THE ANSWER to......Decorate with THESE

I am the proud owner of the above "things".  Lets play the game of............  
I am betting many of you know exactly what they are.
So how about if you are one of the people who hold off on your comment, or just send me an email to confirm it so we can see what other people guess.  
The second part that everyone can participate in...... what would YOU do with them?????

OK, they are.....
Several of you got it correct...... 
Now if I didn't know, I would of thought they were something nautical.
They weigh A TON each so if they were nautical what ever you attach it to is gonna sink!   They are iron.  They are not nun-chucks for a super strong super ninja. 
They are window weights.  
Google that if you want to see just how they worked.
They went in the wall along side windows and operated on a pulley system.  These are from a 1916 building that we own.  When we replaced the windows last year I told Brawn, SAVE THEM.  But what should I do with them?  
I don't know any super strong super ninjas to give them too.

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  1. Pick me..pick me...I know....I know!!!

  2. Yep, I know what they are! What to do with them? Hmmmm....let me think about that!

  3. Come on Bliss give them some clues.
    Like they were used in the construction of a house ...
    How about they were more often used in the summer time ...
    Believe it or not these heavy things helped make life easier.

  4. Well you've got me stumped. But if my husband saw them I know he would know because he was raised in the country. But maybe that makes no difference. I am waiting here with baited breath to find out:)


  5. Ok, so on my blogroll it looked like you were playing with dynamite !
    but now I see them I haven't really got any idea, even with the extra clues from driftwooddesign.
    What to do with them - well if you have got some amazing idea, then you're not only super funny, but super clever too !!!
    Can't wait to see !

  6. Oh dear-
    I am a terrible guesser.
    The rungs on a rope ladder???

    Thank you for your visits to my blog-
    I appreciate it so much.

    Have a great weekend,

    White Spray Paint

  7. I know what they are! Hmmm...what to do with them? Not sure!

  8. 1. Maybe you could invent a new outdoor yard game. Nothing that involves tossing, though. Ouch!

    2. The price of steel is very high right now, so you could sell them at a salvage yard for some moolah for more junk.

    3. Very cheap home security system.

    4. Regift. Let the new owner figure it out.

  9. I had no clue, Bliss. Never heard of window weights, but I'm intrigued so I'm investigating.
    I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still around. Just saying...

  10. Oh dear, I should have guessed - I used to live in a flat with windows like that. Unfortunately I didn't buy the building and start dismantling it !

  11. If you find out....let me know....I have a just a few ;) of those. They are so heavy that they have me stumped. Love your barbershop reno btw!


  12. Just read this... but I knew what they were since I have old windows in our house. I have no idea what I would use them for... maybe becoming a super strong ninja girl.

  13. There are no automatic doors, only gentleman ninjas. : ).. Those might make a very interesting wind chime? With some other older objects? They already came pre-drilled for your wind chime making ease? Good luck with that!

  14. Possible use:
    Tent/tarp/awning weights to help control canvas during wind gusts.
    Sand them down to get the rust off, spray paint them with a pretty color Rustoleum. Replace the old cord with an appropriate length of heavy duty (possibly braided) cord. Hang from the corners of tent/tarp/awning where the tent pole fits through. Where I live, the wind can be unpredictable and pick up in strength without much notice. We are always looking for ways to anchor down our coverings without having alot of extra ropes and stakes spread out for people to get tangled up in. They are compact in size and shape and would look much better than our current stand-by (aka cement blocks).


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