Cedar Planked Playhouse Ceiling

What do you think of when you hear the words cedar planks?

Do you think of a cedar chest used to store treasures?

How about an aromatic closet or maybe the outside of a hot tub in the woods?

CedarSafe Aeromatic Cedar,

I think of all those things, but when CedarSafe contacted me and asked if I would like to try their product, compliments of their company, I wanted to fill a need we had without having to clean out a closet.

I think I'd rather cut off a limb than clean out a closet.

Our planks arrived but Spring had not, so a few weeks went by while we waited for snow to melt.

A long time ago Brawn built a little playhouse.

I painted it Pepto-Bismol pink and even though it was a little girls playhouse, the pink I picked was the most disgusting shade ever.

But we left it pink until the playhouse became a potting shed and I painted it black.

Playhouse Makeover,

Little by little the playhouse was seeing less playing and more storing.

It started slowly.... first winter sleds were stuffed in there alongside potting soil and empty planters.

Then miscellaneous lawn care items started calling the playhouse home, a food smoker, work heater, empty box, dog kennel, old yard chairs, and basically anything that didn't have a home lived in there.

Before I knew it, tools, drywall supplies, and last winter bales of hay for the crapping quackers, had taken over what was now a shed and my potting supplies were no where to be found inside.

Playhouse Makeover,

It was time to not only clean it out, but turn it back into what it was suppose to be...... a playhouse.

While it sat full of webs, dead bugs and hay, I started a list of things that had to be done.

Playhouse Makeover,

We wanted to use the CedarSafe planks in an unconventional way, but in a place where the aromatic scent would be welcome.

Playhouse Makeover,

The decision was made to plank the ceiling of the playhouse.

Working with the planks is very easy.

Unlike taking photos of a ceiling in a playhouse.  I couldn't get the whole ceiling in my photos but this gives you the idea.

Playhouse Makeover Cedar Ceiling,

The cedar smells terrific.  It scents the playhouse so it's like being in a little cabin.

The color of the planks right out of the box is bright - magenta and yellow, but that mellows out to the familiar reddish color of cedar.

Playhouse Makeover Cedar Ceiling,

On the inside there is the trim to do, new curtains to make, flooring to put down, and the outside needs some painting and a broken window must be replaced.

Playhouse Makeover Cedar Ceiling,

The cedar will also be used inside to trim the windows and for baseboard once I decide what I want on for flooring.

I even have a project using the scraps.  They smell so good I don't want any to go to waste.

Playhouse Makeover Cedar Ceiling,

I knew using the cedar for something other than a closet was a good idea, but I had no idea how much I was going to like it.

Playhouse Makeover Cedar Ceiling,

These planks look so darn cute on the ceiling, and you'll have to take my word on how great they smell.

Taking a photo of a ceiling really doesn't do the cuteness factor justice, and smello-puter has not yet been invented.

Thanks to CedarSafe the project is well on it's way and before school is out the little playhouse should be ready to entertain guests. 

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  1. oh wow! that looks amazing! i still need to shoot my cedar safe project, but i am in LOVE with it!!! and my house smells AMAZING.

  2. I swear I can actually smell it!

  3. What a great use for that! I can almost smell it! The girls' playhouse gets musty smelling so I think that would be a wonderful way to take care of that. Good call!


  4. LOVE how this looks! It's about time it went back to being a play house!

  5. and you didn't want to clean out a closet! ...hahaha, that one's on you, huh?
    I love how they look on the ceiling of that little play house, I hope we'll get to see the rest of it after it's big makeover.

  6. That is a great use for the planks, Bliss! I'll bet it will help keep spiders and bugs out of the playhouse, too!

  7. oh i am loving that ceiling. we actually have cedar planks cut from some trees on the property and lined the walls in two closets in the house. cant wait to see the playhouse all dolled up pun intended.

  8. Perfect I agree that they should keep the bugs to a minimum as well. It's going to be a wonderful place.

  9. Will you adopt me? I want to come and play. You guys are so creative. Love this


  10. Jamie had a little playhouse--it was pink (of course)
    It's long gone. I wish I had a little place to call MY own.

    the ceiling looks great!


  11. Love the ceiling Bliss! I love the look of the outside of the black painted potting shed too. Are you not a good pink picker outer??? I helped my sister n law paint her bathroom last week, pepto bismal pink..... it was supposed to be coral... so said the paint chip... it was not.

  12. I do think of all those ththings you mentioned. One of our neighbors built a fort for us to play in when we were kids, all pine, but this reminds me of that. While waiting for the smello-puter to be invented, I'll use my imagination, lo.

  13. Looks beautiful Bliss !!!
    We're going to put a cheaper version ( but planks none the less ) on the mudroom ceiling
    Thanks so much for the feature tonight

  14. Shed or playhouse, it's going to smell wonderfully and if the ceiling is an indication, it will look absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the final reveal . . .

  15. It's adorable...and using cedar on the ceiling is brilliant! I may need to borrow this idea, I'll bet that my potting shed will look AND smell better with a cedar ceiling!

  16. You mentioned the red hues fading to the normal cedar tones. Can you recall how long that took?
    Thanks! Cody Nelson

    1. Not long....this post is old so I don't remember exactly, but a few weeks is my recollection.


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