Rustic Wedding Pallet Tables

Things here at the ranch are in high production mode at the moment for an end of September shindig and I've got pallets coming outta my....... shed.

There are things to do, and lots of 'em before a tent arrives in a couple weeks.

I would call the wedding of #2 Daughter a true DIY.

She is definitely a hands on bride and thankfully she knows her way around power tools - enough so that she is teaching the groom.

My kids grew up with hammers in their hands, so it's a bit unbelievable for my offspring, but the groom didn't.  Nope, he didn't grow up in a DIY family, no siree.

The groom has said he isn't even sure his dad owned a screw driver.

Hard for my kids to relate to that fact for sure.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

So using sanders, grinders, nail guns, drills, paints and stains is new territory for the groom.

Breaking down a pallet?  Yeah, that was a term that was foreign to him, but since there was upwards of 50 extra long ones that needed the tops removed, he had to learn.

It seems if you are in the right place at the right time you can find more pallets needing a home than you can shake a stick at.

Besides a rustic vision, the idea with making the tables from pallets was so the bride and groom could stick within a budget, and free fit well within that budget.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

Collecting all the pallets was a family affair and involved the help of dad, brothers, trailers, stacking, unstacking, and each time there was at least one tired sweaty person asking why they don't just rent tables like most people.

Well they are not like most people and anything worth having is worth working for right?

You've heard the saying "more time than money"?  The bride and groom would rather use their time and save their money for the down payment on a house.  

I haven't looked in our back-twenty lately, but I have a feeling where the storage shed sits there is more than enough pallets.  I know at one point there were stacks and stacks of the extra long kind..... which is perfect say if you're a bride and decide you want to make enough tables to seat 200 plus set the food to feed them.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

The pallets were broke down a few at a time - last fall, this spring, last week - and the tops had to be sanded.

Then because the bride and groom didn't want anyone to snag their clothes while seated, they also sanded the under sides.  The groom also mentioned any kids running underneath the tables wouldn't get splinters.

There better not be kids running underneath them!  His side must be an unruly bunch.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

Next the pallets received an aging technique developed by dad...... lightly spray paint randomly on the tops, sand, seal with clear oil, and set out to dry.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

It was quite the production for sure, but one they were willing to take on to bring their rustic table vision to life.

When the tent arrives the table tops and legs will be loaded up and driven down the driveway to be assembled in place overlooking the lake.

This is where brothers will come in handy - the bride has four and the groom has six.  Groom comes from a family of eight kids and only the caboose was a girl.  Pity the guy who wants to marry her with seven big brothers to get approval from!

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

There will be two long tables like the one above and both will receive pallet fronts so the legs don't show.

When Daughter #1 was married, dad built a bar which has since been in the back shed hosting Halloween parties.  It will be put back into service as a wedding bar, minus the fake spider webs and cross bones nailed on the front.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

That pallet thingy above is a back that was built to accompany the old bar which will go behind it and along the tent wall.  It's made from the pile of pallets, with a bit of old tin because that's what we had.

The soda and beer taps will come out of there somehow.

I'm on a need to know basis for some things.

And all I needed to know was that the taps come out, not how.

Spools supplied a few years ago by the husband of Daughter #1 were broken down and made into some tall bar tables so the mother of the bride can belly up with something tall and cold in her hand.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

We have used spools for projects around here before (three big clocks and some outdoor patio tables come to mind) so it's no surprise that we called a few spool tops into action for the wedding.

The spools keep with the rustic and free vision - elbow grease we've got plenty of and we're not afraid to use it.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

That sander right there, Brawn has owned it for 37 years.  Proof they don't make 'em like they used too.

I really love how these tall tables turned out, and I see them being put to good use back in the shed along with the old bar at upcoming Halloween parties.

Making Pallet Table Tops for wedding

When all the wedding decorating is in place the rustic wood should couple nicely with touches of baby's breath and other details of the day.

And we've got a few fun surprises we're working on, like a pallet popcorn cart to hold those great tasting flavors I told you about {here} from PoppedCorn in Minnetonka Minnestota.

The popcorn comes in pre-bagged generous single serving sizes. The three main flavors will spill out from the buckets on the left side, with a couple interesting flavors in a crate on the right, and the bride has a friend lined up to keep the oversized pails stocked.

Yummmmmmm, everyone is excited about this project!

Rustic Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart,

Needless to say for the past eight months if I was on the hunt for an old board to make a sign, the pile to pick from was plentiful.  But I'm looking forward to cleaning up the area around the back shed - it sort of looks like an abandoned construction site right now.

Thankfully it's out of view and I'm not entertaining anyone back there.

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  1. This is going to be such a cool wedding!! What will you do with the tables after the wedding?

  2. This is going to be one wonderful wedding...those long tables are fabulous! You ought to rent your stuff out when you're done!

  3. This will be the best wedding ever!!!! I can not wait to see the final results!

  4. Whew...I'm tired just reading this!!!

  5. Wow....what a labor of love! I can't wait to see the pictures of the big day! I too married a man like your future Son-in-law. Once a friend gave him a hammer with a short plugin on the end of the hammer as a joke. We've managed through the years despite those lack of skills....sounds like your daughter will be the go-to fixit person in their family. I'm sure he has other amazing skills. May the wedding day be a beautiful occasion.

  6. I'm sure you're going to share photos from the big day, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Obviously it's going to be amazing! I'm starting to think maybe you need to go into the wedding planning business. Or possibly just rent out the tables, bar, etc.

  7. This is going to be amazing! Makes me want to relive my primitive/farmhouse themed wedding over and over again!

  8. Oh my gosh.... this is AMAZING! You and your crew are a force... this will be a wonderful wedding. Maybe hold off on the Paranormal Portraits featuring the parents of the groom... xo

  9. How exciting for the groom to be Christened into the family with power tools. I hope he's a good learner because it sounds like he has a whole slew of great teachers. These tables are amazing, I can only imagine how it all looked for the big day!!


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