Willie Nelson's Armadillo

Yes you read the title of this post correctly.

Willie Nelson's Armadillo.

Sounds like a new paint color, but sorry - no - I'm not painting a dresser Armadillo Gold.

I was scrolling through my photos looking for a DIY project that was already completed but that I had never posted.

I found a couple past project pic's and they didn't excite me anymore now than they did when I made them.  So not posting.

Why am I searching for stuff to post about?

I'm busy working on a couple things and when a whole week goes by without putting fingers to keyboard, the earth quakes and I worry Bliss Ranch will fall into a fissure in the earths crust, never to return.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic.

But after 7 days, emails from my wonderful readers start to trickle in asking if everything is alright.

Everything is dandy, which sounds better than just saying I got really lazy after my vacation, and like 99% of you I've got stuff that's gotta be done every day other than painting something cool.

So my lazy self decided to post something random from amongst my photos.  Variety is the spice of life no?

So here he is.....Willie Nelson's armadillo.

Willie Nelson's Armadillo,

Yup, a DIY armadillo.  Or is that an SIY - stuff it yourself?

I was on stage with Ol'Dillo as he is called - which I learned was his name about 5 minutes ago when I looked it up - and I snapped a couple pictures of him.

Yeah it sounds really cool to say I was on stage.  But I was, and I've done that often.

Before you start asking for an autograph, I wasn't singing, and I'm not even sure I'm a Willie fan.

I streaked across the stage.

Not really, that's a lie.

Willie Nelson's Armadillo,

I had no idea Ol' Dillo had an actual purpose, or that he was going to go missing.  I mean I could of taken the last known photo of him before he was dillo-napped.

He even has his own Facebook page.  I have not looked it up.  Should I?

All I knew was an armadillo looked out of place sitting on music equipment.  At least to me.  Maybe in the circle that Willie travels that's normal.

You can read about the little armor wearing critter who went missing - twice - {here}.

Right about now I know what you're thinking.  No I have not lost my mind.  

Here he is from the other side.

Stuffed stiff.

Willie Nelson's Armadillo,

Did I buy some time getting a DIY post done by distracting you with Willies armadillo?

I have lots of other random and off topic (for me) stuff and junk I could do a follow up post about.  Maybe if another week goes by around here without some DIY going down, I'll do this again.

Hey yeah, come to think of it, I meant to do this random post, it's Random Friday at the Bliss Ranch blog. 

Believe that last sentence?  You shouldn't. 

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  1. wow... I don't know what to say.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I finally had something for this week but it's outdoors and it's done nothing but rain all week. Sigh. Blogging is tough. LOL!

  2. Well, that's something we don't read about every day! I say, good to mix it up and give us the fun, random stuff, anytime you feel like it. P.S. Armadillo's are so prehistoric looking!

  3. I'd personally love to see the projects you did that you don't like anymore. You could call it wasting my time Tuesday HA! Seriously, I love all your projects! Willie Nelson's armadillo ... didn't expect that. It does look stuffed and stiff. And gray. And gross.
    Have a great weekend Bliss!

  4. I don't think I posted all summer, live goes on. Now I want to know why your on stage with Willie Nelson though.....

  5. HAHAHAHA! this is hilarious! it's just appropriate that it is willie's.

  6. I like random posts. Really? An armadillo? I wonder how the person who had to handle it liked that? But wait a minute... i'm confused. Was he alive when you saw him or stuffed? You fooled me!

  7. I'm confused, Blissee. Not that that is an unusual event.

  8. Look how longs it has been since I have posted. I must say my blog is so small not many people care. Trying to change that and I really hope I am successful. I want to grow and spread my wings so to speak. More coming of the house.


  9. Oh my gosh, Bliss...people do like the weirdest stuff. I don't know why I should talk though...we have an alligator head down at the lake.

  10. I thought "Willie Nelson's Armadillo" was a euphemism. As in, "Hey...I saw Willie's 'armadillo' once." But that would have been an entirely different post.

  11. Okay, I was pretty sure previously, but now I'm positive ... you're as nuts as I am!
    Kirby, naughty naughty :)

  12. I'm thinking about tellin Willie to look for his armadillo in Minnesota. I always assume when bloggers don't post something that they are actually busy enjoying their lives! Your pictures are always great and I think you may possibly have streaked across someones stage sometime. Is it maple syrup time yet??

  13. I love it! And, yes, please share more of your pre-Bliss-Ranch glamorous life! I find it fascinating!

    :) Linda

  14. Really? An armadillo? Is that the best you got? Oh did photograph Willie Nelson playing on stage during a live concert. That's pretty good. I like Willie Nelson, btw. You see I'm from GA and his music is welcome here anytime. I grew up listening to him too. You know what I think of whenever I see an armadillo? It reminds me of the grooms cake in Steel Magnolia. Remember? It was made of red velvet cake so it would look like his insides? You see I keep up with all things southern. And an armadillo and Willie Nelson are both! How about that? You paid tribute to the south with this post? Now that IS good! You're welcome.

  15. Love Willie Nelson, but haven't been following his armadillo follies, perhaps I will now. Meanwhile, you had me at "on stage with Willie..." are you planning to elaborate, streaking aside?

  16. What the?! That was awesome, I have no idea why, but I loved it. I think I too want to know why you were on stage? I hear ya about posting though...I am lucky to get once a week with my crazy life, I have the same fear. Thanks for the image of you streaking by the way.

  17. Ok, paint color was not the first thing that popped into my mind. I guess I have a dirty mind. I love your random post!! They are fun. I love reading about your days as a celebrity photographer! Hope the vacation was great! Back to reality?

  18. OMG - that's 10 times worse than a squirrel lol - what an ugly looking little thing
    The armadillo - not Willie ( whom I love )

  19. Wee Willie the Arm-a-dilly.
    I'm a loon.
    It's why I love you ;)

  20. I'm a little creeped out. I didn't know your willie could wear that much armor.


  21. As if your blog could disappear without a trace, never going to happen.
    You didn't post for seven days.......scandalous !!!


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