Hot Cars in The Summertime

One of the things my family enjoys in the summer is looking at vintage cars.
They're. Just. Cool.  Period. 

So this morning Brawn and I got up early, went out to breakfast with friends
and headed to a car show to check out some vintage-ness before the day heated up.

News Flash!  I even did something unusual.  I took my camera along.  I don't like looking like a tourist, don't like lugging a heavy camera around, and I don't like to stand out taking photos.
But for the sake of the Hot fun in the Summertime link party every Friday in July - I did.

Secretly I like looking at old cars because the hot fun doesn't involve swim suits.
These oldies are in better shape for their age then I am for mine!

I decided a lot of my blogging friends should be decorating with these old cars.
For example, wouldn't this car fit in nice with all of you decorating with aqua?
This was a hot color at this particular car show. 

Or how about the love affair we have with old wheels?  
I would hang this in my house.

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.
Admit it.  You would love to get your hands on this tail gate.   
What would you use it for?  The back rest for a garden bench?

How about this art deco door handle?  A towel holder perhaps?

An old drive-in movie speaker 
could be made into any number of things for your decorating pleasure.  
The people watched me as I took a picture of it probably wondering why!  
Maybe I looked young enough they didn't think I knew what it was?  
Probably not.

Getta load of those double barrel beauties.  
They don't make 'em like they used too.  
Can you imagine backing into a car of today with a set of those taillights?

Car seats for kids have come a long way.  That's me when I was a baby.  
About the same car and my mom liked to dress me in plaid.  
Pretty sure she didn't have a whole back seat of tin ware to match my outfits though.  

Tell me there aren't a few of you who wouldn't like to get your hands on that plaid!

I have a thing for the dashboards on vintage cars.  And the wheels.  The emblems.  
The outside mirrors.  The front grill.  The rear lights.  The hood ornaments.  All the details.

For this former California beach bunny, nothing takes me for a walk down memory lane like a Chevy Malibu.  Make that a ride down memory lane.

Come back Friday for week #2 of the Hot Fun in the Summertime Link Party.
Be there or be square daddy-o.

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  1. I've grown up with a grandpa that restores classic cars. Many a car I have picked paint colors for, helped "hold" the tools, or ridden to a car show in. There is something so special about them. And lets be honest...those crazy colors sing to my soul :). I am living in the wrong era...obviously!

  2. Love the pics. I'd like an old convertible but it wouldn't be practical out here on the farm. I would take an old Ford truck though. I've never been to a car show...thanks for sharing. I could do a lot with that tailgate! or the mirrors.


  3. Wow, I love the old aqua cars and that pink one had to be totally custom. My friend collects all that red plaid stuff. I do love classic cars myself. Great post.

  4. Looks like a grand time! I think old cars are so fun too!

  5. Don't tell anyone, but I have one of those plaid coolers. Mint condition.

  6. What a fun post! Great photos and commentary. My dad had a vintage, red T-Bird, convertible with spoke tires. I love the old cars with fins. That aqua interior is priceless!

  7. I love your post! The pictures you took lugging around that big camera are fantastic! You are a professional with that thing! You called it spot on with the plaid and the bench back! LOL hysterical!
    Great job bliss!

  8. I'll miss the Woodward Cruise, having moved away from the Detroit area. Seeing hundreds and hundreds of vintage cars rolling down Woodward was always fun. Your pictures are the next best thing! Those cars sure had style!!

  9. Oh How cool. I love old cars too. Those plaid baskets were super. Glad you took your camera along. You are no tourist, you are a BLOGGER HA!

  10. I just adore these old vintage cars...(that's a double negative)I really need one to go in front of my old...vintage trailer. I love how you took photos of parts and not necessarily the whole the photos.

  11. You got some fabulous shots of those old beauties!!! I really love that tail gate!!! I was so excited to see all that Skotch Kooler goodness in the backseat of one of the cars. I have two pieces of that from my daughter's grad party. They started it all! Love it!

  12. Old cars are WAY cuter than new ones! My grandfather actually had a small Edsel dealership for a short time in the 50's or whatever years they were in production. Wish very much that I had one of those! Nice photography Bliss!

  13. Anonymous7/08/2012

    how about living in a household that is wheels and motors in different stages of tearing apart and restoring ? the home diy's are not the priority.

  14. I'm so glad you took your camera! There is nothing I love more than a vintage car. Well... vintage trailers come pretty darn close. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Terrie

  15. I enjoyed looking at those my AC. Thanks for suffering through the heat to take those great photos.

  16. I'll take some number plates, door handles and plaid picnic ware please !
    Oh, and some sunshine - it's still raining here and the garden has flooded again.
    Gorgeous photography Mrs. B

  17. Your photography is amazing! Each and every shot would look absolutely gorgeous framed and hanging in a game room or rec room or office!



    (And thanks for refraining from sharing pics of some of your fellow car show goers ...)

  18. Those are some awesomely great photos you took! You are quite the photographer. Hey, didn't you take some concert photos? Are we going to see those sometime?
    Stay cool!

  19. What beautiful cars... and a really fun! I am like you, always forgetting my camera when I need it most.

  20. Other than the cars and the lack of child safety what I really got from this post is that at some point in the future, my husband and I will be able to go out for breakfast on the weekend! Someday...


  21. Amazing cars! My dad would have loved to see these beauties! (except for that creepy plaid doll. lol)

  22. What wonderful vintage cars...your photos are great, Bliss! When my husband and I were first married, we had my husband's grandmother's 53 fun to take for rides!

  23. Fabulous photos! Can you imagine the time spent polishing up those beauts?! I have yet to wash my car this summer. I'm letting all the rain do it for me. :@

  24. Hi Bliss,

    Super great pictures you took. I love old cars! My uncle Al is a big collector of them. His vintage cars have been in the movies.


  25. So true - they really don't make them like that anymore! My dad has a 1965 Mustang!! It is languishing in his garage - oh how I'd love to get my hands on that baby!

    I actually just found a plaid drink dispenser called "the Scotch-O'Matic"! They even named things better back then!
    Great pics too!

  26. Bliss,
    I stopped by yesterday and pinned my little heart out. Love the awesome cars and the photography! Just getting a second to say THANKS for sharing them. They might not have all the safety doodads, etc... but.. lets face it, they ROCKED!!!!

  27. Those cars are pretty! I remember going to the drive-in movies and those speakers clipping to the windows. That was always a fun thing to do on the weekend! Remember they later switched it to come through your radio station? Those cars have been well taken care of. I'm sure the owners got a kick out of seeing everyone enjoy them.

  28. Very cool. My sweet grandpa liked to fix up old cars. He had a 36 Chevy and a 29 Model A. He would always put them in the Christmas parade and that was such fun to get to ride around with him. :)

  29. Girl,you are a could blow those pics up and they would look hanging on a wall ...drool,I loved each and ever detail...You even got me thinking...we have a hot rod cruise ever 3rd friday,Before Belton market days...I have to take my camera. You brought back lots of great Hubby had a 59 Fairlane red/white wish we still had. I had a 63 turq.VW bug. and mys hubs brother A 64 Mustang and best friend a suicide door T-Bird and my besty friend her dads old convertible cadi--olac ...but the one I wish I had the most,my Uncle Fred's 62 Jeep Willy's pickup...Anyone one of these would be so fun...but the Jeep would be the best...Keep inspiring and your Pictures are excellent

  30. Fun! I'm kinda dying over that plaid luggage or whatever. SO COOL.

  31. So glad you lugged your camera with you! Retro cars are tots swoon-worthy! I've always wanted a classic front grill to hang on the wall... or something...

  32. I love old men (opps I mean cars). Since I grew up in the era of muscle cars they are so my favorite, I do like fast cars but that old chevy pickup would totally satisfy me. If I gotta a hold of that tailgate, I would attach that pickup to it and park in right here on my farm:) And take my fellow cruizing. My Fellow has a 1967 Mustang fastback but alas its still in the midst of a redo (and has been for some time:(. Oh maybe one day. I am so glad I got to meet you and am now following you and not to worry, I will be back:)

  33. Good times, that reminds me of my hot rod I had in high school. I drove a 65 Ford Custom (like a Galaxy). Ha, ha, it was a little embarassing, but it was so big, and the steering was not so responsive, so my friends said it felt like they were riding in a boat, thus it's nickname... THE BOAT. Ahhhh...

  34. Oh heavens...I'm behind on visiting and commenting. I'm catching I come....

    I just love old cars. I want an old Chevy truck, paint it bright red or apple green and use it for my gardening truck!

    1. So glad you stopped by Daune. There is a new barn shop here called The Rusty Truck that the owners use as a sign with milk jugs of flowers in the back. It's so darn cute even covered in rust.

  35. I'm so glad I found this post! I thought I was the only cottage-style, vintage lovin' girl out here in blogland that would talk about vintage automobiles and car shows! But, that's one of the things I do often--attend and vend at car shows! Where was this car show? We travel and might like to go to that one sometime. We participate in 2 fifties events neach year, and I have the most fun, with the doo-wop music and vintage-retro clothing,etc! Also, I enjoy the Wildwood N.J. boardwalk car shows. Can you imagine? the beach, the cars lined up right on the boards! Incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and your photos are fantastic! I'm thinking about starting another blog, just about cars and auto literature, because my man might enjoy it and stop complaining that I'm "wasting my time doing all this bloggin'".
    Blessings! Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams

  36. You said you have a thing for car dashboards...well can you help us identify this one, please??? We are racking our brains trying to figure it out as it appears to be a right hand drive. Hope you can help?

  37. You said you have a thing for car dashboards...well can you help us identify this one, please??? We are racking our brains trying to figure it out as it appears to be a right hand drive. Hope you can help?


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