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I needed to thank someone who thanked me for something.  You know... the thank you thank you type thing.  I did something for someone last Winter not expecting anything but a thank you, and instead I received a $50 gift card to a nursery.

I decided when I used it, I would also get something to thank the thanker.  I waited till the mums were plentiful and bought myself some and one to thank her.

I didn't want to just send it like it was, I mean after all it's a thank you for a thank you.  A bare pot wasn't gonna cut it.

Big mum's fit nicely in big plastic caldrons, and I happened to have one sitting at my feet that I picked up for .50¢ at a garage sale last week. 

I grabbed some left over burlap coffee sack scraps (why didn't I throw those away?) from the torture I put myself through making coffee sack pillows, then knotted the pieces together and just tied it along the top.

The tag is printed on an encyclopedia page and secured on cardstock.

The best part is she is not expecting to be thanked for thanking me, so she will be surprised.  Now I hope she doesn't think she has to thank the thanker for thanking her as the original thanker.

My son is suppose to drop it off for me but he goes out the other door and forgets about it so it has been ready to go for two days.  Maybe tomorrow.

And look what my son in law brought me. Two spools.  What shall I do with them?

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  1. You're the best! What a nice thing to do and love the card! Thank me anytime ;)

  2. Such a sweet thing to do! I want those spools! I would love to make something with them. The obvious thing is to make a table. But I see a really cool rocking chair.

  3. This could be a trail of neverending thank yous... how fun would that be? Pretty mums and love that tag with the black crow!

  4. I know you're gonna think of something amazing to do with those spools and I can't wait to see it!

  5. So nice and what a beautiful gift. The spools are wonderful.

  6. Love how you dressed up the mum! The spools will be fun!

  7. Very cute- what a lucky friend you have. I'm going to pick up a couple mums tomorrow along with a few pumpkins. I can't wait any longer. If you want to make me one of those and send it my way, I'll put it front and center on my porch!! ;)

  8. I am sure the thankee will be thoroughly thankful for such a thoughtful gift, so pretty.
    I don't see rocking chair but then Holly is way way clever-er than me with that sort of thing, I just see table, a very funky one - they're great !

  9. you are so sweet! but i am more excited about those spools!!!

  10. Aw, sharing the love! Too sweet! I'm seeing tables... :)
    xo Heidi

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. My fingers got ahead of my thought pattern so let me try this again.
    Thank you never goes out of style...maybe in circles...but never out of style. just said thank you in a sincere, beautifully styled way.

  13. I'm all about thanking for thanking someone! The mums in the cauldron will be greatly appreciated. How cute! Now those spools....let me think. I'm sure you've already got some fabulous project in mind!

  14. Cute idea and yes, what ARE you going to do with those spools? Maybe tear them apart? bar stools? a gigantic clock? water wheel? lemme think some more on this...

  15. How nice that you were able to get yourself a mum and the thanker a mum as well.

    Now I can't wait to see what you do with those spools.

  16. Anonymous9/24/2013

    I think those spools look like a small stage, when they lay flat...

  17. Bliss I am loving these spools, a large aged clock would be great for one of them and then a table is all I can come up with, sorry for the obvious one, LOL!!! What a wonderful thing to do for a thank you, thank you. Gorgeous mum. Have a great day!!


  18. So be thanking the thanker-er! It may never end now. I have a million ideas for spools and should probably do some of them. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  19. You are so creative! I love how you took basic mums and gave it personality! Can't wait to see what you come up with for using those spools. I've seen them used as tables before.

  20. I love how you accessorized the mum. You are a sweet thanker.

    I can only imagine what you'll dream up for those spools!

  21. Well this could just be " the thanks that never ends - yes it goes on and on my friends - somebody starting thanking me not knowing what it was................." LMHO
    It's a gorgeous Thank you to a Thank you Bliss - now you know why you don't throw out bits of burlap, right???

  22. The thanking the thanker for thanking the thanker infinite loop is hurting my head ...

    I'm sure the receiver of the thank you gift will be very thankful!

    :) Linda

  23. I'm a big Mum I hope no one puts me in a cauldron!

    What a beautiful thank you, thank you gift, I'm sure she will love it!

  24. I want to send you a thank you gift so you'll give me something fabulous too! Love the cauldron - every good witch needs one.

  25. Can you believe I've never owned a mum in my life? I'm totally getting one. And those spools...I think you should stand one up on the roll-y end and learn how to "walk" on the middle part and cruise down the road on it. That would be cool. And an even better blog post.


  26. Those need to be tables!

    Fall is my favorite and so are mums and cauldrons and sweet people who thank thankers. :)

  27. the mum cauldron looks great! that's a great thank you for the thanker. hahaha I've often wondered what the etiquette is for thanking a thanker... now I know... it's a MUM! :)

    I have SPOOL envy!

  28. She is totally going to feel obligated to thank you for this. I always want to write someone a thank you card after they send me a particularly thoughtful thank you card.

  29. Hey Miss Bliss;
    My Mama made a Wonderful TV table out of a Spool like one of those, and it is "Stunning" at least in my eyes!!!! We lightly stained it and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not wait to see what you will make with yours!!!! You are too kind to give a gift.....That is what I do. LOL. It does make people wonder. LOL.

  30. How sweet! I hope she thanks you again with something else. This might go on forever :-)
    What ARE you going to do with those spools?
    End tables for an outside patio? I can't wait to see what you transform them into.

  31. That is a lovely way to say thank you. She will love it, and I'm sure she will want the thank the thanker. Is that even a word?

  32. When she thanks you for the thanker thank you gift, will you thank her?
    Oh, and what came first... lol
    It's darling and of course it got BLISSED.

    Now, on to important things. What ARE you going to do with those spools.
    Nosey people want to know ;)

  33. Anonymous9/28/2013

    Lovely post.. You have chosen great way to say thanks she really liked it.

  34. Oh I love mums! Gorgeous arrangement! And those spools! Ahh! Can't wait to see what you do!

  35. Love the pot you created and the tag! I think this might be a fun "thank you" train going forward. :)



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