Stargazer Lilies

I am sort of an accidental gardener.

About 5 years ago I picked up this bag of mystery flower bulbs, buy one get one free.  They were only .99¢, and I figured if they didn't grow or if I killed them, I wasn't out much coin.

At that time I really wasn't sure what a lily was, nor did I know there were over 100 different varieties.

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Projects and Pillows

August is just about here.  Seems I spent so much time waiting for it to warm up that now Fall is right around the corner.

But I'm not done working on summer projects outside, in fact I've barely got started!

If I said my patio was a bit blah it would be accurate.  Sure, it's nice, peaceful, has lots of things to do, but it has almost no color.

There are lots of stones and natural elements, but nothing vibrant and happy looking other than some potted flowers I'm surprised I have kept alive.

This photo is from last year.  I hung the buckets again but I planted hostas in them instead of flowers because we have an over abundance of hostas.

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Throw Back Thursday with Peter Alsop CD's

When my older kids were little it seemed appropriate on occasion to turn off my AC/DC or Queen and tune into something a bit more kid friendly.

Not sure that really worked, or mattered much, since when a certain 6 year old was 3 he walked around singing We Will Rock You.

And I'm also not sure why I thought kids had to listen to kid songs.

When I was seven I wasn't listening to Mary Poppings sing about spoonfuls of sugar.  I was listening to how Mick Jagger couldn't get no Satisfaction and working on being a California Girl for the Beach Boys.

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Pink Play Kitchen Transformation Details

Last post I introduced you to a nightstand turned play kitchen, (you can see the pretty pictures {here}), and I thought it was so stinking cute I inserted pictures of the finished product without even a before photo of the nightstand.

Today I'm going to remedy that.

This is the before and after, in all its' basic nightstand glory...

Upcycled Nightstand to Play Kitchen #playkitchen #kids

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Maison Blanche Debutante Pink Play Kitchen

Let's see now... I posted about plans to make a play kitchen back in March.

I included crazy cute ones from my Pinterest board for inspiration.

I had been stalking cast off entertainment centers and nightstands, but ultimately it needed to be compact in size, so nightstand won.

Plus I got a two'fer - two nightstands for a song.

Recycled Nightstand Play Kitchen #playkitchen #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

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Mud Pie Station

Sometimes I have these crazy thoughts, lets call them pie in the sky notions.

Mud Pie Station
I see something somewhere that I have never seen before and I get all pie eyed with wonder.

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Rhubarb Torte Dessert


Growing up in Southern California I never heard of such a thing.  

My mid-western mother surely had, but I'm guessing there wasn't an over abundance of rhubarb in the produce isle in our suburb of Los Angeles. 

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Fabric Spray Paint Shirt and Banner

Often times when someone is getting crafty around the Ranch it's #2 daughter and not me.

I walk by the dining room table and it gets the all clear, then 5 minutes later it's covered in a project.

She is a spur of the moment crafter.
 Her older brother bought some canvas, and some fabric paint then enlisted her to make a colorful banner for his band for an outdoor summer gig. 

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At Kirby's Place

Maybe some of you can tell by my sometimes wordy project posts, I really do like to write.

I wrote a play when I was 10 years old and forced the neighborhood kids to act it out.  A murder mystery - I liked those even back then.  The victim was Mrs. Knotta Live.   I know.... oh brother!  What can I say, I was 10.

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Hankie Noodle Dandy

Once upon a time on a pool noodle far far away, I made a wreath for the 4th of July.

I linked this up to a pool noodle party.

I was quite proud of myself so I'm reposting 
this from 2 years ago for one reason only.....

And that reason is how freaking clever I am sometimes!

But I'm not referring to the project - even though I liked it.

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