Vintage Mailbox Towel Holder

For throw back Thursday I'm revisiting a post about my boys bathroom.  I guess I am going to need to do an update too, because the signs have all been taken down and a blank wall awaits me to make something new.

I'm going to boldly go where no woman should go - my boys bathroom -  so I can show you the vintage mailbox I turned into a towel holder.

16 years ago.

I thought I was being so stylish and unique.

Vintage Mailbox Turned Towel Holder

I'm pretty sure everyone who saw it thought I was odd hanging an old mailbox anywhere, let alone in a bathroom.
This bathroom is used by 4 males.

The Brawn of the operation showers here as well, which is fine by me at least I know where any grime in the master shower comes from (only Moi).

This also gives me someone in charge of keeping the boys bath clean, although I might need to rethink that. 

There is an industrial vibe, which for me means that Brawn does better shopping for stuff in the isles at the lumber yard.

Boys Bathroom Industrial Look Fixtures

This light is some kind of a barn light and conduit was used to cover the electrical wires. 

There are three of these lights above the vanity and they are suppose to have a wire cage around them like the clock.

None of them have it on..... hmmm??

Boys Bathroom Industrial Look Fixtures

The clock sits at the top of the peak above the vanity.  I don't remember the last time I changed the battery in it, so the time may have been 11:17 for quite a while.

Boys Bathroom Industrial Look Fixtures

There are two hand-towel holders also made out of bendable conduit, and attached to the wall with pipe fittings.

The boys bed room next door carries on the pipe fitting theme, and someday I'll show you that.

Vintage Mailbox Turned Towel Holder,
I found the vintage mailbox at an antique store, and in my head it was the perfect towel holder.

Those are railroad spikes used as the hooks, which are nailed into a piece of wood hidden inside the mailbox, then the whole thing was screwed to the wall.   

I like the little magazine holder on the side and the fact that you can still see the previous owners name and town on the top.

When I walked into the bathroom there were no towels hanging on it.  It had caps, belts and a bathing suit. 

The towels were on the floor.

Boys Bathroom
Old signs I've accumulated have found a home in this bathroom. 

A mix of old and new metal.  The California license plate in the center of the wall was from my dad's car.

I'd show you more of this room, but then I'd have to clean it and that ain't happening today!

Besides, I'm not the boss of that bathroom.

Boys Bathroom

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  1. It's the perfect "john". Great job Bliss, I'm sure every guy will love this!

  2. This was fun. I now need to find an old mailbox to turn into something fun!

  3. You were SOOO ahead of your time! lol Loving the bathroom wall with your dad's old license plate on it xo Diana

  4. Lots of very cool ideas, Bliss! I've had a box of railroad spikes forever...I need to make a rack...

  5. What a fun bathroom! Your towel hook is so unique. You always come up with interesting projects.

  6. Hi Dear,
    the mail box is a fantastic idea!!! Wow! Looks so funny!!! and that's what I love!
    All my best

  7. Look at that. 16 years ago you were ahead of the times . Love that idea.

  8. To think that you came up with all those cool ideas 16 years ago! You were definitely ahead of your time and in my mind, that symbolizes the true creative genius that you are!

  9. I can't recall if you've ever shown us the boys room next door? I'm thinking no because I'm pretty sure they would require a serious cleaning first! :)

  10. Sixteen years and still going strong! Love all the personal details!

  11. Has there ever been a time you WEREN'T a dang genius? Geeze....


  12. So cool Bliss! My kids would love this bathroom. How do you come up with this stuff? You are so creative my friend!

  13. I agree you're ahead of your time! This should be in a magazine!!

  14. I was just about to write ' you were so ahead of your time' but everyone got there first, so I'll say that you definitely WERE being stylish and unique, and you STILL are !

  15. This is great. Just great. I love the mailbox, and I have a question. Did you shorten the railroad spikes or do they go all the way through the box into the wood at the back of the box? They just seem shorter than the typical railroad tie.

  16. You're the best mom! Great bathroom ideas Bliss.


  17. That was pretty cutting edge design 16 yrs. ago! If only you had known to market your style back then, you would be filming your TV show and writing design books today!

  18. I'd be thrilled with that industrial bathroom vs. the shower I use in our basement! I love the use of the conduit!


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