The Pillows Of Bliss Ranch

Boy that's a dreamy post title huh? 
Only a party with Linda @ItAllStartedWithPaint could get me to take my camera around in the wee hours of the morning, while people still slumber, creep into their domain and take photos of their pillows.  You see it's Pillowpalooza party #2 and I hate to miss a party. 

I have always loved pillows, but feel like I just never seem to get it right with them.  I was thinking I don't have any, but Lordy they are actually everywhere. 

I'm not going to be sewing and gluing up any pillows like these coffee sack ones from the last Pillowpalooza Party.  I made four, or maybe it was 5?

#2 Daughter could be known as the pillow princess.  She has more than her fair share.
These kitten ones are some of my fav's.  They are like vintage post cards.  
Really cute for a little girls room.  Except my girl isn't little anymore.  
She doesn't like change.... on her window seat anyhow.

She also has this pillow to remind her how many frogs there are out in the world.

 And as she grew up so did her cats.  Her kittens turned into wild animals.  
You have all seen the famed zebra-cat right?

This one should say Pillow Princess.  
She is the princess, and believe me she never lets us forget it!

I have these leaf print pillows in three rooms..... mudroom, family room and kitchen.  I don't dislike them.  Those ones are in the mudroom on a bench I painted a few months ago.

The cedar porch has a big fish pillow, it's the one that didn't get away I guess.  It was hanging on the wall before a little redo.  My grand kids love that big thing.  It's over 5 feet long to the end of it's tail with a face only a mother could love.  Don't you want one?

If you catch the master bedroom on a day like this photo was taken, you would find the pillows on the bed.  But usually they are on the floor next to the bed like they were this morning.  And they might be staying that way all day.

 This cute Bessie Pease Gutmann pillow is now on the chair in the master bedroom.  

There is a very neglected stairway and window seat with pillows that match my dining room.  I started blogging in January to redo the dining room.  Hmm.......

 The family room has a mix of pillows, none really go with each other.  In addition to the coffee sack pillows, there are these ones made from a vintage bedspread.  I really like these, and I have a few more.  They lived in the bedroom of daughter #1 but ended up in the closet when son #2 took it over.  I pulled them out a couple weeks ago.

This is my favorite - envelope style.  The fringe part is from the bottom of the bedspread.

And this Northrup King seed sack pillow.  I like it too.

This little pillow is on an old childs rocker.  


There were lots of boring pillows I didn't take pictures of, and several rooms that I *think* have pillows in them, but I never made it past the doorway to find out.  Those rooms belong to the male species in my home. 

The guys pretty much rule the game room and the pillows in that room are in places like this:

And if there are pillows in their rooms, I suspect they were under the clothes on their floor.

I have one more pillow.  I used it in my very first magazine copy cat challenge.  
With the right person the pillow message lasts.  The man that puts up with me will be celebrating 31 years of wedded BLISS this week.  To little 'ol me.

The question is, which pillow will I link? 

  Can't forget the pillow Linda herself made for me.  You can check out her Etsy shop for all her dropcloth designs, she has some gorgeous samples.  
How funny would it be to enter her own pillow in her own party?

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  1. You DO have lots of pillows! I love the envelope one from the bedspread!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  2. Oh Bliss- loving all your 1000 pillows but I have to say , love your little pooch sitting on your bed more!!!

  3. You are a pillow goddess!! Who would have guessed? My favorite is the envelope style made from that chenille bedspread! I have a bedspread like that with some holes in will go on my to do list.

  4. you have lots of pillows! :) the feedsacks are my fave!!!

  5. You must meet my daughter! Both of you have a pillow addiction. :-) Seriously, she has some/a lot of gorgeous pillows and they look perfect where she has them placed. I think I will ask her if I can do a post on her's drop dead gorgeous!

    Your pillows are great! I like the envelope style myself. I do have a number of pillows (wasn't aware of this party) but so many are packed away. Funny how a change of season to hot, hot weather forces me to lighten up.

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  6. Blazing sheets?! LOL!

    Happy anniversary, bloggy buddy.

    I love the pillows made out of the bed spread, because my grandma has one just like that and I love anything that looks like her. :)

  7. loved the whole post, got have guys in the house,to have a fish pillow like that...I giggled...the grain sack I loved..but the chenille envy pillow is way cute...would look cool with a vintage pin tacked this post

  8. You have a great collection of pillows, Bliss! Your daughter's make me laugh, the kitty's growing up that is! :)


  9. Wow! That's a lot of pillows. Love that saying...and congrats on 31 years of marriage! Amazing! I can't even image.


  10. I'm impressed. I think your pillow princess must have rubbed off on my son. Just put him to bed with "too many lovies", a stethoscope, a car pillow, firetruck pillow, 3 sleeping pillows, and a wooden train.


  11. I can't move on from the Blazing Sheets Love Potion!!! You are one kinky mama - if those pillows could talk oh the stories they'd tell!

  12. Chenille is my thing! Love those pillows made from an old bedspread!

  13. You do have some collection!! I love your coffee sack ones and what a cutie your little pooch is!

  14. You have quite a collection of pillows there Bliss. I love the coffee sack pillows and the ones made from a vintage bedspread! Congratulations to you both on your anniversary.

  15. I have a "pillow problem"...but I don't sew, sooo I have to buy mine :) Love the coffee sack pillows!! Laurel
    PS...Happy Anniversary!!

  16. First things first...those photos are absolutely fabulous! The light is wonderful! Second..I love your eclectic collection of pillows. Live the coffee sacks and the bedspread ones...I plan to make a shower curtain out of one.

  17. Love your pillow collection. I think the ones you did are my favorite but it's hard not to love that giant fish!

  18. Hi Bliss,

    Cute pillows and post. I love your sweet angel pillows and of course your burlap coffee ones.


  19. Hey,

    Is that it all started with paint chick paying you or something? Can't you blog about something else?


    You have quite the eclectic collection of pillows there at Bliss Ranch, don't cha? And I started blogging to document my living & dining room redo. Yup. I've gotten just about as far as you have with those projects ...

    And happy 31 years of wedded Bliss! Please send my condolences along to Braun ...



    Oh, and thanks for linking to Pillowpalooza and sharing the link to the party ... and my Etsy! Gotta love my blog friends!

  20. Bliss you make me chuckle every time I read your posts! Kitty's do grow up and men do drop pillows where ever they fall and the men that love us are special even after 31 years. Funny how life travels on and the pillows are there in the memory of it all.
    Hugs friend,

  21. I know this post is about pillows, but I got sidetracked by your really cool bedroom wall sconces! So cool!

    I like your pillows too. :)

  22. Heaven knows I have a huge pillow fetish. Pillows everywhere. 10 on my bed. Don't even ask my hubby about that. lol! You have some great pillows and I'm happy to see that you didn't awake anyone from their slumber.

  23. You pillows are blissful!

    Thanks so much for the welcome back! I've missed you and everyone and hope to see you at Potpourri Friday!

  24. Your pillows are great. I think I need to get busy sewing!

  25. You do have alot of pillows! I love pillows too. I like the burlap coffee sack ones myself.

  26. Oh , I want to make some pillows out of a vintage bedspread! You've got some great pillows.
    Our master bedroom pillows live on the floor. Are they not supposed to??

  27. Love me some Bliss pillows!~ You have an awesome collection too. I never did make it to the pillow partay..just not enough time in the day. Perhaps if I started to hit the pillow a little earlier, I would get enough rest to party more. My pass it on gift is in transport. First gal I asked YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE! I did not have to beg, that could have gotten crying is not a pretty site.

  28. Wow! Gorgeous pillow collection! I'm partial to that cute Bessie one in your bedroom!

  29. Love the pillow tour! I'd have to agree with the grand kids and go for that big ol fish! ;)
    <3 Christina

  30. So.... I'm attempting my first pillows on Wednesday. Yes... I have it planned. On July 4th. Don't ask. Anyhoo.... I don't suppose you have time to give me the DL on HOW to do it???? No sew. Using Fabric-Tac. Cuz this woman don't sew. EVER. I'm attempting to do a few like the very first one you pictured - the ones you didn't make. LOL!!! But, I bought duck cloth, washed it, and it frayed (How was I supposed to know it would do that?! I DON'T SEW!), so that's what I'm doing. But, when I blog about it, its totally going to be on purpose. HA HA HA! So... Anyway... Any advice or how-to's would be GREATLY appreciated... If you have time... You know... Cuz I'm sure you're busy with Brawn and the Blazing Sheets "LOVE POTION". ROTF!!!!

  31. Just came upon this site and noticed the beautiful terry pillows from the vintage bedspread. My family has deep roots in the textile manufacturing industry, namely the one that manufactured these Bates Fabrics bedspreads. So it is always especially nice to see these bedspreads reused in new ways. FYI: Although Bates closed, my father gave up his retirement years to keep these bedspreads weaving, which they still are.


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