Long Needle Pine Garland for Winter

I've been searching for some new Christmas garland for the past few years.

The stuff I have is over 20 years old and lots of the little red berries that were on it have fallen off and the pre-strung lights that came attached had seen their last twinkle years ago.

So as each season approaches I begin looking for something to replace it, and each year I either haven't been able to find any I liked, or there was only one three foot section left in stock, because a bunch of other people apparently liked it too.

Silk Plants Direct and Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees  solved that for me when they sent a complimentary box of their holiday greens, and I love them!

Perfect for my space, high quality and exactly what I have been looking for.  My garland hunt is over!

Christmas Garland Greens

I received 4 six foot ropes of long needle pine garland, frosted with pine cones.   Believe me I considered a palm tree but I already "pine" for the coast and summer over winter, so I decided having a palm tree might give me the winter blues.

As far as garland goes, I've seen lots of styles with all sorts of decorative doo-dads added.  Ornaments, lights, various berries and bows - but I wanted mine almost naked so I can change the garland each Christmas if the mood strikes me.  I also tend to like the simplicity of just the cones and needles.

Oh, but I did want it to be frosted and icy looking......

Christmas Garland Greens

I've got a thing the past few years for pine to look like a snowy winter yard scene.

Which is  actually rather humorous because I have a snowy winter yard scene most Decembers that I don't much like to look at.  Must be the thought of shoveling that scene.

I also wanted the garland unlit.

While lit garland is probably more popular, I switch it up and decorate the house some years in colored lights and some I use all white twinkle lights, so I wanted the no light option so I can choose between those two.

Christmas Garland Greens

I used two of the ropes in my Home For Christmas Decorated Bedroom post  -  one along the bed headboard and the other along the foot board.

For those areas I didn't string lights on the garland at all, but I added some small battery LED's that I can turn on and off.

Christmas Garland Greens

The soft glow the LED's give the garland looks nice, more serene than tons of lights.

Christmas Garland Greens

The pine cones on this garland are big and the needles are long and well covered in white frost.

Next week the rest of the new garland will be going on the mantel, so stay tuned for that, but don't hold your breath, you know sometimes posts take a while to get done and Christmas isn't the type of content that works well in January.

Our mantel was updated as a winter project this past January and this will be the new mantel's first Christmas and the snowy pine garland should look wonderfully wintry.

I will probably add more pine cones and lots of lights to the garland that I put above the fireplace, I might even get creative and frost some of the pine cones I have so they fit in nice with the new ones.

Christmas Garland Greens

Silk Plants Direct has a lot more than pine garland, all sorts of silk plants and trees, and since I will be coming home from a Florida vacation right before I use this garland to decorate my mantel, I'll probably wish I had one of those commercial palm trees!

Christmas Garland Greens

But for now I'm just going to admire this frosted long needle garland.

This is how I really like my snow - not actually cold and in small batches!

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  1. These are gorgeous!! I think the unlit garlands are a great idea. Mine keep burning out and I have to add lights to them anyway!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the frosted look...they can be up all winter!

  3. Pretty stuff, and yes, you don't have to take it down right after Christmas!


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