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Week #1 of Hot Fun in the Summertime has concluded.   Week #2 opens at 8 pm Thursday night. I'm suppose to pick the features.  Huh?  Me?  The one who procrastinates for.ever. has to pick within a few days?  Yikes!  How can I pick?  How many can I pick?
We had 90 entries.  Wow!  You guys are awesome, thank you so much for making the party a success.  So I did math, and I suck at math by the way, and I came up with the rule I could pick 9 features, that's like 1 feature for every 10 entries.  At my blog I'm the boss applesauce, and that's what I went with, (although I did count the mason jars only once even though it's two sets).  I also did some eenie meenie miney mo because a couple times I could not pick.  I guess the rules of this party thing is that I can't pick all 90 entries.

Here is a cute beach-stripe end table from TheUpholster'sWife.  
Nothing says summer more than the beach to this (old) California Girl.

I'm always looking for simple crafts that I can actually do.  
These little containers from TheDecoratingFiles are made from paper plates.  Helloooo, I have a cabinet full of paper plates,
and it's endless how you could decorate them.

CreativelyLiving took us for a walk around her yard.  Not only does she have an adorable little play house, she has this huge pergola to sit and sip a beverage of choice.  When you have a park at home to enjoy why go anywhere else?

Mason Jars are popular and versatile.  Is there anything they don't look cute with?
Kristy at 4theLoveofWood (Hi George!) shared these painted beauties in the color of summer.

I gotta mention these jars too from TheSimpleCraftDiaries
I am so gonna give both these jar ideas a try.

This armoire below didn't start out looking all pretty to hold towels.
SimplyVintageous made it over.

A bud vase garland as a new way to display all your fresh cut summer flowers?  This simple idea from Angie at KnickOfTime sparked some other ideas for me.  
Too bad I don't have any flowers though!

Shannon from FoxHollowCottage made a pool noodle wreath with flip flops.
Yeah, I'm copying this one, but I have to get to the dollar store first.

Stacey at EmbracingChange took this dresser and made it all stylish.  
I may try my hand at this style.

And last but not least I'm giving you a sneak peek at my next copy cat.  Yup, you heard it right here, I am copying this idea.  Might not be for a few weeks, but this will be the next furniture piece I do.  If you have not seen this dresser - so sorry - because it is Awesome with a capital A and it's right up my alley, with a lower case a.

Grab your button everyone and come back every Friday in July.

And now, because I can.........
if you don't know Kirby from KirbAppeal go meet her.  She freaking cracks me up.  Are you brave enough to post a dance video as you get ready to paint your living room?

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  1. Thanks Bliss! I am honored to be featured at your very first party! So happy to be a part of it!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. Yay!! I am excited to see features on your had a party!!

  3. Get after that copycat, Bliss. I know you'll hit it out of the park.
    Kirby....hmmm. She has big balls. BIG! Love her.

  4. Hey Miss Bliss, bet you didn't know the first feature you have listed from the upholster's wife, is my student. And I gave her the name. check out this post: she's the one in the red baseball cap. Great job everyone.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  5. Great job on picking your favorites. I loved all those posts myself. I bet it was hard to make the choice who to pick when we had so many wonderful links last week. I can't wait to see your dresser re-do.

  6. Thank you so Much MISS BLISS for choosing my Beach Coffee Table - I give all the Credit to Kristy & George @ 4 love of Wood , The Upholsters Wife Name came from Kristy . Kristy is amazing , check out her blog @ 4 love of wood if you have not already . Thanks Kelley @ The Upholsters Wife

  7. Great features! ~ Maureen

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my armoire - I am so thrilled!!!! Especially to be included with the other features.
    Have a wonderful week/wknd!
    Big hugs,

  9. fun little features. Oh and Kirby- OMG!

  10. Anonymous7/12/2012

    I love all of your picks! Visiting after last night's FB linky party and wanted to check out your blog. Glad I did!

  11. So, Bliss...was I featured or not? ;) Thanks for giving me the shout-out...I'll let you know if my stalking numbers go up. Love you!!

  12. Great features, Bliss. Kirby is too funny!

  13. Thank you so much for featuring my paper plate boxes! I was so excited to be included! But Kirby!! I love her! That should go viral! I HAVE to go check out her site now...

  14. Nice job Miss Bliss! Glad you added the video! Isn't it funny how you start out dancing one way in high school and college and you keep dancing that way until you die!

    1. Actually, Karen, I only just recently started dancing like that--after I broke both my feet. (Not at the same time.) For our next dance challenge at HouseTalkN, I will be dancing the way I did when I was in college. (Hint: it was the '70s.)

  15. Love these projects! I just recently found your blog and I think it's great. You have a good selection at your party. The music and entertainment at the end isn't so bad either.
    Love Kirby...just found her recently too.

  16. Great features! It's always difficult for me to pick too.


  17. WOW! I am in goooood company. Thanks for including me in that line up. I am feeling pretty special now ;) Thanks Bliss, you are a doll!

  18. Can't wait to see your copy cat!

  19. Awesome Features!!! Love them ALL!

  20. Whoohoo! Thanks so much for the feature! I LOVE those painted Mason Jars!


  21. Wow no wonder you had to go the 'eenie meenie' many awesome entries! Looking forward to your copy cat project...that dresser is too cool!

  22. Great features, and I'd already seen Kirby strutting her stuff - definitely very brave and brilliantly funny !


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