Bliss's Beat the Heat Whipped Cream Topping

Sometimes a Bliss experiment turns out right.

Like my Fruit in a Jar.
I usually make fruit pizza, so why not put it in jars right?
Everyone else does.

I bet you're thinking 'yeah so what Bliss, I've seen fruit in a jar a million times' and you're asking yourself what makes my fruit in a jar different than any body elses?
Heck if I know, I've never had theirs, so let me tell you how I make mine......

It's all in the cream.

The family looked at the jars and said "what's this?".  The tone they used made me think they didn't mean the food inside the jars,  I think it was more like "what's with the jars?" with an undertone from the males of "you crazy woman".

The crust.
I don't use a cookie crust like the original recipe calls for.  Too sweet and crumbly for my taste.  I use The Dough-boy croissants in a can. 2 tubes for 12 jars.  I lightly sprinkle it with powdered sugar before I bake it, not too much, just enough so it doesn't taste like bread.

Hand shape the croissants out flat in a pan, cookie sheet size is fine, oven time a bit less than what's on the tube, and watch them so they don't get over done.  Take them out when light golden brown, cover to keep moist and let them cool, then slice them up into crouton size - I used a pizza cutter.

Start with fresh fruit.  The kind of fruit doesn't matter, get what your family likes.

For these jars I used 7 fruits:
Mango, Kiwi, Nectarine, Banana, Apple, Strawberries, and Blackberries.  
I tossed the banana in fresh squeezed lime juice so they wouldn't get brown.

In the past I have also used oranges, pineapple, blueberries and grapes.  It's all good.

The Cream.
According to my husband the most important part is the whipped cream.  Outside in the heat, even sitting in ice, regular hand-whipped-honest-to-goodness-whipped-cream breaks down and soon you are left with fruit in thick sweet milk.

Make these ahead, and chill in the fridge first if you are taking them outside in the summer.  Outside I kept ours on ice for a couple hours before we dug in.

I had to come up with a cream recipe to please more than just myself.
Not too sweet, had to have the real whip cream flavor, couldn't break down under the weight of the fruit or the days heat, and had to taste good to the toughest whip cream critics at my house.

Bliss's Beat the Heat Whipped Cream topping:
1 container of cool whip
Real Whipping Cream that you have to get beaters out to make
1 Brick of Cream Cheese
Powder Sugar to taste and add as your are whipping
Mix the softened cream cheese and cool whip till smooth with a hand mixer.  Then start adding heavy whipping cream.  I'd say for the 12 jars I probably added 4 cups.  I didn't really measure, just stuck my finger in till it tasted like whipped cream and not cool whip.
Whip it till it's sturdy.

The cool whip and cream cheese give it a smooth but firm texture, and how much powdered sugar you use is a personal preference.  We like to taste the cream so I make mine just slightly sweet so it doesn't over power the sweetness of the fruit.

To put the jars together:
I dropped in the crouton sized croissant crust pieces, fruit, cream, repeat, ending with cream topped with fruit and croissant pieces.  It was light, yummy, and importantly, it held up outside in the heat.

One son liked it so much he took an extra home with him.
The one in the blue ball jar.
I sent him a text letting him know I want to keep the blue jar so bring it back some time.

Think I'll ever see it again?

 Simple strawberry & blueberry trifle with blueberry pound cake
and Bliss's Beat the Heat Whip Cream
Keep cool and your whip cream too!

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  1. I had almost the identical post going up tomorrow - minus the jars -
    better change it around a llittle :(
    Looks good Bliss - it's what we had for supper last night LOL

  2. Oh yes! This looks so good and...I'm pinning it because you have invented a whipped cream that can stand up to time and heat and not taste like cool whip..which is disgusting....even though it's in the recipe. Love that you are using the croissants instead of the cookie dough too. Thank you!

  3. YUM! You'd better drive over and get your jar yourself.

  4. These look so yummy! I've never heard or thought to add cream cheese to whipped topping.....I'm going to have to make these!! Oh yea, you can probably kiss that jar goodbye : )

  5. Oh wow! That looks and sounds amazing!

  6. This looks heavenly! I've always used Cool Whip because regular whipped cream couldn't hold up with the fruit. I can't wait to try it!


  7. Oh yummo!! I didn't think whipped cream would survive in the heat but w/ Cool Whip and cream cheese --that makes sense. These look divine!

  8. If the doctor hadn't been so mean about what I eat....I'd be eating this right now!

  9. Girl I can eat a whole tub oc cool whip....yours too I am sure. Gonna try this and I will let you know.

  10. Yum! The cream cheese added to the cream is brilliant! And everybody loves crescent rolls, so it's got to be delish! I'm making these when the girls come to visit next. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This looks so good! I am hungry......yum

  12. The cream sounds delicious, can't go wrong with cream cheese!

  13. HAVE to try this one, Bliss!! So much good fruit to be had, so why not some whipped cream extraordinaire?? Pinning!
    xo Heidi

  14. Bliss,

    This is so great and I love the idea of using biscuits. I've never heard of that idea. I am putting this in my must try box!!! Thanks for the recipe and the whipped cream sounds so good too!! You got it girl.


  15. Yum! But I have no idea what I could replace cool whip (na here) with, you guys use it so much I want to try it

  16. I gained weight just reading about the yummy whip cream. My hips would not like it so I will enjoy it through you and the rest of the world. Mr Man is cool with the mason jar fad but my kids look at it like what is up with this? Can't you afford something better? LOL
    Hugs, Joy

  17. I see a few extra work-outs in my future due to inflated whipped cream love handles.

    Or... I can just assume my math skills of Fruit {+} + Whipped Cream {-} cancels each other out.
    Sounds like the perfect equation and recipe to me!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. YUM! This looks delicious and refreshing.

    And, I'd be surprised if you see your blue jar again :). Though, I love that you resorted to modern technology to try and get it back.

  19. Oh yum!! I would never have thought of using cream cheese and I agree not too sweet on the crust or the cream. Fruit pizza is one of my favorites I'm pinning this for sure!!

  20. Oh yum!! I would never have thought of using cream cheese and I agree not too sweet on the crust or the cream. Fruit pizza is one of my favorites I'm pinning this for sure!!

  21. I love the idea of using the croissants as the crust. For the cream - you mix the cream cheese and cool whip, then add the WHIPPED cream or the LIQUID cream then whip???

  22. I want to fill my bathtub with this and sleep in it...!!


  23. I made a comment with my ipad and I don't think it went through. These looks delish Bliss, and I know they are the best. The crust sounds like a surprise, I would not expect.mmmmmm! Save me some!

  24. This looks so delicious! I love the idea of using buttery croissants for the crust too. Easy and delicious.

    By the way, I hope you have a fabulous birthday! I saw it show up on my calendar so wanted to be sure and stop by!

  25. Wonder how well it travels? Like, say, if someone in Kansas wanted to eat some but isn't very good in the kitchen and her good friend wanted to mail her some? Hypothetically.

  26. Oh wow, this sounds yummy, I love fruit and cream and this just sounds so good. I make a cream cheese topping at work for the carrot cake, and I could just eat bucket loads of the topping on it's own.
    To cool down, my Iranian sous chef keeps feeding me yoghurt and mint !

  27. Whipped cream critics - who knew there was such a thing but anyone with bricks of cream cheese must be amazing! Andy will love it!!!!

  28. How can I possibly be a full week late in leaving you a comment here, my friend? I'm so behind in my blog reading. The two blog thing is a bit hectic. And I'm trying to get my living room finished too so I can start in on the family room. The room that I decided will get that beadboard wallpaper ...

    :) Linda

    Oh, and these look delish!!!!


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