DIY Pallet Look Headboards

 They started out as nice smooth clean pine boards......

After they were beat up

Cut to specification and turned into a simple frame of splintered mismatched wood.  They were beat with a hammer and gouged with I don't know what because I wasn't home when that step was done.

Then I took over.

I brewed three lipton tea bags in boiling water and let cool.  Overnight.  OK, I lied, it was two days before I got back to it.  The tea was nice and cool at that point.  Then I brewed three more because I didn't make enough the first time.  When the tea cooled I loaded a spray bottle and sprayed tea evenly on the boards, like misting plants.  Even though I have never misted plants.
The boards looked the same after the tea spray.

Nectar of the Gods

It wasn't till I brushed on the vinegar and steel-wool mixture that the tea reacted and turned a lovely shade of brown.  I let them dry.  They stunk like an old salad. And so did I.

Left one tea sprayed only.  Right one after vinegar/steel-wool solution

Two headboards.  Similar but not identical.  They have been knicked and knacked and tea sprayed, and vinegar steel-wool brushed, and then......random boards were whitewashed for that grayish driftwood look.  They are starting to have a pallet look to them.

Annie Sloan wax was used.  Dark on a couple boards that I wanted to have a burned look, and the rest of the boards were waxed with clear.  I have yet to buff them.

I think I love them.  But they are not mine.

Remember this......

Rock N Roll Dresser
A rock'n and roll'n dresser for a 13 year old about to rock.  A patient 13 year old I might add.  He has been waiting since August of 2011 for me to finish his room redo.

I've been waiting for inspiration.  I'm thinking when those two headboards make their way into his room it just might be the inspiration I've been waiting for.

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  1. Cool idea and I love the look!

  2. Gorgeous depth and character to that wood! Can't wait to see what comes next. Glad you got your groove back!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  3. Such great rustic texture.
    Another inspiring project!

  4. love this and some day I need to try...I think your son at 13 would love them...I always have wondered what it would look like to take a wood burner and do names or a date ...on wood like that...somewhere in this house I have a old one...but yet to find it...O I did a post with my grandkids quick but they we're making me laugh today...taking care of them so Daddy could get some things done.....

    Can't wait to see what you do with this..but know it will be another WOW and people will be pinning away...

  5. Kids need to learn, that the best things in life are worth waiting for !
    I can't wait to see the finished result either.

  6. Beautiful bliss! And a technique I have yet to try. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Jaime aka the cheesehead

  7. Wow! Those do look like worn pallets. I know, because I just finished taking a pallet apart...ughhhh...the hardest part of any pallet project! I love that you aged them with all of that homemade stuff. Your boy is going to love them and I can't wait to see the end result!

  8. Love the headboards and that chest of drawers so fun. I have yet to finish my 6 year olds room...

  9. I think your headboard is great Bliss! They will look awesome with that beautiful dresser!
    I might suggest that you skip the tea stain step next time. I use only the vinegar and steel wool solution and it works perfectly every time....
    Maybe you misunderstood and you were supposed to "drink" a cup of tea with a friend when you were finished with the project... LOL


  10. Those do look like pallets without all the work of pulling/cutting a pallet apart. I used to cut pallets apart to use for rustic wood signs...what a pain! Great job! Nicely done!

  11. Oh, I am totally tuning in to this project, Bliss! I have a 17 year old waiting for his room do-over and would love to add something like this!! Way cool.
    xo Heidi

  12. I like the weathered look you gave the new pine. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who takes years to get motivated to finish a room. All we need is that one thing we're excited about to get the juices flowing. Looking forward to the room reveal!

  13. You are so cool Bliss! This is an awesome project, and as always your creative thought process always shines through! Have a great weekend.

  14. I hope your little rocker got a chance to take out his frustration on his very slow room remodel by beating up those boards ...?

    And does it still smell like salad?



  15. I absolutely love that dresser. So cute!

  16. Awesome Bliss. I have my vinegar and steel wool mixture sitting in my kitchen at this very moment stinking it up. Great minds....

  17. They look great, Bliss. Do you still smell?

  18. For some reason, I have a fear of pallets and the nasty stuff they treat them with, or the nasty stuff they hold, or the nasty places they've this makes a ton of sense to me! Common sense, you've got loads Bliss!

  19. Stopping by from Blogtalk...following you now!

  20. Awesome!! Were the boards really from palettes? I didn't know you could tea to stain them!! They look really rustic and perfect for the rock n' roll 13 year old's room! Cool Mom!

  21. They look awesome!! How funny that you are trying to make them look like old pallets. A few years ago everyone would've thought you were crazy for that. :)

  22. gorgeous! love the stain!

  23. Looking great! Can't wait to see them in the room! You are such a tease!


  24. You smelled like salad huh?
    I can think of worse things!!
    They are coming along :)

    I wonder what else you'll do! After we talked... I am curious!!

  25. I need a headboard for my guest room - this would be perfect!

    Better hurry - only a few more days to get the room done so you can say you did it in less than one year!

  26. Oh I LOVE them! That was such a cool idea for a boys room. You are "the bomb"!

  27. You're getting there! These look terrific!

  28. Ha...I noticed the vinegar stain killed your grass, too. I did some crates a couple of weeks ago and have all these dead spots that look like crop circles in the lawn. ha! Love the headboard...looks great!

    1. I think those dead spots were already there, but I'm going to look later and see if it's worse now. Probably have a headboard shape on my lawn!

  29. The transformation on those boards is really wonderful...they look so old now! Looking forward to seeing those headboards!

  30. Love the headbaord and you did an awesome job getting the colors just right on the boards!

  31. Seriously??? Where do you come up with this stuff???? I would love to crawl inside your head for a little while... And live there. ;) Fab job, girlie!

  32. What is wrong with you? How does your brain think like that? Tea...vingegar...wood...wax?? Into a headboard. Argh!
    That is very very cool!

  33. Those look AMAZING! I think there's a ton of inspiration in those headboards. :)

  34. Did your son see you working on these? If not, just tell him it took all that time for the wood to "age." Very creative, and they look so cool!

  35. Oh man! Those look awesome! And that dresser with the drum phrase is so cool!

  36. Can't wait to see the room when it is all put together! I read your blog on bloglovin now :) It is a great tool for me.

  37. Just a testament to your greatness as a mother that any 13 year old is waiting at all, let alone patiently, for his room redo:)

    Pinning, I think these would be perfect in my mythical vacation house!


  38. Hi, Bliss! Just stopping by to see what you've been up to lately and as usual found some inspiration. Love how these turned out, doll! You're pretty awesome!

  39. These turned out great! Perfect for a teen's room.

  40. You had me at the tea.....and lost me at the vinegar :)

    Love how they turned out! Can't wait to see them partying it up with the dresser!

    Have a great day rock star!

  41. They turned out AMAZING!!!!! Same look as a pallet without the huge pain of trying to take one apart. Smart woman! :)

  42. Wow - that looks great! I love that Annie Sloan soft wax, but I never thought to use it on just plain wood. Great idea!

  43. Too cool...can't wait to see the rest of the room!! No pressure or anything ;) Laurel

  44. The headboards look great. They have so much character and depth. More then some people I know :)

    Do they and/or do you still smell like an old salad?

  45. Girl, these are GORGEOUS! Well done!

  46. Anonymous8/30/2012

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  47. I did Joey's headboard the same way last year and still love it today. They look great!

  48. Oh I love this Bliss! It looks as good if not better than aged pallet wood AND you know the wood is safe. I'm with the 13 yr old about to rock...I wanna see this room redo done woman! No pressure :)

  49. Stinky!! I love it- holy smokes you sprayed tea on wood? You crazy girl! That is so rad! They turned out so pretty! Thank you for linking this up to the Stinky Linky Party!!

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