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 Attention!  Attention!  99% of the following post is not mine.  It's sort of like having a guest poster.  Not only did I not get any project completed this week in time for our party, I also didn't get a post written.  So being the totally awesome and quirky gal that she is, Karen, one of the partners in crime for the Hot Fun in the Summertime Link Party let me hijack her post.  She only asked that I not say anything within the walls of her post to get her kicked out of blogland.  So with that I will clarify what are Karens words and what is my two cents worth.....

Bliss says:  It was Somewhat Quirky's week for features and here they are!  Then it's time for the last Hot Fun in the Summertime party, so link up your goods, show us what 'ya got.  Five blogs, four Fridays.  

Karen says:  Well week 3 of Hot Fun In the Summertime! is over and I must say that this whole party thing has been pretty fun.  I've met LOTS of new bloggers and after all isn't that what parties are all about?  This week the onus is on me to pick the party features.  Here are some of my favs.
Bliss says:  yeah what Karen says, except what's an onus?

Karen says: I'm booking my reservations for a mud treatment at Levi's Mud Spa.  Levi is a guest blogger over at Hating Martha.  Be sure to watch the video - there's some serious engineering going on at the spa!
Bliss saysHey'd 'ya hear the one about the mud bath and the... opps wait that might get Karen kicked out of blogland. 

Karen says:  The winner for "the link I am most likely to copy immediately" goes to Heather @ Our Life In A Click.  I'm not one for chocolate covered fruit, but soak that said fruit in some chocolate vodka first... that makes me go ''hmmmmmm"..... and "yummmmm"  I'll be making some dipped chocolate vodka soaked strawberries before summer's end.
Bliss says:  Soooo the way to Karens heart is through alcohol infused fruit.  You hear that Mr. Quirky?

Karen says:  For best use of an old drawer I pick the bathroom reveal by Katie @ Creatively Living.  I love this drawer so much, the rest of the bathroom could look horrible and I wouldn't even notice - but that is not the case.  I could decorate my whole house around the colors in this drawer!
Bliss says:   Yeah what Karen said because she has onus on her.

Karen says:  Deb over at Lake Girl Paints wins the "man this project was way harder than I thought it would be!" award.  As an active participant in the complicated projects club, I can appreciate all the work that went into this Nautical Dresser.
Bliss says:  Karen's doing a good job picking features don't 'ya think?

Karen says:  And last but not least - Maureen over at It's All Connected must be rewarded - because if you decoupage furniture and I'm the feature picker - you get featured.  I'm a fan of decoupaged furniture and I love this print and that it was used for the table on her deck.
Bliss says:   Congratulations to the features this week, and thanks Karen for sending me code so I'd have a post today.

Karen says:  Thanks guys for making this such a fun party!  Be sure to grab a featured button and show off a little!

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  1. You must be so frustrated. I do not understand why computers work great one day and the next day they seek their revenge on us.

  2. I loved the commentary you added to Karen's words. So funny! But what is onus? LOL! Great features by the way!


  3. You better be careful or I'll put the onus on you! Actually you already had it - didn't you know?

  4. Thanks so much for the feature! Wishing ya'll a awesome summer weekend!
    @ Creatively Living

  5. I'm so excited with the feature! Thanks and thanks for hosting such a fun party! ~ Maureen

  6. WHAT?? I'm so excited!!! I was featured at this amazingly fun party!! I was coming over to link up so it was a wonderful surprise !!

  7. Wish I could participate in the last fun, but I'm living in the fridge. Or on the edge. One or the other.

  8. Thanks for for putting together an amazing site !!Kelley@The Upholsters Wife


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