The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are here at the ranch and so is party time with week #3 of Hot Fun in the Summertime.
  Miss Flibbertigibbet, Somewhat Quirky, Little Miss MaggieBella Nest and myself have been having a blast seeing all the projects and ideas linked up every week.  Cruise on over to Bella Nest to see the features from last week.

My project for the week was a dresser drink station  and it's kept me hopping in blogland, so nothing crafty this week.  But I did take my camera around our yard to have a look at what's hot fun, and what's not fun in my corner of the world.  (By the way Mo the dog isn't dead he is taking a sun tan and drying off from the forced swim we gave him).

Here at the ranch the temperatures have been hovering in the 90's.  That makes for hot fun for sure and also qualifies for not fun.  We have had a few 100's and a few 80- somethings tossed in between the nine-oh's.  Keeping cool is a priority.

 Over winter we thought this thermometer was broke.  Now I'm not so sure.  
The numbers are all faded which works good to pretend it doesn't actually have a negative 60 mark on it.  60 below zero, and sadly with a windchill it has happened a time or two.  
I'll take the heat thank you very much.

As I was wandering around the yard I had one of those what the heck? moments when I realized I have quite a few thermometers.  I have two other ones in addition to these three.  I didn't know I had a mini collection, but I did notice almost all of them are within sight of another one. 
This thermometer is a Pottery Barn thermometer grouted in with some smashed china for sort of a Victorian mosaic.  It's big too, about 3 1/2 feet tall and standing about 5 feet from the Pepsi one hanging on the stucco.  Apparently I don't like to travel too far without knowing the temp.  Speaking of the temp, that was in the cool of the evening.   And while many of you might regularly hit that, if you live in a nice dry heat state the added humidity doesn't leave you wet and sticky.  We get humidity.  Wet & sticky = not fun.

 Something that is definitely not fun in 100 degrees, is climbing on the playground or digging in the hot sand.  I have to pull grass out of them both from lack of use.  
Someone must of been practicing how to be a sommelier.  
Can anyone tell me why there is a set of glass grapes in my sandbox?

 An empty rope swing qualifies as not fun in the summertime.

Soaking in a cool body of water on a starry night is big time hot fun in the summertime.  
Lake Minnetonka is a popular lake here.  
I picked up the sign at a garage sale and plunked it on the side of the spa as a joke.  

Grilling all summer lonnngggg is hot fun at it's tastiest.  
Tomorrow I am making manacotti on the grill.

Unused torches are not fun in the summertime, 
but this fall when it gets dark earlier we will light those puppies up.

Every spring we say "gotta knock down that old tree fort before it falls on 
someones head".  It's not fun anymore and dangerous.

As I walked around I counted 6 bird houses/feeders in close proximity to the house.
And I wonder why there is bird doo on the patio furniture????  Bird doo = not fun.
This squirrel feeder was hung at Christmas.  Brawn made it for the caboose, child #6.
I announced at dinner one night that it must even be too hot for the squirrels, I hadn't seen any at the feeder in a month.  No wonder - there is no food in it.  Not fun, for the squirrels anyhow.

The pressure washer was used on the deck in May.  People it's the middle of July.  Why isn't this put away?  We just keep walking around it like it's one of our summer accessories now.  Should I put a plant on it?  Seriously lazy, not fun.

I don't like starting out with good intentions in Spring only to have July already here and stuff on my list to tackle didn't get tackled.  Like painting these two milk jugs.  
I've had them for 30 years and they have never looked good.  
What would you like to see me do to these?  
Give me some good ideas and I will make these my next post.  Ugly milk cans = not fun.

These tomatoes getting ripe right outside my window are definitely  
hot tasty fun.

My window boxes are at least alive, if not huge and lush.
I have tried to keep them wet, and they like the humid air,
so hot fun is good for the plants if they are watered.

And what do you do when life hands you lemons?  Well 'ya make lemonade of course!
And we've had plenty of lemonade which is hot fun.

Staying by the water is the ultimate hot fun in the summertime 
and there has been plenty of this...........

Along with lots of that............

Why does everyone run away when they see the camera?

This is Clyde.  It's so hot he wants to come in where it's cool.
Get off my porch you pooping fowl.

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  1. Hmmm, I think Clyde is the culprit in the mystery of the glass grapes in the sand! Stay cool!

  2. Love the tour of your outside areas!! Is the linky up yet?

  3. ha ha!!! clyde is awesome! and those tomatoes look SO good.

  4. Love Clyde!
    Stacey :o)

  5. Thanks for the tour. And a big hi to Clyde. Good luck with the milk can redo. Don't know what you should do with them but can't wait to see what you come up with.


  6. Your posts are ALWAYS fun. Love your sense of humor. Is it that time of the week already? See tomorrow at the party.

  7. Hot and humid is definitely not my idea of fun either! We took a short overnight trip to Bayfield where it was supposed to be cooler. After paying $80 for a 3 hour cruise around the islands in 98 degree temps, all I could think of was "Will this tour ever end?!!!

    Today we took our granddaughter to the lake and froze. Can't win. :@

  8. Awww, come on! Clyde just wants to have some hot fun ;)
    It has been brutally hot = not fun. Your post made me laugh = hot fun!
    <3 Christina

  9. Loving that Clyde! And manicotti on the grill sounds yummy. And hot fun for sure!

    And you will turn those ugly milk jugs into the next most amazing blogosphere sensation!



  10. Clyde..trouble!~:) YOUR summer photos are magnificent. That tomatoes looks delish Bliss. Everything is dead around here. Those beautiful window boxes are looking scary and like an old lady lives in the house. I am seriously considering pink silk ones next year:)

  11. love love your yard....idea for the milk ....I know the word its just late....I did a couple of old minnow buckets and turned them into light fixtures...I could see you and your brawn doing the same and stenciling something fun on them ...too...I know you will come up with fun...but they already has some pierce them in a design to let light out.....have fun and stay cool or as cool as this ...holding hot in your neck of the I am kinda used to it...and this year we are blessed. Last year over 36 days of 100 and this year only 2 and last year 10inches something of rain and this year already over 28 inches so much better.

  12. HOW DO YOU GRILL MANICOTT???? Doesn't it fall through? And if you are mean to Clyde, I am coming to rescue him. Our Rusty is now resting in peace, so if I want a duck, I'll get a duck, rich neighbors be danged.

  13. Nice yard Bliss! And Clyde is so cute posing in that window... at least he didn't run away when he saw the camera.
    If it makes you feel any better it is 100 degrees and humid here on LINY also!

  14. LOL, Bliss! Did you roast while you were wandering around your yard snapping photos??
    Ugly milk cans -- I'm seeing a galvanized-look painted finish (no idea how to achieve that, but you're brilliant so I'm sure you do) with some catchy phrase on them (again, you're brilliant).
    Hope you have some COOL fun planned for today!
    xo Heidi

  15. I loved your tour through your yard today. I'll be keeping an eye out to see what you do with your milk cans. Good luck and have fun!

  16. It is supposed to get to 108 here today. For real temp, not heat index. I do believe I'd take winter over this!

    Clyde cracks me up! And remember, everybody poops. ;)

  17. Thanks for the little tour. I think I'm just about ready for some crisp fall weather!

  18. I had to laugh at all your collections. I am surprised that you didn't have a collection of Clyde's too :) More bird poop = not fun :)

  19. Those thermometers are so cool! And I totally understand not wanting to do any yard work right now, it's WAY too hot!

  20. Oddly enough, our summer has been rather mild. We had months of triple digits last summer, so highs in the 90s seem cool this summer. Hope it continues. ;-)
    Stay cool ~ Sarah

  21. What bar cart in blogland?

    Ohhhh... THAT cart in blogland. Lol! Just kidding.... you SO deserve a lil' break from project doing. The photos are gorgeous enough and I enjoyed seeing all of your lovelies throughout your yard. We could be very good friends ;)

    Stay cool!

  22. Strip those cans! I'm not saying that because I think they'll look better than painting them, I'm saying it because I've done it and I want to share the misery.
    Seriously, don't do that. Paint them.
    Clyde is CUTE!

  23. post! Love the picture of your dog...I feel his pain :) All linked up again this week...thanks!! Laurel

  24. YOur drink station is wonderful!!! My home town is Minnesota and oh I love Lake Minnetonka, and the restaurants around it!


  25. Ha the tire swing made me laugh :) Neat drink station!

    Lina @ Fancy Frugal Life

  26. You are so darn funny! I really enjoyed your entertaining post.
    I got to agree wholeheartedly....wet + sticky = not fun. Humidity is never fun.

  27. Great summertime photos. Love the one of your dog Mo "suntanning" on the deck. I'm happy to be your newest follower. Thanks so much for hosting a fun party.

  28. Had to look up 'manicotti' - (we call it canelloni) how on earth do you cook that on a grill. Wouldn't that be 'not fun' or a hot mess (got that phrase from the hoarders show !).
    Any how, you know we love the little glimpses of Bliss Ranch, even though there aren't many wide shots. I know Mrs. B, I'm too nosy, but your garden looks so gorgeous (even the grapes, the missing tyre, the tree fort) !!
    Milk pails - hmmm - blackboard paint ? But, I'm not sure why !

  29. Is your pressure washer related to mine? :) And there is the matter of all that bunting at my house that's hanging around waiting for Air Force Day! Great party and try to stay cool! At least it's not over 100!


  30. Lol. You're really funny. Pooping fowl and the tire swing totally cracked me up! Looks like you have a beautiful yard - slightly pea green with envy about that. As to your milk cans...hmm - wrap rope all around them, a paint splatter technique (ha ha at least that one would be fun), glue moss on them randomly or all over (don't know where that came from), sheet metal them, oooh, here's a creative one - paint them bright yellow and stick some foliage inside. There's some ideas, not necessarily GOOD ideas.

  31. Know what else equals "not fun?" Choosing this year to paint the house but not having even started on it cuz it's too darn hot! Manicotti on the grill? Sounds yummy. Would love to see a blog post about it along with the recipe ... hint, hint. And my hubby just asked if he could have a hook in the family room to hang his hat on. Ugh! I still need to do that post but I wanna do it outside and it's too hot. Not fun! :)

  32. What a cute post! Is that a real goose? Wow! I had to laugh at the pressure washer being left out for months. That sounds like something I would notice at my house. My husband and 18 yr old son are notorious for working on projects and then not cleaning up very well afterwards. Our garage is proof of that. It's always a mess and I hate it! That tree fort sure looked neat. I bet there were fun times had in that. It's hot here too! I think it's hot everywhere but Alaska right now.

  33. Beautiful pictures, funny descriptions, interesting peek into your 'hot' world. I love Clyde :)

    And, my puggle likes to sunbathe as well. Silly puggles.

  34. Thanks for the tour Bliss...looks like there's a lot of hot fun to be had on the ranch! Lucky you and lucky Clyde :)

  35. The only thing I think of when I hear Lake Minnetonka is Purple Rain- when Prince told Apollonia she had to be purified in the waters of the lake- she jumped into freezing cold water and then he said,"That ain't Lake Minnetonka."
    Loved it.
    Fun post- I'm envious that you have a duck named Clyde and sweet potato vine that is still alive after the heat of the summer.
    I'm questioning the sincerity of manicotti on the grill, Bliss. I'm calling you out. Let's see it, woman!

  36. Looks like you are surviving the summer heat. I would love a tire swing, too bad you don't have the tire any more.


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