Dirty Laundry.... Sign

I'm gonna talk a little dirty.

Dirty laundry that is.

Dirty Laundry Signs,

We all make it.

For #1 daughters year-and-a-half-on-going-laundry-room-makeover, I decided the room needed a sign to clarify it's purpose.

The canvas is one of those cheap pre-finished shelves you can pick up at any lumber yard.  They come in wood grained white, a pine color and black.

This black one was a 3 footer and cost $3.99 on sale.

It was cut into three equal pieces to be centered above a laundry room shelf.

Dirty Laundry Signs,

First the lettering goes on.

My finish coat will be Maison Blanche La Chaux, a French Lime paint, which needs a base coat first.  Any color Maison Blanche paint will work.

Dirty Laundry Signs,

Next the La Chaux White Pepper went on.

The more you work the lime paint, the more texture you can get, which is why I like it for making signs look old.

Dirty Laundry Signs,

To see the basics of working with Maison Blanche La Chaux you can watch a video {here}.

Dirty Laundry Signs,

Really, I've never seen more than a sock sitting around in her laundry room.

I could sure teach her a thing or two about manufacturing dirty laundry. 

Wash Sign,

Read about the laundry room: 
Original plans: {here}
Utility Panel Cover:  {here}

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  1. That really is GREAT, Bliss. I can't wait to see the whole room. I want you for my mom (just ignore the fact that I'm older than you).

  2. You are the Queen of Signs..........Etsy shop time ??? (after you've furnished all the kids houses of course).

  3. LOVE the sign(s). So funny---that is next on my To Do list- My laundry room---it's a mess-never really "done". xo Diana

  4. Very clever!! I could use some tips on how she manages to keep at bay of dirty laundry. She going to love this, it's too cool!

  5. Very clever!! I could use some tips on how she manages to keep at bay of dirty laundry. She going to love this, it's too cool!

  6. I can't wait to see everything finished. Have a super weekend


  7. I've never done up my laundry room. Given that it is part of an addition that went on the house in 1987, I'd say it's about time I got on that. Still has the primer paint on the walls!

  8. oh my.... I think I miss making signs. Well, not totally. I make ETSY wedding signs many days a week... but I miss other signs.

    love it when you talk dirty, laundry that is!



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