing covered! :) So fun that we're linked up that way at the 36th Avenue! I couldn't handle the fish hook photos but quite often find my mechanic husband digging around in his finger with a (clean) razor blade as he attempts to fish out a stray chunk of metal. Thank goodness he's finally getting a tetanus shot next week!

    By the way, reading glasses in your kit = genius!

    I'm pinning, too!

    - Claire :)

  38. I love this! It's cute and functional too. You are becoming a great little painter. Great job!


  39. Hi Bliss,

    We have ours in a metal box too. Just nothing at all fancy like yours.
    You know I come here just to chuckle....and well.... you know I can't wait to see the neat stuff you make :)


  40. What a great idea! So clever.
    Thanks for sharing,

  41. Nice job on the kit! Adding the 'er' because I measured wrong - genius :) And I had to look away from the surgery pictures...glad everything came out ok...*shudder*

  42. I love the tool box first aid kit. The surgery, not so much. :) I bought a couple of old tool boxes a few weeks ago at a yard sale- I think they may be too rusty to safely house sterile items, though...

  43. That is a whole pile of boo boo stuff!! You all must be getting bloodied an awful lot! But...that toolbox is darn pretty!

  44. Yes, now I have a purpose for my toolbox obsession. The next one I buy will buy will be specifically for a first aid kid. I was loving all the great things you put in there. I was a nurse/failure as a mother. Never had a first aid kit and rarely had much more than bandaids and maybe some outdated alcohol or peroxide on hand. The kids all lived through childhood but perhaps with some of those cool splints and the awesome box, someone would have been inspired to be a doctor or a nurse. What was I thinking!

  45. I love this!!! Thank you for linking up at One More Time...great idea!

  46. You should know that the best way to NOT see something at a yard sale is to look specifically for that thing. That ALWAYS happens to me. But your first aid kit turned out SOOO so cute! I love it!

  47. Such a great idea - and I think the tool box was perfect for the makeover. Love "feelgooder" too, but I cannot even look at that fishhook finger thing again.

  48. Very unique home tool emergency kit.. tnx for posting it is giving me an idea how to recycle my old tool boxes.. ;)

  49. Too cool...great idea...glad you had it ready to go for that fish hook incident...yikes!! Laurel

  50. Really cute idea, but ouch, that fish hook was nasty!

  51. REally cute idea - I need a little box like that. But I will skip the hook part thank you very much.
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  52. That is a really sweet idea! not the hook tough, not sweet at all ..hope everything worked out well!
    and thanks for voting my blog and leaving a comment, so very appreciated1

  53. Great idea for a first aid kit! You really thought of everything that might be needed...including the alcohol. :) My dad was a fisherman so I know about the fish hooks but never watched the "surgery" either. My stomach is rolling just thinking of it.


  54. This is a must!! Terrific idea and doesn't cost a fortune, everyone should do this!! Thanks for partying at my place!! Wishing you good luck for the drawing!!

  55. Oh lord. The nurse in me was loving the super cute and well-stocked first aid kit. But, then the barbed finger?! Oh lord. That's all I can say. But, I'm still pinning this because the kit is super cute and contains all the essentials. :)

    (hope the barbed finger is all better.)

  56. Very creative kind of kit, it is giving me an idea how to keep my medicine too.. ;)

  57. ouch! maybe you need some iodine in there?
    Only a blogger would stop to take pics. lol
    Love your first aid kit, happy you left the shiny details. (corners/latch)


  58. Nice tool box it keeps my tools in place so properly and so organize ;)

  59. Haha, I love the Dr. Feelgooder!! That makes this project even better, if that's even possible! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing projects at my Throwback Thursday party. I hope you'll be back again this week and can't wait to see what you share!


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