Being Married To A Blogger, A Valentine Q&A

Last year Cassie from Primitive and Proper and myself decided to host a bunch of bloggers and do something fun where we had our significant others answer questions about us titled "So I Married A Creative _______".

It was a hit and this year the torch was passed on to a new group of ladies who interviewed their Valentine to see what they think of being married to a blogger.

Those ladies graciously invited me to participate in this man torture with them, thank you Claire for including me.

The problem for me this year was that at first I wasn't sure I wanted to subject my poor husband to the grueling questions, you know the kind ........ the kind that make a man sweat, twitch, and wince in pain worried they will say something wrong and the hand of God will reach down and drop them in the dog house.

".....A Creative ______"..... just that fill in the blank title had Brawn shifting in his seat last year but I thought this time it wouldn't be so bad since he had one Q&A session under his belt already.

I was wrong. 

It was like pulling teeth for him, only slower and more painful.

I gave him an opportunity to get out of doing this, and he seized it. That is until he sat down with no where to run, and I quizzed him anyhow.

You can decide for yourself which answers he's full of beans about.  I decided not to edit or add my own commentary.  That was hard.  Very hard.

Q1.  How involved are you with Bliss's blog?
I do everything for her blog, make the stuff, model, take pictures, write it - she takes advantage of my good nature.  

Q2.  How often do you read her blog?  Are you an avid reader or do you see enough at home?
I don't think I've read it once since she started it.  The only thing I read are Home Depot or Menards ads.  (That makes me sound like an as.s. huh?).

Q3.  How much time does Bliss spend on her blog?  What are her hours like?
I hope that's what she's doing at midnight and not reading porn.  She spends enough time at the computer it's possible she has several boyfriends disguised with girls names.

Q4.  Are you the cheap manual labor or is there hired help for that?  In other words does Bliss use you for your handy work?
I am cheap, and yes she uses me.

Q5.  Describe Bliss's style.
In decorating...... she picks things that hide dog hair or junk other people would and DO throw away.  In clothes, it's apparent to me that she has no style unless your favorite look is mismatched pajama's.

Q6.  Describe your style.
I like rustic woods, barn wood, pallet wood, pine wood, and *censored*.

Q7.  How often does your home change?
Probably everyday, it just takes me a while to notice.

Q8.  How many different sofas have you had since marrying?
I'll get this answer wrong so I'm not even going to guess.

Q9.  How often do you offer decorating advice?  Does Bliss consider your opinion?  
We've been married long enough I know not to offer advice for anything unless asked, but yes she does consider it before she does what she wants anyhow.

Q10. What's your favorite room in the house and why?
I remember this question from last year.  I also remember my answer.  It's still the same.

Q11. What does it really look like behind the camera?
Right now?  Avocado skins on the counter, dog hair on the floor, paperwork on the dining room table.  It looks great, like we live here.

Q12.  What is a project that you hate but have never voiced?
If I never said what it was before I had good reason, so I'm not saying it now.

Q13.  Do you know of Bliss's blogger friends?  If so, who's your favorite?
I don't know any of them other than what she tells me, are they real?  I know one is real, from Texas, because she called my cell phone once.

Q14.  What is your favorite aspect of her being a blogger?  Least favorite?
It seems to get stuff accomplished, even if she's bossing me around to get the stuff done.  Least favorite?  Being bossed around.

Q15.  What are your household chores?
I pick up the dog sh!t. 
I'll help with anything she needs mostly if it involves a hammer or drill, and I do manly things like the laundry, but I think she keeps me around just to build stuff.

Q16.  What is something about Bliss that her readers might not know, but she would be ok with you sharing?
She is the dog whisperer and right now she's spending all day reading about the OJ Simpson trial.  She won't stop till she finds the real killer either.

Q17.  What does Bliss REALLY want for Valentines Day and what are you getting her?
If I knew what she really wanted, I'd get her that!  I used to get her flowers, but one time she scolded me and told me to save the money because they are more expensive for Valentines Day.  Then I got her chocolate and she told me she loves chocolate and ate the whole box, but that she really shouldn't have eaten it.   At dinner tonight she said she wants a new sander, finally a great gift that really says I love you.

The young lovebirds.

Since this was Brawns 2nd time answering questions he really thought he could be more of a smarty pants than the first time.

If you would like to read last years questions and his responses go {here}.

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  1. This is a favorite for sure!! You two must laugh a lot together. Love the adorable photo!

  2. enjoyed the answers from the man behind the tools. proved he's not just a pretty face ;-0

  3. Hahaha! Oh my god he sounds as sarcastic as my other half! Such a fun read! xxx

  4. Bahahaha "it's apparent to me she has no style unless your favorite look is mismatched pajamas". That one made me laugh out loud, but all of these are great. You two are hilarious.

  5. OMG the "*censored*" part killed me, hahahaha!!! Loved reading this!

  6. Oh man, I'm laughing out loud at every single answer. Hilarious!

  7. the censored was the best! and i LOVE question 16 so much! his OJ simpson answer! dying!

  8. What a character! Fun to be a part of this with you, Bliss!

  9. Oh no you censored it ;) LOL Truly love his humor.

  10. Ah ha ha! I think I'll be smiling all morning...Loved this fun glimpse!

  11. Hahaha! Dying. I love his honesty. I read my husband the 'uncensored' comment last night and he said your husband is his new favorite. LOL.

  12. Bahahahah! Laughing out loud!

  13. I am cracking up over here! So funny-- glad he consented to participate! :) Have a wonderful weekend, you two!

    ~Abby =)

  14. This is so fricking funny. Dying over the boyfriend comments. . . all so hilarious. Have a great weekend, you two!

  15. He's as funny as you are and that's why you are a perfect match. I loved all his answers but come on, KNOW I am your favorite. And quite clearly the only real one. ;)
    Hope you get your new sander, B.
    And try to hide your porn better or he might not build stuff for you anymore.
    Geez, girl! That would end my world!

  16. Y'all are my new favorite couple and I want to go to dinner stat! Love the pro comment :)

  17. He's hilarious! You two are quite the pair and I'm guessing the life of any party!

  18. This is the best Q and A session I've ever read in blogland! What a sense of humor Brawn has, but he has to if he wants to keep up with yours.

  19. He's so funny! I love love love it.

  20. LOL... hilarious overload! I can't imagine anyone ever being stressed at your place!

  21. That was my best moment(s) of the day!

  22. So funny Bliss. Every day with Brawn must be a lot of fun. Appreciate his honesty and humor.

  23. I love a smart ass.
    Brawn and I would get along just fine.


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