Junk Cabinet.... not the kind you paint & Display

One of the first blogs that caught my eye was  Uncluttered LifestyleI need to unclutter. The name alone spoke to me (and then a sandwich under recipes spoke louder).    My clutter has gotten out of hand the past few years, my Feng Shui is all off.   Mostly my Shui, my Feng seems ok.

But keeping up with Ms. Uncluttered on this uncluttering stuff is hard work!  I first climbed on board when Iesha did her pantry and I followed right along (even though you have not seen those photos) then this week she blogged on doing another cabinet.  Darn her.  And to make matters worse, Joy over at Joy2Journey was doing a whole storage room clean.  Wait you guys, I'm the one with the clutter.  Gotta keep up with Joy too, she's in my state.  I kept stopping to go read blogs so it took me all day for one stinking cabinet!  Anyway WalMart provided some bins.  Did you know they have plastic "shoe" bins for .96¢...a bin for under a buck-I was pleased.  With a lid. So I got 3, and some others for the pantry.... and some canning jar rings & lids for the cute jars of stuff I'm going to have (soooo not happening).
Bliss Ranch Label Maker
 This is my high tech labeling system; exacto knife, clear package tape and the empty box.  
If I had a label maker I swear I would label the world, so it's better that I don't.

I started pulling the junk out of the junk cabinet.  I have several junk cabinets, but this one is the least used to store stuff we need to get at.  Don't read any further if you are looking for an amazing cabinet transformation.  There are no cute labels, or cool glass jars, or really anything more than tossing old crap out of the junk cabinet.  Also keep in mind I adore cute labels and cool glass jars, I just don't have any and I'm as disappointed as you are.  I'll try to keep this post entertaining to compensate, there has to be some reward if you are bothering to read it.  Honestly I'm kind'a wondering why I'm bothering to write it!  Probably because I didn't make any cool project or paint something last week.
Rogue Supplies
The target cabinet is below the junk drawers, and above the recycling.  I toss extras in there and anything I want off the counter in a hurry.  And leave it there.  Apparently forever.  I did find some items that fell down the back from the overcrowded junk drawers.  When I couldn't find that stuff I probably blamed Brawn for not putting it away when he was done.  I know all of you have husbands who always put stuff back after they use it.

Hmmmm, a fur fighter.  Never been opened.  Looks like a more recent purchase. Did I actually think that little thing was gonna help me pull fur off a couch?  I need one the size of a 3 foot squeegee but I'll keep it just in case I decide to try it.   

And that thing.. what is it?  Seriously what the he!! is it?  It was in the cabinet.  I can't ask anyone now what it is because I threw it away.  What if they wanted it?  I hope it wasn't important.

 I have a brand new bottle of Cook Top cleaner.  Why?  I have never owned a glass cook top.  NnnEeeeVeeeEeeeRrrrr.  Could I have bought this to clean something else?  What else is it good for - does anyone know that tip?  Whatever it is, mine must still be dirty.

 Toad Stool.  Bet you don't have that in your cabinet.  It looks sort of familiar.  
I pulled the cork and took a wiff, just in case it was a neon flavor of Schnapps.  It wasn't.  
I kept it, I'll put it in the bathroom around Halloween.

Yes those are IV supplies.  Our vet had us nurse our dog back to health after kidney failure... 4 years ago.  'I think he's gonna make it doc'.  Did I believe I was going to randomly need to give someone an IV?  Why would I save that stuff?  Why?  There is no explanation so please don't offer one. 
"Hey Bliss, do we still have that IV?  I'm feeling a little dehydrated".

OH GOD NO.... a B.rown P.aper shoved in the corner.  That can't be good.  
What is in there?  I'm afraid to look.  It might be green and hairy like stuff from the fridge.
Maybe the toads that go with the stool?

Before I put anything back I took inventory.  
4 cans of Scotchguard type sprays.  I can't tell you the last time I Scotchguarded anything, and I think I have another can where I keep my regular cleaning supplies.
4 different brands of Stainless Steel Cleaner.  At least I know why I have those- I was trying to find something that actually worked so bought every kind I ever saw.  After trying more like 10 stainless steel products, I now consider myself an expert.  Sheila Shine.  It's the only stuff that works, and it's excellent.  Two thumbs up, I promise you will love it.  It also lasts a long time.  I could be their spokesperson.

I found out I need therapy for hoarding chair leg pads and Hot Hands (things for inside gloves on cold days).  I guess I have a fear of running out of those.  In my past life I must of slid a chair across a wood floor and had to stand outside in the cold without my gloves.  I will die at 92 and still have some of both left.  Silk Plant cleaner.  Seriously WTH?  I only remember squirting dust off fake plants with the hose and all that time I had a cleaner for it?  And I don't remember having any silk plants for what, like 10 years.  Have I never cleaned out this cabinet???
All the more reason not to look in the brown bag.
There was a Huggies baby wipe container in there.  My baby is 12.

These were the only treasures I found.  I can use the glass for something, right?, and those brass wall-sconces, what should I do with those?  Save them to paint and fasten on to some amazing piece of repurposed furniture like you all make?

The lids for those shoe bins.... I should just get rid of them, I DON'T NEED THE LIDS, but I tucked them in the corner next to the mystery brown bag.
My hope is that Iesha won't be tackling her bedroom closet anytime soon.

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  1. This is too funny. I had IV supplies saved, too after having to give fluids to a sick cat many years ago. Lordy I hated sticking him. One time it went thru the skin and out the other side. I mean, poor kitty!

  2. LOL I see you made it to MY house... :D So happy to know I'm not alone... :/

  3. OMG! I just laughed until I cried! Thank you so much for that. I have a cabinet that I'm afraid to clean out. I don't know what's in there and I really don't want to find out. I moved in to the farm house with all of my grandparents things and I'm still sorting things out. I saved things I didn't know if I'd need or not because Grandma used it. That was 8 years ago. I think it's time. Thanks for the great post and laugh.


  4. The IV supplies are too funny! It feels good to organize a cabinet, doesn't it?

  5. That's so funny! Hilarious post! You can definitely paint those sconces....use the gesso method!
    Come over to my site and join the Blog Hop Party going on!

  6. You definately kept that stuff to craft with - I mean little round sliders, they've gotta be good for something. Goodness knows why you chucked out 'the thing', it looks like the basis of a teddy bear ! And cooker top cleaner - that's for dirty thrifty finds isn't it - I bet it works like a treat !!!

  7. LOL!!! Seriously...I laughed out loud through this whole post! Too close to "home" maybe? I have more than one of "those" may have just inspired me to go through mine too...or at least add it to "the list" :) Laurel

  8. You crack me up. And I can totally relate! Thanks for linky following by Bliss-ful friend! I'm linky following you too! <3 <3

  9. Oh some of the others, I laughed till I cried as I read this and I KNOW it's because I've had so many of the same thing in my own different houses...LOL You definitely have the knack of keeping us entertained,...who needs pictures of the "perfect" things? :-)



  10. Hahaha! I WISH I had only one of those junk drawers! That was a very entertaining organizing session! I'll help you out with those mystery items. The blob-like thing before the IV supplies. I'm pretty sure they are your dog's kidney stones...that's why they were right next to the IV bags! Now for the stovetop cleaner. I've found it works quite well for removing that fog that accumulates on the glass inside a gas fireplace. Got one of those? If so, the bottle of cleaner should last you about 25-30 years. :@

  11. I LOVED your post!!! I laughed so hard I thought I'd wet myself. Just so funny and I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing and adding a little chuckle to my day.
    New follower,

  12. Accckkkk!!!!I can't stand it, I wanna know what is in that mystery brown bag. I will stay tuned, in case you get brave enough to open it. Or maybe if it jumps out of the cupboard, and then out of the bag, to say Hello or something.
    Love this blog..It is so it...I have to follow you for sure...

  13. You are too funny!!!! With the excuse of a garage sale next week I'm cleaning all my cupboards and drawers and closets. Hopefully I get rid of something!

  14. Anonymous2/12/2012 Actually there are no words because I am still laughing hysterically at your wonderful finds. And all right under your nose. Now the "?" thing with the rubber bands around it. When I first saw the photo, it looked like a miniature stuffed turkey ready to go in the oven. But then I remembered you were cleaning out a cupboard and not the fridge. But then again, we don't know what is in the brown paper bag yet now do we.... And the Fur Fighter? The only solution I have found for pet hair on upholstery is called l.e.a.t.h.e.r!

  15. Oh Bliss. You are tooo funny. I love this post. And seriously you need to figures out what in the world that bear shaped stuffed nylon thingy was. I was stuck on that photo for like 2 minutes trying to imagine why in the world you would ever keep that?!

  16. You had me rolling on the floor! I just loved all your funny comments. You have even got comments on here that threw me back on the floor again! Thanks for bringing out the laughter! Loved DallyGirl's comment too!

    I really think you are a hoarder....surface glass cleaner for a glass top stove....really, and you don't have one? You are just too funny!

  17. Just found your blog and have to say thanks for the morning laugh! I think more of us are like this than the super organinzed ones that we aspire to be. I prefer to think it is because of my 'thrill of the hunt' gene :-)

  18. Like the others, I'm calling for an inquisition on the mystery blob.
    I'm too afraid to do my cabinet under the sink, so being that you have the stones to do it and all...
    You're on the way, right?

  19. Your posts & comments always make me laugh! Kudos for a job well done~
    P.S. I like labels too:)

  20. My declutter weekend is actually coming up. We don't go skiing over President's Weekend because every youth group in California seems to hit the slopes then. I have both Friday and Monday off and it is traditional to spend at least 1 day going through cupboards. And, boy do they need it!

  21. I enjoyed your post, you are a crack up! Good luck with that organizing stuff!

  22. Sign me up for therapy too. I also have too many chair leg pads and hot hands!!! Great job on the organizing!!! The Toad STool and mystery blog really have me intrigued. I have two label makers...they are great!

  23. That is too funny! I definitely have a few cabinets like that...Oh, lawdy!

  24. Excellent organization. So now you have to be organized and funny? I don't think that's fair :)


  25. Oh my, now that is a new one! Nice to be getting organized though. I have been doing some of the same myself!

  26. I have a junk drawer just like that. If you need another post, you are more than welcome to come over and clean mine out as well! : )..

  27. This was sooooooooo funny.. love it, well done.

  28. I can't even imagine why you have iv supplies. I'm pretty good with my cabinets, my basement is another matter.....


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