Little Piggy Pink With Q is for Quandie and I Restore Stuff

I'm back with some more high heat, I've still got my FEVER!  

Call it painting fever, call it a hot fever, call it a flushed face, whatever you want, but it's all about Fusion Mineral Paints and the ladies that share the same love of this paint brand that I do.

I mentioned in the first fever post with Homeroad and Orphans With Makeup, that these are not sponsored posts, I'm just burning to introduce you to some other blogs and their Fusion Mineral Paint projects.

My fever is real.

This post is all about the pig.

The oink.

And a couple Tones For Tots projects in Little Piggy.

Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots,

See that nice gray on the right hand side in the above wheel of color?

That gray would be called Little Lamb.  I shared a gentlemans dresser that I converted into a changing table, and that's when I fell in love with Fusions Tones For Tots and the shade Little Lamb.

Changing Table Dresser Makeover,

But I can't talk lamb because this post is about the pig.  Little Piggy.

And Little Piggy leans toward the girly side, so the two projects I'll be sharing bring in the feminine aspect of things.

Do pigs have a feminine side?

Well this first project sure does!

Fusion Tones For Tots Little Piggy Vanity, Q is for Quandie

From Minnesota with love, Linda from "q is for quandie" is outstanding in her field......yuk yuk yuk.  Not really, she's a city girl, I guess I'm the Minnesota country bumpkin who stands in fields.

But if a certain five year old little lady I know had room for something like this girly vanity, I'd be dipping my brush into a jar of Little Piggy pink paint myself!

The Q is for Quandie blog has the before and after photos of this beauty in it's original state of vanity-ness, and if you are fortunate to live local Linda sells her makeovers.

After you marvel at how little piggy made over the vanity, click on everything else Q is for Quandie has and drool at each and every one of her furniture pieces.  That gals got talent.

Fusion Tones For Tots

And that's not the only piggy that went to market.

Meet Sharon's little cabinet wardrobe.

Sharon blogs from Australia at I Restore Stuff and if you happen to be down under you can get Fusion Mineral Paint by ordering it from her.

But don't stop at ordering paint, suck all the information from her brain that you can on updating worn out furniture.

Sharon is another one of those bloggers that knows how to stage a project and this cabinet for baby is so darn cute it makes me want to eat up a little piggy.  Like a pork sandwich...or bacon and eggs.

Fusion Tones For Tots Little Piggy Cabinet Wardrobe I Restore Stuff

Please click the links below to visit both Linda at Q is for Quandie and Sharon at I Restore Stuff.  You'll find more than pink piggy projects when you visit both of them.

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  1. Those adorable little makeovers almost make me long for a new grandbaby. Thanks for the peek.

  2. those are beautiful soft tones! If I had a little one, I'd be dying to try those out on some furniture. I love the pics you shared with the pieces painted. So cute!!

  3. Thanks for sharing my All Out Girly vanity Bliss!

  4. So many pretty pieces...I'd love to add some of Linda's makeovers to my home!

  5. Oh thanks so much for sharing my piggy cupboard makeover, Bliss! I love Linda's Girly vanity too. Big hello from Down Under!


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