Baby Blue Lavender Pizooki

Baby blue lavender....... PIZOOKI!   
I just waved my wand and put a spell on you.

It has been well over a week since I have posted (thank you for the reminder Kristy).  Last anyone heard I had a 500 lb. barber chair dropped on my toe.  I didn't die, didn't need amputation nor did I get tetanus (although the jury is out regarding if I have a mans vintage hair lodged in my wound).

Instead of posting I went out of town for a couple days, got busy, then got lazy during the time I wasn't busy.  When work calls I must answer.  So I was doing a little bit of this......

Baby Blue
 Stole the scrabble tile idea from Heather over at OurLifeInAClick.
And Kirby inquired if I was slacking.  Not really, I did write a lot of guest posts.  I visited Laura at OurPrairieHome, Kristin at MyUncommonSliceOfSuburbia and today I am over at Redoux with Karen, and one coming up next week at ItAllStartedWithPaint while Linda is off sunning herself.   I try to write a new post with stuff never seen here before when I guest, so if you click over you might see something new from the ranch.  Stay and visit those blogs too, not only are they full of awesome ideas, the bloggers are A+ people.

I am also excited for some Q & A at I Gotta Create where Christina features inspiring creative women.  She asked fun questions and I really enjoyed answering them.  It humbles me to think I could inspire someone.  If you all only knew how much inspiration I draw from you !

Then there was the fresh lavendar and vintage French jelly jar that arrived in my mail.  I won them by being the first correct answer from Kimberly at La Belle Epoque Home. Lucky huh?  I thought so.  Thank you Kim.  I used the jelly jar tonight to make the famous Pizooki.

Famous Pizooki from  Iheartnaptime

I was so engrossed in my work, and reading blogs between, hungry as usual, that I decided to make the first thing I saw. The gift from Kimberly was looking at me when I spotted the Pizooki and since there were no kids here I decided it was a good time to test the recipe: translation - I didn't have to share.  I ate it as I made belly stretch marks vanish on a pregnant lady.  Probably gave myself a fresh set though. Some people eat when they are depressed, some eat impulsively, and then there is me who eats when I blog.  Not only do you all inspire me to D.I.Y., but you inspire me to E.A.T. as well.

Also, if you get a chance stop over today at FancyLittleThings where my friend Heidi who blogs at Decor&More is doing a guest post and giving my kids art a shout out.  Thanks Heidi. 

I did create a project, but I've yet to take pictures of it.  I was in a rush to make it so I could post about it.  HA! get this one instead.  Oh pizooki.

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  1. :) glad to hear you are still alive, not slacking at all, based on your line up of guest posts and still working on projects to inspire us! :) and I am thrilled to hear that I am not the only one inspired by blogging to eat. I hear ya on that one! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get back when you can!!!!

  2. Okay Bliss...when you guest post, you're supposed to say you are (on your blog) and link to the guest post. Otherwise, how are we supposed to find you, fercryin' outloud? And I am coming to Minnesota so you can take my picture and make my fat and wrinkles disappear. Now that I know you are magic that way.

  3. So nice to see you in blogland again! Obviously you weren't being lazy with all that guest posting picture taking blog reading pizooki making going on! You're just pulling our legs....nice try.

  4. Missed you...glad you are back and I can't wait to see what you have been working, I am being lazy...for real!

  5. OH you don't sound lazy to me...lots going on there...although lazy is sounding really good to me right now...

  6. Hi my cute friend....I eat while on the computer too. My goodness you've been busy with all those guest posts. And the barber chair on your toe. OUCH! This pizookie certainly intiques me. And I can't wait to see your new project. are getting to be famous! Thankyou for your support in the Mrs.Holiday contest. Luv ya!

  7. Good to see you back again! Take care of that toe--ingrown hairs are no fun ;-)

  8. Hope your weekend wasn't just work. Those pizookis look delicious, and you know I have to try everything you recommend. Hope that toe is okay. Glad you are back to posting.

  9. Eating while blogging? That's impressive, I need all my fingers just to work these keys, I knew I should have paid more attention to typing class in high school:)

  10. That's a lot of homework to go check out all those blogs, coz I've got a really bad case of lazy-itis, but I've definitely got to go check out pizookie !?!

  11. OK, sounds delicious, yum yum yum, but I'm too lazy to go out now, so I'm going to get a banana and some yoghurt I could crumble a biscuit(cookie) on top..........

  12. I never knew that was called pizooki! So delicious!!!

    Glad you are having a good summer! I've been taking a lot of bloggy breaks this summer too!

  13. Wow lots of new blogs to check out!

    And yer' supposed to create a post for every guest post ya do! It's like...the law Bliss. Anywho just looking at that yummy pizookie is makin' me hungry for something sweet!

  14. you sound like you have been running your so a pizooki sounds no sweets....I am trying hard....but darn why when over 50 or why when over 55 even loose weight...I lost 25 and not can't get the scale to budge......
    hope your toe heals well....I dropped a cast iron skillet on mine...way back,O not a pretty again take care and can't wait to see what fun stuff you have done...and thank you for pinning my Star Wreath.So time I want to do a couple Tuts....the star wreath and my garlands...

  15. And here we all thought you were laying on your reclining lawn chair ordering your family to mix drinks from your now famous drink cart! Geesh, slow down, would you! You're making the rest of look like lazy slugs.....well, maybe we are, but don't rub it in!

  16. Well welcome back! :) (Kinda.)

    I saw your art over at Heidi's, and it was by far my favorite way to show kids' art. I pinned it and can't wait for my children to start producing art for me sweatshop-style so I can make my own.

  17. Glad to hear there were no amputations! but trying NOT to think about that vintage hair that may or may not be lodged in your wound. :|
    I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a versatile blogger award here:
    Have a great "put your feet up" weekend!

  18. I was wondering what was up but figured you were just enjoying your getaway....still haven't seen you in Jersey yet. :)
    Thanks for the SHOUT OUT!! I love your version of the Scrabble tiles! Off to google pizooki?

  19. Please remove that hair!

    Your photography is awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  20. You have been a very very busy girl! I love that photo that you took of the pregnant woman. That's such a neat set-up. I'll have to go check out your guest posts. Btw, I've never heard of pizooki before either.

  21. I was wondering where you disappeared to. But then I disappeared for a few days too. I had a headache for three days and just could not look at the computer after looking at it all day at work. Have a great weekend!


  22. Your guest posts are so cool....You need to do a them...and the fried egg...with 113 in OK and 106 last week in Texas...and the sad crops this year...yeap fried eggs...But you want to know what crop is doing great in the dry hot heat...grapes...go figure,last year Texas dried up but the grapes....Back to fried eggs on concrete...very funny and your 20.00 Dresser O I wish I could find some of your scores....Your the best! I just posted a Moody Blue Dresser...what you think

  23. I hope you don't really have a vintage man hair lodged in your leg. Because that would be weird and creepy. And how will you wear your toothbrush roller skates knowing a gross speciment is in such close proximity? (Seriously. i hope your toe is healing quickly. Ouch.) Thanks for putting the party button up top there, too! :)

  24. Wow, for an invalid, you sure have been busy!! Is your foot okay? Are you are crutches? Ouch!! Heal quickly.

  25. I had never heard of a Pizooki until I read someone else's blog post about it last year. Lavender and a Pizooki???? Oh my, my stomach would be hurting too. I can't have enough lavender in my life. Hope you enjoyed every last bite!

  26. Looks yummy! You're so very blissfully productive, it's OK to take a break! Eeeek... the hair needs to go! ;)

    1. I really don't need to find out how to make individual size of dessert, but secretly I'm glad I did.

  27. Such a cute blog! Love your pictures!


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