Bean Bag Toss - Yard Art

I've been gone.  Gone, as in I have not been home.

First we took a few day trips over the past few weekends.

Then we went on vacation.

Often we have stay-cations and play at home, so all these little jaunts so close together are not the norm.

But while I was home for a couple days I did a little painting with some new outdoor paint from Maison Blanche.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

We're fix'n to leave again tomorrow, but I'm ready because I lived out of a suitcase in my own bedroom the past few days.

Leaving our house is fun, but so is staying home - really it's like a park around here.  I guess I like to travel because someone else cleans and maintains the surroundings, oh - and maybe I like dinner out.  A lot.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Hmmmmm..... I just noticed I put *fish* on the board twice.  I must have been hungry. 

Anyway, when we are home we like to play.  Our lives revolve around kids of all ages, and we have set up our home and yard to reflect that.

The best time to use the outdoors in our neck of the northern woods, is from now till about November.

Days are warm, evenings are cool.  Mosquitoes are mostly dead.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

And there is surely something to do.

We have always made our own fun.  With six kids if there was something they wanted to do, Brawn and I figured out a way to keep them at home to do it.

That's a great way to get to know their friends (you know - keep an eye on teenagers).

Even now with a couple of them married, they are still welcome to bring friends over, and they do.  They particularly like to do that when the parents are gone for the weekend.  Brats.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad
Burning the midnight oil to get this project done.
I might not be able to run a mile anymore, or maybe I'm just too lazy to try, and swimming is one of the only things I don't get winded at, but by golly I can still toss bean bags across the yard!

Trouble was we didn't have one of those bean bag toss games.

So we made our own.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Throwing bags is really popular around here.  They have leagues and teams if you're the type that takes playing very serious.

The game is called by a few different names, we just say bean bags.

You might know it as one of these:

Backyard Toss                    Baggo                        Bags/Beanbags/Bean Bag Toss
            Chuck-O                       Cornhole                                    Corn Toss
   Hillybilly Horsehoes        Soft Horseshoes                 Lawn Toss or Tailgate Toss

Maison Blanche Vintage Paint Company supplied me with paint from their new line of outdoor colors.  This paint is nice and creamy, doesn't smell, and the best part is it's no-prep. 

Did you catch that?..... no-prep OUTDOOR paint.

It has UV filters to help the color stay truer, longer, although in this case if it faded that would only add to the patina.

Did you catch that part too?....outdoor NO-PREP paint just like using the indoor stuff with the same chalky style.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad
Under belly
Brawn built the boxes based on online size recommendations.  I requested a plank look to which he oblidged as well as stained the cracks for me.

I gave the whole thing a coat of the outdoor paint in Ivory, then made my way through some Maison Blanche outdoor Franciscan Gray, and French Blue.  I also used some indoor paint for accents in Wrought Iron and Spanish Moss.
Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Due to a current condition of kayak arm and wanting to preserve my biceps, I chose to faux paint the wood for a weathered look rather than using my super human arm strength for heavy sanding to distress it. 

Don't know what kayak arm is?  Paddle my fat azz a couple miles in rough waters and you'll find out. 

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad
I mixed up my own concoction of Franciscan Gray with Wrought Iron till I achieved the shade I was looking for.

I used my Cameo Silhouette and the generic version of green Frog Tape to make most of the letters, but in the end I had to hand paint some areas which increased my project time by a couple hours.

Not because I messed up or anything.

Ok, I messed up.  Happy now that I admitted it?

I want to mention that Maison Blanche has a Youtube Channel {here} with all the *how too's* of using each of their products.  I have referred to it several times for tips,  and Annie the owner is as cute as all get out.  I think she's a Texas lady ya'll, you can watch the outdoor paint video below.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

Maison Blanche also has a satin varnish, a non-stinky version of varnish that gave my game art the perfect smooth finish for the bean bags to slide across.

Let me tell you, I loved the varnish, but I do have a request of all the specialty paint brands.... put product in a container with a wider mouth for dipping big brushes in.

Just my .2¢.  I like big brushes and I cannot lie.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

These yard game boards serve a dual purpose.  Oh yes I'm a tricky one killing two birds with one stone.

I have an ancient game board secret, that won't be so secret in one second.....

There is a long boring outside garage wall that needs a little something something.

So I used the holes in the game as the letter *O* and set out to highlight everything we have to offer right here at home.  And immagonna hang it on that boring wall as yard art.

Why yes I patted myself on the back for that one.  I even told Brawn I'm a genius.

He stayed silent.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

I'll show you next time how these two games will be hung so they will not only fill some blah wall space, but also work as a storage spot when they aren't being used.  

But that's gonna have to wait, since as you read this I have a date with my suitcase.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

If anyone dare utter the words I'm bored, I'll point them to the garage wall art as a reminder of everything we have to do right in our own backyard. 

For us, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence, but we do like to hop over from time to time to check it out.

P.S.  A certain 6 year old boy thinks the word balls is very very funny,
so I included that just for him, because I think he's very very funny.


If you have been following along the past couple months, then you know that myself and four other talented bloggers all used Maison Blanche Navy paint in June on which I converted a vintage radio into a bar, then in July we had painters choice using any color Maison Blanche where I upcycled a nightstand into a play kitchen.

 And now it's August and I wonder what they have created using the outdoor paint?  

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  1. I'm here to see Jack, for balls ;) Love it Bliss! You have a way with words and I like fish too!

  2. LOVE !!!
    Now who'll be playing it while you jet set off again?

  3. I wonder what kind of party is going on while you're vacationing yet again! Sounds like a fabulous summer! This bean bag toss is the cats meow!

  4. I haven't played yard games in a long time. Yours are designed so cute too! I like that you plan on using them as wall art too. Have a great vacation!

  5. You ARE a genius. I don't know how you come up with all this cool stuff, but I'd sure like to have a piece of your brain implanted in mine.


  6. that looks amazing, bliss! want to make one for me and my kids? :)

  7. Oh Bliss, you knock my socks off every time you reveal a new project. I think I'll start coming over barefoot ;)

    Next time you tell brawn you're a genius, poke him in the rib with your elbow until he agrees.

    ... and then kiss on him for being a co-genius. ;)

    Love what he helps you with!!

  8. kiss my azz..I am so sick of you and your over achieving self..LOL.... You manage to outdo yourself every time you create something new. I am tired just reading all the work you put into this project. Now I want to sit in the yard guzzling a home brew and playing cornhole LOL You knock my socks off lady!
    Hugs, from one smartazz to another

  9. I just read Karin's comment above! I'm with her!! You make me feel like I did when I was in my local 4 H and was so proud of my little apron that I carefully sewed and submitted at the county fair and then saw a jacket and skirt sewed by some over achieving little girl - with sleeves even! Seriously! You win the Blue Ribbon for this one my friend - just ahhh - mazing!

  10. Wow! Another great project for the kids! I love it!

  11. I want to go on vacation to your place! Any wonder they married ones entertain there still. I must confess we entertain at my Mils house on the beach when she is away so I get your kids.

    I love the sign very cool and fun.

  12. I saw Debbie's post yesterday about Maison Blanche outdoor paint and I am SO excited!! I need to hook up with some. Love your "corn hole" (which is what they call it here) board...especially the "see Jack for free balls." So inappropriate. That's why I like it.

  13. Good to know there's outdoor no prep paint. Just in time for my patio! Your games look like fun and around here...cornhole.

  14. Oh we LOVE to play cornhole!! I see hours of fun in your backyard ahead!
    xo Heidi

  15. This is perfect! Best ever bean bag toss boards. They call this cornhole here. I don't get it. And the name has always bugged me. Question - is MB varnish outdoor worthy? Question - have you ever used MBs Amber Wax? Awesome stuff. One of my favorites.

  16. Bliss what a great project, just fantastic. I have seen these games on House Hunter often. I always wondered what they were called. Many names, always looks fun. Have a great weekend!!


  17. Cool! Fun to play with AND look at! That's a true repurpose to the hilt!

  18. This is the best bags game ever...and I love how you can use it for wall art!

  19. We need to make some of these! It's one of the few games that I can actually compete with Andy in. :)

  20. Oh how I love to read one of your posts! This project is so cute. While you are away, or maybe you are back. I am so out of the loop and have been living in a cave called my office that connects to my garage and then deposits me into a tunnel called a minivan which spits me out in the afternoon/evening to my kitchen, then I go to bed and the whole cycle starts over again. I could really use an afternoon of bean bag toss.

  21. This is SO cute I almost can't stand it! Makes me wanna go toss bags in your backyard...if I leave tomorrow morning I can be there by the weekend (chill the wine). You said the magic words...Cameo Silhouette....I'm going to badger you for help now....mine is sitting unused because of a paralyzing fear. You are just the person to gently nudge me along with sweet, kind instructions.

  22. I want some outdoor games! We play badminton a lot.. but the mosquitoes around here never die! I hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  23. I love this! You are so clever Miss Bliss!

  24. Genius! Wall art AND yard game! I love the colors and graphics you used on your game boards! Well done!

  25. That's the best looking game of cornhole I've ever seen! Seriously, my friend. And genius of you to make your own. They sell for a LOT of money here! I was shocked ...

    Oh, and we all know you are a genius. No silent pauses from your loyal fans!

    :) Linda

  26. Love this Bliss! So I want one :)

  27. Very interesting information you shared here about beanbags toss. Nice post and keep sharing.

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