The Family Votes on Laundry Room Flooring

Back home here on the prairie....
when last I wrote.....
I asked for help deciding which flooring I wanted to update the 20 year old laundry room floor with because, well.... I suck at picking flooring. 

Without a doubt most of you picked the wood look vinyl.  This narrowed it down so next I brought in the experts who have suffered of my poor flooring choices in the past.

The family.

I gave the family the choice of the wood look vinyl.....

Or the next popular choice, the vintage hex tiles in gray tones....

The closest room to the laundry belongs to daughter #2.  Her bathroom floor has the same wonderful plain white vinyl as the laundry room. 

The truth came out about how she hates it.  Boring I believe was the word she used and she spoke the truth of how it shows every hair she sheds. 

She almost broke down in tears describing the upkeep.  Not really.  From the looks of it, the upkeep doesn't happen often.

She also held a strong opinion about no wood, and now she wants updated flooring too. 

I told her that new bathroom flooring is indeed possible, but that it is probably time to update that floor with a real slate or ceramic, it is the only other area that has vinyl. 

Brawn offered up that with a ceramic or stone floor update, she can have in-floor heat to warm her winter tootsies. 

Floor heating options
She was all for that, and I thought buttering her up with the prospect of her own new floor would lead her to the wood look for the laundry. 

Nope, her first choice for the laundry was still the hex tiles.

Hex tiles: 1
Wood look: 0

The ranch had some weekend drama that saw all the kids home at the same time, so while the samples were on the dining room table I took a poll of those who had opinions about it.

Hex tiles: 5
Wood look: 0

Not one of them picked the dang wood I wanted. 

They think we have enough wood around here, and one son even had all sorts of opinions and ideas about flooring.  I had no idea how opinionated a bunch they were....regarding the laundry room.

The youngest was diplomatic, asking what one I liked best, then picked the hex tiles anyway.

Hex tiles: 6
Wood look: 0

The sale was ending this weekend so the floor was ordered.  The hex tiles won.

And then.....

Laura from Top This Top That left a funny comment about just using the sub-floor and calling it good!  What she didn't realize was how brilliant an idea that was..... just a day late. 

The sub-floor is concrete.  I suggested to Brawn that we could do a stained concrete finish in there to gauge his response, even though the floor was already ordered.  He pondered the idea a moment and then did his sort of grunting "hmmph" noise that tells me I have a great idea.

So now we are thinking of doing the stained concrete in daughters bathroom, but first we have to get the idea of in floor heat for her tootsies out of her head.

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  1. oooh i love stained concrete! tell your daughter she's lucky to have a bathroom.... heated feet are a complete luxury!

  2. ohhh, that IS brilliant! stained concrete. :)

    put the flooring in her bathroom since she loved it so much, then do the concrete in the laundry room.


  3. Oh please ....u give my little pea brain much to much credit. I just happened to be thinking that day. Now heated floors....thats brilliant!!

  4. Great idea! A day late and a dollar short.

  5. YAY I picked the wood and that's going to look so pretty!!

  6. Don't you love it when you get the perfect inspiration AFTER you've gone too far into your project? I think the hex tiles will look fab.

    Happy tiling!

  7. Yay for the hex tiles, they were my second choice ya know!!

  8. It will look great and I know you'll do something brilliant in her bathroom. I think I'd want all my floors heated if I lived up there!

  9. Yay I win. I picked the hexagons. I forgot what the prize was...I'll mail you my address :-) Seriously, it's going to be pretty.

  10. I have the heated floor all through my house, horrifyingly expensive to run, I also just painted the subfloor in our house which was both cheap and I like it great idea.

  11. Once you walk on heated floors, you never want to go back to the cold hard floor of reality (which is what I have,) I think the hex or stained floor will look amazing either way.

  12. I like the flooring that you ordered. I think that one was my choice too. That was a good idea that Laura had though. I think we often forget that subflooring can be an alternative.

  13. Oh boy heat on the feet!

  14. I think DL is leaning toward heated floors in the guest bath, but this is NC and we don't really need it. But I won't argue!

  15. Wow! YOu have your own polling forum! I hate making big decisions with no one to blame but myself.

  16. You know I love that hex tile vinyl!!! And there is NO WAY your daughter is going to give up that in floor heating for her tootsies!!!


  17. Wow...tough poll...but I think the concrete is an excellent idea!!


  18. I think the hex tiles are a fab choice and look rustic and rich. I would think about putting them in her bath too, if they are still on sale. Heated floors, very lucky girl indeed!!!!


  19. Flooring is tough to chose for sure. Polishing the concrete would have saved a lot of money but in floor heat is mighty tempting!

  20. I love the look of stained concrete but have never had the nerve to do it!!! ~~Angela

  21. I don't know, I think you'll have a hard time getting the idea of in-floor heating out of your daughter's mind...that's something I would love, too!
    Debbie :)

  22. Ok, so the family wins, that's entirely understandable as they live there and get to see whole rooms, not just small sections !!!

  23. We actually have a foot warmer option in all of our bathrooms (4), and very low on electricity. We call them socks.

    La Verne@hopeandsalvage

  24. I like your concrete idea, and the hex floor idea, too! Can't wait to see what you decide...

  25. I love stained concrete, maybe she can wear socks :)

  26. I love stained concrete. I'm thinking you should use the hex tiles in the bathroom and stain the concrete in the laundry room. I'm with you though, I would have picked the wood look vinyl. I've thought of putting it in my basement. But that's so far down the list I'll probably be 75 when it happens.

  27. I think the hex tiles look great. You can use the wood somewhere else. In floor heating is wonderful. My neighbor has it and it's fabulous in the winter especially when the temperatures drop down to 40 degrees. (I just wrote that so you would miss California.)


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