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When I made this mosaic table I did it because I was bored.  Or maybe it was because my daughter worked at a stained glass shop and brought me home all the scraps?  Or maybe it was because the last glass table we had by the pool blew over in a storm and shattered into a million pieces?

No, I don't think it was any of those things, I think it was because I can't pass up something for a buck.....and because we didn't have one anymore due to that storm.

Kids need a place to sit to eat ice cream right?  My momma told me 'ya can't eat it in the pool.   She never bought me funny goggles though, so I hope that makes up for not letting them eat ice cream in the pool.

The table mosaic was made well before I knew what a blog was.  Just picture a typical glass top patio table with an umbrella.  The only difference is that mine cost a buck at a garage sale.

I thought I was pretty clever using scraps of stained glass shards and attaching them right to the table top with clear silicone.  They were grouted in and the table tripled in weight, never to be blown over again.  It is going on it's 6th year.

I can't say the same for the umbrella though.

Then I thought I had another clever idea - to make a two sided mosaic screen to hide our air conditioning unit, which was as ugly as every other air conditioning unit I have ever seen, problem was that ours was smack dab in the corner of our patio.

Remove the air conditioning from my house or disguise the unit?  Guess you know how that turned out.

One clever idea led to another and I posted the clever hideaway on HomeTalk where some of the commenters made sure I had it the proper distance from the walls.

Everyone's an expert 'ya know?

But mostly folks thought it was a pretty way to hide the ugly air conditioner.  I made the disguise the same summer I made the table.  I must of had a lot of spare time that year.

This summer I spend some of that extra time snooping around on HomeTalk for ideas.   

And I guess because that air conditioner screen is so clever, HomeTalk thought I would recognize other clever projects and asked me to curate a board of clever hideaways. 

Click the image to head on over to HomeTalk
Top left to right:
1. A clever outdoor shower.  2. Air Conditioner Screen.  3. VERY clever watering system with hidden hoses (this one is on my list to do).
4. A disguise for your TV cable box.  5. Hide modern gadgets in your vintage style.  6. Burlap bag hides a 5 gallon bucket.   7. Big dog = big dog food bags.   8. Fire pit table for when it's hot, not when it's not.   9.  Got craft paint?  Make a door.   10. TV Screen Screen.   11. Breadbox Charging Station hideaway.   12. Award Winning wall vent cover.

13.  There is no 13 here it didn't fit.  So click the image and see the clever way a drop down ceiling was replaced with bead board.  In fact, while you're there click on all 12 of the clips to see just how clever those hideaways really are.  You don't have to have a blog to visit HomeTalk.  HomeTalk is a social hub powered by user generated content.  It's a great place to find DIY projects of all kinds, inside the home and out.  If you need tips or have some questions you want answered, or just want to browse for ideas, HomeTalk is a spot you should check out.

And someone will always let you know just how far you should have your air conditioner screen from walls and mosaic hideaways!

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  1. Look at you being a fancy curator and stuff!! That table and screen are amazing..they look like a lot of work but worth..especially that the table can't blow over now!

  2. I love the table and screen! You did an amazing job on them! How fancy are you being a curator...congrats!

  3. Okay, my sister-in-law just did a patio table with the mosaic thing...it was so cool! I'm loving yours. And I've been trying to think how to hide the A/C unit at our new place. Score! You're filling my tiny little brain with all kinds of things that it doesn't have room for, but I love them. And don't you love how everyone's an expert? Sheesh...weirdos coming out of the woodwork inspecting how you're building a house. Like anyone knows more about that than me. Oh, never been on HomeTalk. Is that like Pinterest? I so can't keep up.


  4. Great mosaic projects! Ditto above comment. I've never visited HomeTalk, or Facebook. I have a hard enough time keeping up with blogs! Although, I can't help but wonder what they'd think of padded toilet seats. :)

    Clever ideas on your HomeTalk board!

  5. Wow Bliss great idea! Funny how some people always have to police things lol love the mosaics. I need to do one someday.

  6. I need something to block our AC view- it is neither attractive nor super unattractive...it has hydrangeas and hostas near it, but not close enough to hide it.

    Thanks for the idea! I shall add it to my never ending list! ;)

  7. I love the table! Off to check the board :)

  8. Although I haven't checked out Hometalk very much, another blogger friend, Natalie from North Shore Days has a lovely 'wind chime' board there !
    Congrats, they obviously recognised your clever and creative talent, and I love your table and screen.

  9. Love your table and your screen Bliss! You were destined for blogdom! Off to check out your board.

  10. I love that screen! Mosaics are gorgeous... Love the "expert" ... she's been to my site too :)
    I'm headed over to Hometalk to see the rest

  11. You had a lot of spare time...due to NOT blogging, probably. Or "HOMETALKING" or PINTEREST-ing ...probably.
    But what do I know...I've got all the time in the world!
    except to clean, and craft, and organize...LOL!

    going to check out your board. -Corn!

  12. I love your very clever idea for disguising the AC and your table is fabulous! Awesome transformation from a $1 yard sale find! I'm glad our AC unit is on the side of the house where only the dog sees it:-)

  13. I'm going over to HomeTalk just to see the comments on how far you should have your screen from the AC. Don't you just love people!

  14. Yay, Bliss! Do you get a raise??

  15. I love Hometalk, but like blogging, I haven't been there in a while! But I'm going to take time to check this out, I've seen some before in blogs, but this looks like an awesome collection.
    And I love your table & air conditioner screen...so beautiful.
    Debbie :)

  16. You were Bliss even before you knew you were Bliss! Incredible.

  17. Just how far are they supposed to be away from the AC? I need to make a disguise for mine...
    I love the idea of the glass under the glass on your table. And I wish I had a daughter that brought home scraps from a stained glass factory. The table is beautiful.

  18. I feel like tossing all my dishes to the ground...so I can make a mosaic air conditioning cover too! Your round up of clever hideaway ideas is great!

  19. Look at you, all mosaic-making board-curating these days!! Clever indeed!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- I would totally have to eat ice cream in the pool... I'm a renegade like that. :)

  20. Wow Bliss- a curator - I'm impressed -
    BUT I'm even more impressed with your mosaic masterpieces - absolutely beautiful :)

  21. Love the colors on your mosaic table and screens! It looks like you pulled together some really clever hideaway ideas. I'm really digging the hideaway craft paint one, but I must say that your air conditioning hideaway is at the top of my favorites list. Clicking over to check our your board ~ Amy

  22. Goodness I love that mosaic table and screen... And, I spy hostas :) Guess what I just snagged from our old house today...yes ma'am some of those hostas!! And, speaking of our chat. My hubby wants to put mulch in our front flower beds...ugh..NOT HAPPENING. I told him all about this awesome blogger that had an amazing idea of stone :)

  23. What a great idea to add both weight and beauty to your patio table! I also like the A/C unit box. I wouldn't know anything about them to give you the lovely advice you've been given. LOL! Sounds like you don't need anymore anyway. I bet Penny from Comforts of Home would love your mosaic work too! She makes that kind of stuff and sells it.

  24. Very clever idea indeed ;) I really like how that air conditioner hider turn out it's beautiful!

  25. Hmmm - my sister wants to give me a table just like that. If only my daughter worked with stained glass! Love what you did with the table and the screen.

  26. WOW Bliss, these are truly spectacular! Love the colors and can imagine that the table weighs a ton now! That is a good way to teach the wind not mess with you and blow your things over! Great job on both projects!


  27. Oh, I love hiding things!!!! Now if I can just make a giant mosaic to hide the weeds in the front yard. And the front porch that is in desperate need for paint ... again! Sigh. A homeowners work is never done ...

    :) Linda

  28. I always think I would like to try a mosiac with chipped china dishes I find but I never do. I need a table to blow over and break or something! The table and screen are beautiful!

  29. That was so dang smart to make a cover to hide the air conditioner! You just made me add something else to our "must do" list! Great ideas on your Hometalk board!

  30. brilliant I just have plan old pickets....You are the smart cookie....My sis does stained glass....I am do much of a Kalamity so thus I have to stick with paint...again like this mucho

  31. I've always wanted to do one of these mosaics with the broken china, but it seems like a lot of work. Maybe I should rethink that if your table has lasted six years. It would be so worth it. It's such a beautiful look.

  32. That's pretty darn clever! And pretty darn pretty!

  33. Nice, Bliss! Love that idea! Holy smokes! So funny because Scott and I were just discussing what in the world we were going to do with our a/c unit once we put the front porch (or some facsimile of it) back on. This is a fantastic idea! Of course, I need some stained glass pieces.... Got any extra? ;)

  34. What a great collection! I love to hide icky stuff and can't wait to try one of these ideas!!

  35. You are always spot on. I need some clever hideaways. I'm going to check these out right now!


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