Served Daily: Coffee Sign

I like to make signs for my friends that serve a purpose that benefits me.

Selfish I know.

And I wanted a place to hang my coat or purse when I came over, so I made them a sign.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

One of my friends, who also happens to be a cousin to my husband, had a blank wall just inside the door that I use to her kitchen.
One night back in October when we were playing cards I asked if they wanted a sign next to the cabinet, and told them I would make it for Christmas.

Christmas can be a long time coming when it's a gift from me, so in March I finally finished the sign.

G & B are coffee lovers from way back.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors gifted me with her coffee roasters stencil, which was going to be perfect for this sign.

You can see all the designs currently available in her shop {here}.

Donna is a sign maker and knows that using stencils rather than vinyl letters or hand painting, is a game changer for speed in completing sign projects.

But I had to go and complicate the sign by personalizing it just a bit, which meant cutting out vinyl letters in addition to using the stencil.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

I taped off an edge on the sign, as well as covered the location that comes on the stencil so I could add how G & B's world collided.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

G from New Jersey, B from Minnesota, and they were married in 1968.

I said these two are coffee lovers from way back, and by way back I mean long before there were coffee shops on every corner.

Long enough that they remember the coffee shortage in the 70's.

Long enough that drinking coffee wasn't just a trendy thing to do.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

I love that G & B love coffee, it means when ever I want a cup they're game.

Anyway, about using the stencils..... Donna has tutorials on her blog {here} that you can use, but stenciling is a pretty easy process.  The trick is to dab most of the paint back off your brush so you get a faded look.

The stencil part was so fast that it really really REALLY made the vinyl lettering seem like a tedious chore.

I used Maison Blanche La Chaux French Lime Paint in Candied Yam.  It's sort of a terracotta color.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

With La Chaux you need a base coat for the lime paint to adhere so I used a gray underneath the Candied Yam, on the wood that I had previously painted tones of brown - you know, coffee colors.

The stencil goes on and bing bang boom just like that the painting is done.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

In the above photo you can see the difference in color once dark wax goes on.

The wax fills in all the lines and cracks and deepens the tone giving the whole sign a vintage aged look.

Here it is hanging next to the side door in G & B's kitchen.

Coffee Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche, Funky Junk Stencils

I think they like having a quick spot to hang their stuff too.

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  1. I love me a good coffee sign! Great job Bliss!

  2. Coffee shortage?? Thank goodness I don't remember it!!

  3. It's a great sign, Bliss! I love how you made it with hooks, too...I'm sure they love it!

  4. What a cute sign! It's perfect for the kitchen and I like the addition of the hooks on it too.

  5. What a cool gift! I LOVE how you personalized it. Awesome!

    And now I want coffee. Was that suppose to happen?! :)

  6. Looks like you are having fun with the Funky Junk stencils. Great job on that sign!

  7. COFFEE SHORTAGE???? This better not happen again. I'm pretty sure it's a sign of the Apocalypse. But the sign is great!

  8. Feel free to come over to my house and pick a spot to gift me with one of your amazing signs! Perfection!

    :) Linda

  9. I had forgotten about that coffee shortage! Sometimes you just need a friend to remind you that you need a place to hang your stuff. It's lovely.

  10. This is a beauty. I'm sure they are going to love it. My John has a huge coffee lover forever. He just likes his strong black coffee, simple.

    My place doesn't carry the lime paint. BUMMER


  11. I didn't remember a coffee shortage, but the only shortage I would have remembered from the 70's would have been a Slurpee/Icee shortage. I love the sign and the personal touches you added. You are a good friend to make a sign to hang your coat and purse on...will you make a shoe cabinet, too? Come to my house and determine what I need in my kitchen...anytime!

  12. Love the finish, it makes me want to go paint something, but I've already got 3 or 4 different projects on the go.
    I've also got a cutting machine that I've never used !

  13. Can't live without coffee . . . but didn't like the stuff in the 70's. Guess I lucked out on that one. Love the sign and the hanging part too!

  14. Every time they use it they'll think of Bliss Ranch and coffee, and they'll smile for sure! Coffee shortage in the 70s??? I must have still been drinking Tab.

  15. Looks awesome Bliss!


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