Easy Metal Door Update, Thrifty Style Team May

It's May in Minnesota - the birds are chirping, the trees are finally getting their leaves, flowers are starting to bloom, and it's time for the Thrifty Style Team with frugal finds for the month of May.

This month I have done a cheap update to an old, metal, dated dirty door.

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Thrifty Style Team Projects, Where are they now?

April's Thrifty Style Team post is a where are they now? update on five of my past thrifty monthly projects.  You can find the links to all the projects I mention at the bottom.

April showers bring May flowers, but I'm not sure what April snow brings besides more shoveling and mud when it melts.

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Thrifty Style Team Home Decor Giveaway

The Thrifty Style Team has a little something different going on this month.
Burlap Coffee Sack,
If you visit each of the participating blogs you'll have a chance to win something from their thrifty stash.

Me.... I'm sending off an authentic Guatemalan coffee sack, minus the coffee beans.

Burlap Coffee Sack,

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Coastal Colors Coffee Table

Did you know that you can't fly on airlines with paint in your checked bags?

YOU probably did know that, but I didn't.

Coastal Color Coffee Table, Bliss-Ranch

I figured the Fusion Mineral Paint I prefer to paint furniture with could fly just like the face paint I call beauty products, but that was not the case on a recent trip to the Golden State.

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Glass Blowing In Half Moon Bay California

When I was a kid living in Southern California (we didn't call it SoCal in the olden days) we made a yearly trip to Disneyland in Anaheim.

The Land was only about an hour away, but when your age is still in the single digits an hour seems like a day.  There is the possibility my dad took the long way so I would think it was farther and not ask to go more often than the one time each summerNot that I could be a pest or anything.

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Thrifty Style Team February First Aid Cabinet

Like most families we've always had a particular location in the house where we keep a decent assortment of first aid supplies.

Prior to this project it was an old tool box that I up-cycled a few years ago into a portable first aid kit.

First Aid Cabinet,

Band aids, gauze, antibiotic.

Medical tape and wood craft sticks used for sprained fingers from sports, along with good gripping tweezers for shards of wood lodged under the skin that were sometimes longer than the tweezers.

For the February edition of Thrifty Style Team a two dollar cabinet I picked up at a garage sale several years ago was given a fresh coat of white paint inside and out, and transformed into an unmistakable first aid kit.

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Projects Of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Jingle bell time is a swell time when you're in good company.

And I'm in good company.  Five bloggers and a few ghosts.

Are you familiar with Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol?

It involves that Ebenezer Scrooge guy who is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who knock him down from his crotchety demeanor.

Scrap Wood Ornaments,

But because I'm fresh out of real Christmas ghosts and I'm not as crotchety as Scrooge, you're about to be visited by the ghosts of projects past, present and future, or more accurately;

A project with old wood....
A sign with lettering....
And a quick and easy project you can do in the future.

The future is any minute from now right?

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Thrifting The Thrifty Style Team Way December

December is coming to a close and 2017 is going out in style, Thrifty Style Team style that is.

At the bottom there are links to the people I thrift virtually with every second Wednesday of the month - the gals of the Thrifty Style Team. 

Thrift Store Christmas,

But for this thrifty December trip I'm going to show you where it is I like to thrift, the real life team that I like to thrift with and how I spread around a little of the thrifted goods in my home and theirs.

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Chins Up, American Made Apparel

Hello Christmas shoppers and those of you looking to support small business with your good old fashioned American pride as well as your cool cash.

Today I'm going to tell you about a brand new business here in the state of Minnesota called Chins Up, but of course you don't have to live in Minnesota to order, we do have UPS and Fedex in the frozen North.

I may have missed small business Saturday and cyber Monday, but in my book shopping with small businesses is always a good idea.

And from a business that gives a little back to veterans while still keeping some jingle for feeding their own families, well that's a no brainer for me.

And and and a sale is good for you and for feeding your own family, right? (But I've also got a giveaway at the end.....bonus!)

Chins Up Logo,
Chins Up Apparel Logo

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Long Needle Pine Garland for Winter

I've been searching for some new Christmas garland for the past few years.

The stuff I have is over 20 years old and lots of the little red berries that were on it have fallen off and the pre-strung lights that came attached had seen their last twinkle years ago.

So as each season approaches I begin looking for something to replace it, and each year I either haven't been able to find any I liked, or there was only one three foot section left in stock, because a bunch of other people apparently liked it too.

Silk Plants Direct and Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees  solved that for me when they sent a complimentary box of their holiday greens, and I love them!

Perfect for my space, high quality and exactly what I have been looking for.  My garland hunt is over!

Christmas Garland Greens

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