DONE.. High Chair Chalk Paint Makeover

My      First      Chalk Paint       Makeover

This is a 30 year old high chair.  It has sat butts for 30 years, six of them.
It has now moved on to seating new royalty - "The Grands".  Two of 'em. 
It was bought new in the 80's when it was popular to buy furniture that looked antique.
We were so proud.
It is now a throne fit for the current Princess and all the future Royalty.

I was armed and ready for battle on my first experience with Annie Sloans chalk paint.  I ordered from Shades Of Amber a sponsor over at DebbieDoos.  There was a small problem with my order that was handled immediately, their customer service is TOP NOTCH!!!
(Honest review of ASCP at bottom)

French Linen & Old White
If you don't remember anything else about me, remember this..... I don't enjoy painting.  Especially stuff like this chair, with little cracks and crevices.
Under coat of French Linen
 Slapping on the French Linen, easy.
Free Willy
It covered the whale.... the remains of tub grips put on so little butts didn't slip out.  First I sanded to remove Princess's ramen noodles from the day before, and oatmeal I saved for old times sake, for about 12.....  years, not days.  Dried oatmeal is like glue.  I was worried when I got rid of it that the chair would fall apart.

Top Coat, Old White

No I didn't do this in the garage like normal people would do.  And now if you remember only one thing about Brawn remember this....... his garage is always used to saw.  And always a mess.  So to recap; Bliss hates to paint, Brawn's garage is a mess.
"Scribble Method" transfer process I used

"The Grands"
 Crown graphic from the Graphics Fairy

Tiara & Scepter ready for the Princess to take her seat

I forgot to take pictures of sanding and distressing and waxing.  That is probably because about that time I understood why they call it "chalk" paint.  It was like some crazy *old school* kids, about 100 of them, ran through my house cleaning their erasers.  Next time I will do this in the cold messy garage.

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My ASCP review.
I like the paint as far as paint goes (remember Bliss + paint = yuck).  What I really liked was it didn't stink.  I hate the smell of usual paint.  I love the wax.  I would use both again and I expect the ASCP will be my paint of choice.  It seemed to go far, should I ever want to paint and distress something again, I have plenty left to do so.  Brawn described the French Linen as gray.  The paint covers good, with no prep, BONUS, just like everyone says.  The extra steps at the end... of sanding, and waxing is well worth the effort.  I would rather sand than paint.  I hate painting, remember?  But I felt good with the results.  I can't sew either, and I want a cute little tuffett for all the future rear ends to sit upon.  I might just try sewing. 

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  1. I'm sure that will turn out great since it has alot of interesting carving on it. It will probably be easier to keep clean once it's painted too.

  2. Looking forward to it. I've never used it, although I have seen Annie Sloan on British TV for years. When I started blogging I couldn't believe the amount of people who mentioned ASCP - she must love visiting the States !
    By the way, I didn't go near the choccy post - I was dieting, though that seems to have fallen by the wayside today, it's really cold and one needs a little fix now and then, as a pick me up you understand !!!

  3. I have a really old one that I am torn about it waits! Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.
    I have mad love for chalk paint. What color will you use?

  4. It will look great! Do plenty of waxing on the tray so it cleans up! Can't wait!

  5. Oh, my I can't wait. My daughter is expecting and we were talking about hi chairs today...weird! lol

  6. That is going to be really cool!

  7. It looks gorgeous! And I am loving the scribble method! I think paint does agree with you, very well in fact. What's the next painting project?? The Dresser?

  8. You did a grand job for someone who doesn't like to paint. I don't love to do it, but love the results. Your chair is great for more little butts to enjoy.

  9. I have yet to paint something with ASCP. I've got my piece picked out, but just haven't had the time. Your high chair is adorable! All it needs is a little bell to ring for quick service.

    I've read that it's a messy project, so I'll take your advice and wait until I can paint in the garage.

  10. Love your High Chair...I should make this my next project. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  11. It is fabulous!!! I think I had that same one 40 years ago :)
    Love your review on the paint as well :)
    husbands and their garage, what can we do :)

  12. We must be living parallel lives! I just painted a highchair with Annie Sloan paint too! It isnt near as gorgeous as yours tho. And i have six kids as well. All grown. One grand baby. I love the crown you put on it, now how does that scribble method work? I want to try that . It looks awesome!
    Eileen @ cottage beach house

    1. If the scribble method is the same one we used in elementary school art class, it goes something like this: trace over design in pencil, flip paper over onto surface (in this case tray) so that the pencil tracing is in direct contact with surface (if you have words in your design remember to flip your image before you trace or it will end up backwards!), take your pencil and scribble all over the back of your design paper so that the traced image tranfers to your painted surface! wahlah!

  13. The high chair is adorable and the crown is such a nice touch. Hopefully it wasn't too painful for you to paint it.

  14. The high chair turned out so lovely I can just see a little princess sitting in it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love the high chair...have you used any other chalk paint? I use my own recipe which I love, but I wonder if AS is better. Glad I found your blog.I'm now following you with the new awesome Linky tool, so follow back so we can connect, Lori

  16. What a great chair and paint job. Maybe next time you can paint it inside and then take it out to the garage just to sand. Newest follower!


  17. Oh my, I love that high chair, it is just precious! You did such a great paint job, love the adorable new look!

  18. STUNNING!!!! Definitely fit for a princess (or prince). haha about the oatmeal glue. :) Maybe you're on to something!

  19. Absolutely AWESOME my friend! I love the graphic you chose, how cool! I am happy you found the paint so user friendly. It truly is my paint of choice, and as you said a little goes a long way. Thanks for the shout out to Shades of Amber as well. I know they appreciate the business and the kudos about them, deservingly so!

  20. Anonymous2/04/2012

    Love, love, love!!!! Wish I could still sit mine in one of those (22 and 18), but that would be quite a task. ;) Maybe some day I'll be able to make one for their own babies. It's gorgeous.
    Following on Linky, hope you come follow too.
    Much love!

  21. Wow! I can't believe how good that came out. I just may have to try some of that Annie Sloan chalk paint too! Love the crown for your little princess! :)

  22. Turned out lovely~ thanks so much for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday~ following you along both places :)

  23. This high chair came out adorable. My daughters' had one exactly like this one, but, sadly, we did not keep it. You are right. It is fit for a princess. Totally cute!!

  24. Bliss,
    You did a fantastic job here. I used that same crown from Graphics Fairy for a project.


  25. This came out sooo cute! I have saved our old antique high chair, too...waiting for something to do w/ it. Ours is more depression era, though, and not as fancy! You did an AMAZING job! Thanks for sharing! Friending you on both linkies, andrea@townandprairie

  26. The high chair is precious! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  27. Cute!!! This is exactly the type of high chair my husband and I are looking for!

  28. Okay now I get why you didn't like painting the highchair. I didn't even think it's a spindley mess, I hate brush painting that stuff. SPRAY ONLY ON CHAIRS HERE!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  29. So not only painting, but using the Graphics Fairy as well - it looks fab, Mrs ever-so-creative Bliss !

  30. WOW, this is purely amazing!!! I adore it!!!

  31. Anonymous2/12/2012

    Ohhh lala! Makes me wish I myself was a baby to sit in that beautiful chair!! Love the crown detail too. So glad you liked your first experience with chalk paint.

  32. looks fantastic Bliss ... love the crown, but how does the scribble transfer method work? I need to try that. Congratulations on being featured on Debbiedoo's. I love the old cow picture in your bathroom.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  33. This is the coolest high chair....EVER! I love it!

  34. The princess chair looks great. I love this idea. I must consider this make-over for my 35 year old high chair. It would be an improvement for sure!

  35. So glad you are enjoying the paint, and thanks for the comments. Beautiful project, would love to see it on our weekly Chalk Paint link party


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