The Girls of Summer

Who are these bikini babes behind the Hot Fun in the Summertime link party?  Well there is me of course and I'm not a bikini babe unless you want to lose your lunch.  But in my mind the co-hosts are and they are taking a sun tan by the surf, little umbrella drink in hand.

If you haven't been over to Miss Flibbertigibbet's place do so.  In fact stop over at DebbieDoos first and take a tour of Mrs. F.'s awesome house.  You'll want it, but it comes full of kids, or the Mongolian Horde as she calls 'em.

Miss F. makes summery stuff like this.........
Beach Door Deco
And this.......
Shutter Candle Holders
Then there is Little Miss Maggie.  She is a creating machine.  She painted this huge sign on an old door......
Jules Belin Sign

She also made a rag tied table cloth.  I almost think I could make that.  Almost.

Rag Tied table cloth

Holly at BellaNest is cute as a bug, and might just be the only 
Hot Fun in the Summertime hostess you really find in a bikini. 
She took a collage frame and turned it into a cool piece of summer wall art.

Seashell art
She can make a chalkboard, attach fabric flowers and draw flip flops with the best of 'em....
Chalkboard Frame

Rounding out the Girls of Summer is Karen from SomewhatQuirky

Look what she does with old dressers no one wants.  

And I'm not even gonna show you how she fixed up this chair, you have to click over to her blog to see the after.  She created a weaved fabric back. Admit it, you wouldn't of given that chair a second glance.

There 'ya have it, the link party hostesses.  I hope you will stop over and say hi, tell them Bliss sent you.  Stop in every Friday in July to link up on one of the host blogs and your link will show up on all five.  I'll be posting the features from this weeks party on Thursday.

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  1. Looks like a cool bunch of ladies! All of which I don't "know"! Guess I better get my tush over and check them out!

  2. it's been a fun series so far!

  3. I knew these ladies before...have been subscribing for months...mot surprised you all got together! (And Quirky's red chair? Is to DIE FOR!!!) ooops...did I give away the surprise?

  4. Well aren't you just the SWEETEST! Thanks so much for showing us all off so much!

  5. Wow! What a gracious co-host you are! Are you feeling a little guilty because you are going to smoke us SO BAD when you reveal your free dresser this week????

  6. What a great idea! I'll have to visit the others ASAP.


  7. Wow, Bliss, you have been one busy lady. As usual, I'm bringing up the rear. Thanks for showing off all our projects. I bet this is the prelude to your great dresser you are going to be unveiling this week. Can't wait to see it!

  8. Yup, I would never had given that chair a second look! You are so very right :) Hope this finds you having fun in the sun and a something with a little umbrella in it.

  9. I will definitely be joining you and your lovely fellow bloggers (all of whom I follow except one, I think) one Friday soon - luckily I don't have to get my summer gear on (much less a bikini) because it's still raining here !

  10. Blissy, you are so sweet! If you lived anywhere around here, I'd hop in Miss B, drive over, and give you a squeeze! I'm so thankful you thought of me when getting this party together. Y'all are some fun and talented ladies!

  11. ...and I'm rushing over now to see what miracle Karen has performed on that chair!

  12. I picture you in a thong for the party! You've got the hostesses with the mostest!

  13. O girl this is all to what you being as newbebie on so much ya do and, love what you do with do with other bloggers..some day I will do good stuff like you...lots of us wish we lived we would have fun!!lots of fun

  14. After a couple of umbrella drinks you might feel a bit less inhibited to put on that bikini! Loving the ladies of summer ...



  15. Those are some great features! Wish I was more crafty like them.

  16. Dang, MORE awesome blogs to read??? Wonder if my husband would mind if I just quit my teaching job so I can just read blogs and do cool crafts all the time? lol!
    Seriously, so much talent out there. Be back on Friday to link up!!
    xo Heidi

  17. Great features Bliss! Love the shutter candle holders at Miss Flib's. I missed those? Lots o talent, I'll have to go peek around!!

  18. I am always amazed at the creative vision some people seem to have. The ideas they have are outstanding.

  19. Great features! Love the chalkboard frame with adorable flip flops. And my RSS blog list just exploded...thanks for all the great recs~


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