I Finally Passed On

I can cross something off my list.  Passing On.  Not the permanent life altering passing on to the next life (oh now that's deep huh!), but the passing on of the pass it on project.

Remember my post about being a lucky duck here?  I told you about being part of the Pass It On project...... it was months ago so if you don't remember I understand.  I slapped myself for being so slow with it.

So what was my problem with getting it done?

The "What":  It wasn't that I didn't know what to do. It wasn't that I didn't know what to pass on.
The "When":  I certainly knew when to pass it on, and that was much sooner than I eventually did!
The "Where":  It could be anywhere, there was no limit.
The "Why":  Basically to perform a random act of kindness.  Why do something nice?  Because we all can!
The "Who":  And herein lies the was that I love all my blog friends so much I could not decide who to pass it on too!

Like Lay's tater chips, I did not think I could pick just one.  But I could not send to 20 (unlike my crazy Pass It On mentor).

Fortunately some of my buds from my fav blogs were already participating so I didn't double up by asking them again.  I agonized over who to pick, how to pick, and finally I came to the conclusion I just couldn't pick.  So I put a bunch of my favorite blogs into a bowl (if you are reading this there is a good chance you were in the bowl) and I used the scientific method.
The scientific genius
 I had the princess in pigtails reach into the bowl and pull out a name.  No competition of who I liked more, it was strictly a matter of if you were already in the bowl, I wanted to pick you.  This is KEY.  It was like my children, I loved them all - each for their own qualities and things they contribute to me being me.  So no matter who was pulled out, I was going to be thrilled.

I also had to determine if the person plucked from the bowl would be able to participate because there is a commitment.   Then I had to say to myself..... self, be not afraid.  Just offer it up, if they can participate they will.  If not, it's not personal so get over it.  Then I quit talking to myself.

So someone received these baubles of kitchen beauty.

I reused the original Pass It On paint chips that I thought were so darn clever......

Packaged up the goods and shipped them off to where the yellow jasmine blooms.

South Carolina. 

But Bliss, you ask, who did they go too and what are these jeweled pieces of art?

These are cake testers.  You know, the diva version of the familiar toothpick.  A couple years ago #2 daughter started making and selling them to pay for her gas to college.  You can read a bit about them on her shout out page, or see more on her Etsy site

The cake testers are unique, original, useful and pretty....... like the blogger who received them.  I put them together specially for her with agates and all glass beads.  I also told her every time she stabs the helll out of a cake she can think of me.

The recipient blogger doesn't like to bake, not even a little, but from time to time she has too and since she is the queen of her kitchen she deserved to have a tiny scepter of kitchen bling.

This gal can whip up a truffle with a cake filling and you do need a tester for that...

Or she can turn you on to a new beer because she's friendly like that....

She hosts home tours that make you drool (you may never see mine but not for lack of trying only lack of cleaning).  She might just be one of the reasons you are reading this now - she brought us together when our blogs were infants.  She has a secret crush on a musician that I would tell you about, but some things are private in blogland.  Funny how well we get to know folks in a short amount of time.  My all time favorite link party also happens at her place (notice the cute Valentine by Moi  when you click).

And she dooo love her some Halloween.   If there is some link thing and project judging going on this Fall, SO count me in (insert my evil laugh here).

She is a friend too many, and I doos think of her as one of mine.  Heck I even spray painted coke cans in pastel colors inspired by her.  It's pretty inspiring to be able to inspire someone to paint coke cans to begin with, 'ya know? 

So I should doo like ya'll and be a tease (the Northerner said ya'll.  Or is that yawl?).  Tell you I'll have the reveal tomorrow.  But I'm way too nice to leave you hanging like that.

So in my very best James Bond voice I give you the recipient of my pass it on project........... Doo's, Debbie Doos.

So because I couldn't send a cake tester to all my bestest buddies, in July I will be hosting a giveaway so everyone can enter to win one.  Details on that and also my very first link party with 4 other great bloggers......... coming soon!

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  1. those are fabulous! I didn't even know something like that existed! And Debbie...she is great great and well deserving of such wonderful, scientifically chosen wonderfulness!!

  2. Those are great Bliss... and though I opted out this time, darn!... I will be joining that giveaway!

  3. You are the BESTEST Bliss!~ I love my cake stabber...prettiest deadly weapon I ever did see. Thank you. Now I must get my pass it on project outta here!

  4. Wow Bliss those are truly beautiful! Lucky Debbie Doo's who gets to stab her cakes in style!

  5. I knew it was Debbie at Valentine by Moi - I remember that great copycat !
    A lucky and well deserving lady, they are gorgeous !

  6. I'm heart broken cause I was going to start showing everyone my baking skills now I can't do it in style. Stop laughing! I do so know how to bake!

  7. Those are beautiful , bliss! Debbie is a very deserving doo-by. Great choice.

  8. Very pretty cake testers! I was trying to figure out the recipient based on your clues and was happy to guess correctly before seeing her picture. Lucky Debbie!

  9. What a pretty pass it on project, lucky Debbie!! She's the best! I'm glad she was the lucky one to receive these!!

  10. What a lucky girl our Debbiedoos is! Those are the prettiest cake testers I've ever seen. Sure beat my yellow plastic one! LOL

  11. I don't know which is more fun to look at, the cake picks, or the princess in pigtails! She's a doll! Good job on crossing one off the list. :)

  12. They are so pretty. I love pretty beads like that. I bet they are fun to make.

  13. can't wait for the party! So does cake actually stick to metal if it isn't done?

  14. I am not a baker but with that tester, I could whip up a soufflé to rival all the classically trained chefs in France!!

    Every gal needs a bit of bling and Debbie deserves hers!

    Here's to stabbing the hell out of everything in the kitchen (except small children and pets)!

  15. Really... No one deserves it more than she who has helped more Newbies than anyone! They are gorgeous Bliss!!! Hugs, Joy

  16. Fantastic! I LOVE these cake testers ~ I'm a big time baker so I will definitely be ready to sign up for your giveaway. I love this project...I still have to participate. *embarrassed*

    Thanks for sharing and I'm so happy for Debbie!

  17. Ooohh so pretty!! Yay for Miss Debbie! She deserves it, what a sweet lady!!! I can't wait for the giveaway! I thought they were bracelets! Princess Pigtails is too cute!

  18. Lucky Debbie! Those are such a great idea and so pretty to have in the kitchen. ~ Maureen

  19. Sounds like fun! I love how you chose the recipient! She sure is a cutie!

  20. Wow! Those are the best DIVA cake testers I have ever seen. Wickedly awesome. Congratulations to Debbie. She is the best friend a newbie blogger ever had. I miss her parties a lot!

  21. I could stab anything with those beauties and look elegant while doing it... LOVE THEM!

    And... wait for it... wait for it... YIPPEE! A Link Party that you will be cohosting?! I. AM. SO. IN!


  22. Wowza! Now that is one heck of a pass it on gift! They are absolutely beautiful, but I love how you kept it real (kept it "you", if you will) and told her to stab the hell out of her cake with them. Bahaha!! That's the Bliss I know and love!

  23. AWESOME! And I can't think of a better person to receive them! WELL DONE!


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