Martha Stewart Silhouette Windows - Thrift Store Version

Last October I decided to make my version of Martha Stewart window silhouettes.  I followed her tutorial here.

Well, I kinda followed it.

Actually... just now reading through her tutorial, I didn't really follow it, so I think it would be better to say her windows were my inspiration.

I love me some Martha but I think Ms. Stewart over complicated the process, plus she had more time and money than I did - she used chiffon over her fabric.  My windows were not for inside my house or to be seen by neighbors from the road.  They were to use in our back shed for a party. 

The Martha-Stewart-Bliss-Version-Window-Silouette-Tutorial

1.  White sheets.  I stumbled on half price day at the thrift store.  Picked up all the old white top sheets they had.  Think it cost me $3.00, I have extra.
2.  Get old windows.  Mine - 100 year old ones from our old barber shop building.  I used some that had divided glass, some without.  Cut the sheets to size.

3.  Have a talented daughter or husband who can draw things free hand, then all you have to do is slop paint between the lines.
4.  Buy cheap dark gray interior latex paint, or do like I did, get the really cheap black paint and add some white till you get the dark gray color you want.  Do not paint on the sheet while it is directly on your dining room table.  The paint will bleed through.
5.  Let dry a good long while so it doesn't smudge.
6.  Staple gun it to the back of your window.

My way allows you to skip Martha's whole template enlargement and grid thing.  Which just seemed like drawing it twice anyway.  But if you want your template enlarged by all means follow Martha.  My template is plenty large already thank you very much.

This ghost window was behind junk yesterday, but it was hanging in the window so the ghoul was glowing from the sunshine. The others are just hanging up behind the glass. 

This is what they look like with lights behind them, in this case some pumpkins and moonlight.

Before the Sheer Curtain
7.  While at the thrift store, also pick up some yucky haunted house looking window sheers to use as your curtains.  

After with the sheers in front

The idea was to create the illusion of being inside the haunted house looking out at the creepy things in the night.  The sheers were hung on branches, because branches are free and curtain rods are not.  The sheers were long and they dropped down behind our food table.  We evenly spaced them along that wall and experimented with what color bulbs to hang behind them.
I should mention these windows were heavy and big.  And yes those are suitcases on the food table.  Sorry the photos are not up to snuff, they were back in the olden days 2011 BB (before blogging).

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  1. So neat! I want to come to your party!!!

  2. Really?! You had a party and didn't invite me?! A really cool, spooky, party with awesome scary windows?! In your shed? I'm certain that my e-vite got misplaced in the cyber mail and that's why I didn't get to dress up and eat some of the yummy food that was on the table (in front of the spooky windows) with the cool old suitcases. That's what happened, isn't it?! Whew, good. I KNEW that you wouldn't have a cool Halloween party and NOT at least invite me to help with the food or something. xo

  3. Move the heck over Martha...Bliss has "an even better thing!" Could these be any more cool?

  4. Oh my gosh this looks fantastic -- what amazing party atmosphere! I'm sure the nice chain saw fellow was just there to slice some cheese. Great tutorial. I much prefer yours to Martha's.

  5. I love your version....just too scary! Love the finished setting...great work by all!

  6. I love your version...I love your family helping.....and I love the table can I say ...I would love to come to a Halloween party at your house...
    looks like lots of fun...thank you for pinning the map sweet
    and I love your Pin Board...I have found you are a go to for me...when looking for some stuff....

  7. So very cool! I'll take you over Martha any day! Love the chainsaw guy especially! I'd say you got the effect you were going for for sure!

  8. I love them! To heck with Martha...sometime she over complicates everything!

    Great job.


  9. Okay, this is WAY COOL! I'd much rather follow almost anyone's tutorial besides Martha's. Hers always seem to take the long route. Don't know why that is. thanks for the simplified version. I LOVE what you did for your party!!

  10. Wow!!! You have one great big scary party going on at the ranch!! Your windows are fabulous! Have you tried strobe lights behind them? On second thought, you better not. Your guests might be too frightened to eat.

    I hope we get a sneak peek at the menu. :@

  11. I remember the olden days of 2011 - had to walk up a hill to get to get back and forth to work!

    LOVE these - leave it to you to uncomplicate a Martha idea!

    Pinning these - then I'll scour the thrift shop for bedbug free sheets, store them in my basement with the hopes of recreating, forget they are there, find them in 5 years covered in cobwebs and say, "why do I have these disgusting sheets?"!

    See what you do to me!

  12. SOOOOO Cool Bliss! I want to come to your house on Halloween! Awesome decorations !!

  13. Awesome tutorial! Martha has too much time on her hands, your way is much better!

  14. OK...This is the coolest, creepiest thing ever...I love it! I bet that was one great party!


  15. Amazing! I want some of those and I don't even like to decorate for Halloween. But that is so cool! I bet that party was a hit too!

  16. These are so fun! The party looks like it was a blast too. Very clever, lady!

  17. AWESOMENESS! I want to be invited this year. I can bring glam skulls to the party!

  18. I have two sons that can draw stuff free-hand, but they live all the way in Savannah, GA. Try as they might, their arms don't stretch all the way to Montana. I'm passing this on to one of my sons, though...he absolutely LOVES Halloween and has a party every year. This is a fantastic idea!

  19. Oh my goodness, those are amazing!!! The chain saw one is my favorite! I'm google plusing and pining in case my kids are ever old enough to throw a scary party:)


  20. Holy cow girl those are awesome! I'm impressed and now I'm using the BLISS APPROACH and tossing Martha's. LOL {HUGS}

  21. Sweeeeet! I haven't read Martha's instructions...but anything more involved than this would be too much. I've been wanting to do this...just been lazy. :)

  22. These are way COOL!!!!!!!! LOVE your post. New follower on your google, link, and Facebook. Follow and like me too at I posted Halloween Chalk Boards to this party:) Cheers!

  23. Dang, girl, you do it RIGHT! Awesomeness!
    xo Heidi

  24. Ummm. I am not coming over.. nope so not doing it! Scared the pee pee right outta me- especially the chainsaw looking dude! Crap- I mean...pee- I peed ! ;)

  25. You really go all out for Halloween, don't you? I love that you made your windows look like you were outside looking in, when you were really inside looking out. I hope as people continued to enjoy the party (I am assuming this was from a party? OR is this just how you roll) people drank more, they didn't get confused thinking they were actually outside. Seriously, this looks AMAZING.

  26. SCARY< SPOOKTACULAR for sure. How nice to be able to draw like that. Mine would look like skinny little scarecrows...MAYBE lol. Thanks for sharing, they look awesome.

  27. Such an awesome idea! Looks like an awesome party!

  28. Martha always has more time and money than us!!! Love what you did, your silhouette turned out great, spooky. Laura

  29. These are so wonderful, Bliss...I love how it looked in your house!

  30. I wish I could come to the 2012 BlissBooHouse!

  31. This has to be my favorite of all your posts. So so cool. I hope you are using them again.

  32. Oh cool! What a spooky party!!

  33. This is the best Halloween decor I've seen! Love the chainsaw dude!

  34. Man! You guys go ALL. OUT. Was this the witch doctor/Mr T party? It looks fantastic. What a super fun looking party!!!!

  35. WOW!!! Spoooooky and awesome! Seriously, your party looks amazing!

  36. they are spooky scary! I bet the party was a BLAST!

  37. Seriously, this is the best... and creepiest idea ever! You should do a tv halloween special!!!

  38. OMG these are so great! Lovin' the chainsaw guy...looks like my kinda party!

  39. Oh wow! They are the coolest and spooky looking silhouette I've seen. I love your decorated table.

  40. Love these~ I featured you today! Thanks for linking up!

  41. I love this so much! Featuring you today!!! XO, Aimee

  42. Fantastic decorations - it must have been a great party !

  43. Some imagination you have there! But so fun!!!

  44. i LOVE the look of these silhouettes and have thought about doing some for my house. We'll see... Wondering how I wrangle an invitation to one of your Halloween parties!

  45. Love these - and a great way to get your own MS version. Thanks for sharing - you're being featured on the All Star Block Party - head on over and grab your button.

  46. THese were unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to try these perhaps next year. Sorry I am so very very behind. This thing called life and kids are cramping my style:)


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