Mini Biff, A Good Place To Go

So you know there was a wedding going down around here right?

When something takes almost a year to plan I must have mentioned it at least once or twice, but I admit I don't often yack about the personal side of my family, so if you didn't know that tidbit, I understand why.

The spire tent went up overlooking the lake, which is a quarter mile down our driveway away from any "facilities".

Wedding Tent,

It wasn't going to work to have a couple hundred people walking back up the driveway, especially after dark, with the hope of using our mudroom bathroom, a vision I admittedly wasn't crazy about anyway.

So who 'ya gonna call?

There are tons of outdoor events in Minnesota and when folks attend those they know that there is a good chance of needing to use the typical portable toilet. 
Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,
For us, portable toilets were the price we would have to pay if we wanted to have the tent set up by the lake, but 'ya know, we didn't have to have the usual blue portable pot!

Many people don't realize that these days there are more luxurious options available if there is not a bathroom conveniently close by.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

Thanks to Mini Biff we could supply our guests with actual running water to wash their hands and a flushable toilet, every bit as good as any public restroom you might find that needs to take care of 200 folks.

The Biff arrives on a trailer with easy steps and handrail, and those two things are mighty important after an adult beverage or two.

Biffs are called different things in different parts of the country.

In California where I grew up the portable toilet was called an Andy Gump. But if you mention you are heading off to the Andy Gump here in Minnesota you will get a funny look that tells you not one person knows what you are talking about or where you are going.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding,

If you say you are going to the "Biff" however, everyone knows nature is calling.

Of course it is really easy to just steal away to the trailer and never tell a soul where you are going.  Too many years of little kids in my house I guess, I always want someone to know where I am if I disappear.

Having been to more than my fair share of outdoor festivals, parks, and beaches, and because I've got sort of a weak stomach when it comes to any kind of bathroom, I have three rules about the standard portable toilets.......

1.  Don't breath.
2.  Don't look down.
3.  Don't under any circumstances do either of those two things.

While traveling toilets serve their purpose I wanted something a bit better for our wedding guests, and Mini Biffs had exactly what we needed.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding,

Arriving right on time was a 20 foot portable with side by side bathrooms called the Comfort Elite.

Running water to wash wedding cake off of hands.

A flush-able toilet that eliminates the scary don't look down problem as well as needing to hold ones breath almost to the point of passing out.

A real counter top and sink, with a big mirror to fix that wedding hair-do.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,
Plenty of floor space inside for adjusting annoying things we women tend to wear under our dresses.

And plenty of privacy, like using a restroom in someone's home.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet

The above photo is a stock photo of what the inside of the mens' biff looks like.

I wanted to decorate the biff a little bit, you know bring some humor to an otherwise overlooked necessity.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

I made simple stencils from card stock on my cutting machine and stenciled the phrases on foam board using Fusion Mineral Paint.  It was super easy and I found all the sayings online.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

The signs didn't have to be perfect, but did need to be light weight so double sided tape would hold them in place and come back off after.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

They held firm with one small piece of tape on the top and one on the bottom.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,
That sign above is my favorite, I think it's funny.

The Biffs also have heat and air conditioning so you can take care of everything in comfort, inside lights as well as outside lights - green for go and red for occupied.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding,

The trailer was parked in it's own little out of the way niche, with trees all the way around, and the entrance directly off the tar driveway.  That fact kept the non slip floor clean of Autumn debris.

I will spare you a toilet shot, because you know I wasn't gonna model that part for 'ya, but it's not an open hole over "stuff", it was like sitting on any other seat where a person usually goes to go.  The men's side also has a urinal but seriously I think the world is their biff!

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

Mini Biff stocks the trailer with paper towels and it's own soap dispenser, but I had to go one step further to make it more homey.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

The dollar store produced two ceramic pump dispensers and I added a rustic wood piece to keep with my daughters woodsy theme.

I set the soap dispensers in some vintage china, and added some air freshener and hand lotion.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

And since we had plenty of hydrangeas, the ladies-only side had a few in a basket.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

I double sided tape over the outside mens sign and covered it with one for both men and women.  I happen to know for a fact that after dark many of the males just went to the woods, and having two private restrooms in use for women helped with the lines that usually form for us ladies.

I made two sets of the same signs, one for each side, with the exception of the sign that read "Don't laugh at your wife's choices - you're one of them" which was solely on the male biff side.

The signs were hung gallery wall style, each about 14"x14" or so in size.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

And with the addition of just those few things, a utilitarian white and gray bathroom morphed into one with a bit more character, complete with reading material.

Mini Biff Portable Toilet Wedding Decor,

If you are in need of a portable toilet that's a step up from the ordinary outhouse style single seater, look up luxury portable toilets, you will be amazed at the choices. 

I much preferred the portable we received from Mini Biff of Hutchinson with all the comforts of home, over the usual bright blue hold-your-breath-don't-look-down unit I have to use at most outdoor events.  But when 'ya gotta go 'ya gotta go - and even the standard blue biffs serve the purpose and you can rent those at Mini Biff too.

I have rented from Mini Biff several times in the past, Halloween parties come to mind, but this was the first time with running water and a flushing unit, now I'm spoiled.

If you are in the Twin City metro area, give Mini Biffs of Hutchinson a call, like their tag line says......they are a good place to go!

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  1. Wow, that is SO much better than the outdoor bathrooms I've had to use in the past...and the way you decorated it! Those signs are hilarious and the flowers and hand soap...wonderful. I know your guests were VERY happy about it!

  2. Bliss, this company can take a bunch of notes on how you made the Biffs charming. Your signs are wonderful and I know everyone appreciated your artistic touches. Absolutely brilliant making both Biffs female accessible. :)
    ~ Christina in FL

  3. This was brilliant and you made it look appealing....if a potty can be appealing, that is. Yep, you did it. :)

  4. Very nice! So kind of you to think of this for your guests. Love all the homey additions.

  5. Never did I think I would find a blog post about portable toilets! But this was so cute and entertaining with your personal signs added. Loved it!

  6. Love it!!! I've been in one or two of those portable toilets but not decorated any where near as great as yours! Nice job Bliss! :)

  7. Whoa...what a fancy pottie this is and you did an awesome job decorating it!

  8. Wow, those are some fancy portable facilities (or Johnnie on the Spots as we call them)! I love the signs and personal touches you made. Well done!

  9. We actually went to a wedding with one of these trailers , it was such a relief (no pun intended) to "go" in such a clean air conditioned place, just like in someone's home. But I must admit, I've never heard the term, Biff... you learn something new every day. I love your signs and all of the touches to make the biff even more home like!

  10. I love it!! You have to think of all the details sometimes and this detail is extremely important!

  11. Oh my gosh... LOVE your signs and extra touches -- you think of everything. What a gorgeous setting, even for the 'biffy' as we say here. xo

  12. My stars, I've never heard the term "Biff" or the "Gump," or was it "Dump"?? haha...I'm with you...I think those are MY rules too about using a portopotty. I love this humorous take on needing to "go." I had no idea there was such a thing as a "Biff." But if I ever need one of these for an event, I'm sure gonna remember it!

  13. Oh so much better than the "don't look down" style. I did even know that these type existed. Great info to keep in my file of knowledge!

  14. This has to be the Royalty of Potties! It certainly has all the comforts of home and you made it even more so with your fun quotes.


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