Rocking & Rolling Dresser By Jen

Have you ever inspired someone before?

Maybe you have and you don't even know you did?

I was fortunate enough not only to inspire someone, but also to find out that I did.

And I'll tell 'ya - that feels all sorts of terrific.

Rock Dresser By Judy,
Recognize that famous foursome and the road on which their silhouettes are walking?
It's a lot of awesome painted by one of my readers - we'll call her Jen - because that's her name.

I asked her if I could share her rocking and rolling dresser with the world, she agreed and supplied me with some photos.  Thanks Jen!

Jen started out with a plain black laminate Ikea dresser.  

She sanded lightly and primed with a shellac based primer.

Rock Dresser By Judy,

A base coat with General Finishes Millstone then each of the band logos were traced and cut with a vinyl cutting machine.  She said since this is for her son's room and not resale, she used images available on the internet.

Rock Dresser By Judy,

She made her stencils and got to work.

Rock Dresser By Judy,

Additional details about how Jen created this dresser are at the end.  I have a feeling she isn't just a Bliss Ranch reader, she sounds like an artist to me, she knows what she is doing.

Jen has a little rocker at her house too, and she told me my dresser inspired her to paint one for her three year old budding musician.

Long time readers know that a few years ago I painted not one, but two Rock & Roll Dressers, because the first free one ended up having an aroma stench that did not dissipate.

So I had to paint an encore.

Rock & Roll Dressers,

My son liked the smelly brown one so much that his instructions for the replacement were to create it just the same, minus the stink, so with a few tweaks, I did.

You can read about my formally yellow rock & roll dresser {here} and the gray encore {here}.

But get a look at the one Jen painted, it's PDC..... pretty darn cool!

Rock Dresser By Judy,

Now her little rocker has an original dresser that totally rocks - painted by his mom. 

Rock Dresser By Judy,

I love Jen's dresser.

And I love that something I painted inspired her creativity.

It never gets old having a reader say that somehow I inspired them.  Me!  Yet as much as I enjoy Jen's kind words, it's still hard for me to actually believe I possess the ability to inspire.

Jen thanked me "1000 x's over"  but I need to thank Jen. 

The details from Jen herself:

"I used paint mask Oracal material and sealed each stencil with the base color then stenciled each drawer individually.  Some of them, like the Beatles were done with a textured paste wax in black to give a raised suede look to it.

I waited 2 days for paint and waxes to dry/cure, then used CeCe Caldwell metallic wax in Shelbyville Graphite to give the edges a worn look by dry brushing just around each frame then coming back with an old cloth diaper to blend in.

I waited again 2 days for dry/cure and sealed the entire dresser with 3 coats of Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish in Flat.

I took some amazing tips from your dresser and created some handles with old leather scraps I had, used some locking casters to replace the broken skirting and installed child safety nylon straps to the back that screw into the studs so he can't pull it over on himself when he decides to throw all his clothes on the floor (he's only 3)." 

Rock Dresser By Judy,

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  1. Love this so much. Miss High School would be all over it!

  2. she did a great job! way to inspire!

  3. Jen - YOU ROCK! Bet you're glad you found your "Bliss" :)

  4. Great project! I don't think you realize how much of an inspiration you are to a lot of people out there. I always love all of your ideas.


  5. Oh- Isn't that fun? I love ALL these pieces...event he stinky one! How neat is that to have inspired someone? Just love it. Does Jen have a blog by any chance? xo Diana

  6. Fabulous job Jen!! Bliss's dressers have inspired me too, I am just not as cool as you, I have yet to do mine!

  7. Very cool! And, yes, you are an amazing inspiration!!! :)

  8. WowWowWpw! I'm going to investigate some of those products she used. It's great. Just great!

  9. That's wonderful! She's very talented. Her creations really do mimic yours so I can tell you were her inspiration. I agree that it's a wonderful feeling to know that something you did inspired someone else. Thanks for introducing us to Jen!

  10. Thank you Bliss, 1001 times now. ;)

  11. I'm sorry, that is just too much talent in one post!!
    THREE awesome dressers.
    I can't smell through my PC.
    So I say three ;)

  12. This turned out wonderfully! You inspire us every post, Bliss!

  13. It's definitely a great feeling to know you've inspired someone, it's so flattering.
    I'm sure you've inspired loads of people.....and Jen's chest of drawers, truly A-MAZ-ING.
    I think she comes from the Bliss school of talent.

  14. Jen did a great job on her dresser! We know how fun it is to transform a piece for someone we love, right?

    You inspire me all the time Bliss! You're so clever, creative, and best of all..... you do all that with humor! That's what keeps me coming back!


  15. Wow, what an awesome piece. It is like artwork and the song quote on the top almost made me tear up. Great job, Jen, and we can relate to how Bliss inspires us all ;-)

  16. What a great feeling to know you inspired such a fantastic transformation.


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