Kids Art at the Ranch

Stop over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia where I have a guest post today and find out what I had to do quick and cheap to get some art on my walls before company arrived, or just to find out why there is a sheet hanging on the wall in the background of this picture (no the sheet does not have to do with being quick and cheap!).

Then when you are done at Kristins blog, check out the new blog from FunkyJunkInteriors called I Love That Junk where Donna showcases projects from her weekly link parties.  It just so happens she likes a certain dresser of mine, but you have to head over to see which one!

And if you haven't done so there is one more day to link up with the last  
This week Lorraine from MissFlibbertigibbet has the honor of picking the features, so lets try to push the links over 100 so she can feel the sun burn when it was my week to pick.

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  1. Love that you give kids art the importance of a gallery light (and it's well deserved)!

    As is your dressers place in Funky Junk's hall of fame!

    Heading over to Kristin's now - to find out what's behind sheet #1!

  2. Congrats on the feature over at I love that Junk! I love that dresser!


  3. Okay, you're really making us work for it today. I visited the Junk blog. Now off to Kristen's. Want to make sure that I give you all the love your so rightfully deserve ...



  4. Love the gallery wall and lights!!
    I"ve seen your gorgeous dresser featured all over the place!! And deservedly so!

  5. Thanks for the info! I had no idea Donna had another blog. Now I'm off to read your guest post. Ta ta.

  6. You are one busy gal in blogland, Bliss! Headed to Kristin's now -- xo Heidi

  7. Congrats on the Funky Junk Feature! I don't know how you keep up with it all!!! ~L

  8. Ok I did this all yesterday...and I knew your inspirations we're going to show up all over.....Congrats...and you are a busy Bloggal......Take a peak at my latest ...I am still digging Modpodge out of my Nails...good think my work room is just the back deck (even if it is closed in...and I have a ceiling fan,and A Tele and a comfy I have 15 projects staring me in the face...I need to get off the Computer...but I failed yesterday to tell you all the points you made with Funky Junk, her new show off rocked it.....* PS tell me how to take a better pic...when working with so much white....when you look..thanks Kat

  9. I think I need to pack my suitcase....that is a lot of traveling :)

  10. Love your very personal gallery wall.
    I have got some kids pictures from when I was a Nanny, years ago - perhaps I could add some paw prints !

  11. Checked out which one of your fantastic dressers she posted - I think that's my favourite too.
    Read the lovely comments too - all so deserving Mrs. B !


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