$2.00 Box of Wood Hangers

I mentioned in my last post that I had picked up a box of mystery items on the same day I brought home the pine box that I painted with French Lime paint.

The mystery box contents are two dollars worth of wood hangers. 

Some vintage, some with advertising, including some of the short grippy wood ones that hold *slacks*, and some unfinished ones that are a blank canvas for me.

Bliss-Ranch.com box of vintage hangers
I know where I will use them, mostly in my laundry room replacing my red, pink and brown 25 year old plastic hangers, as well as in the ongoing redo of my oldest daughters laundry room.  

(Daughter #1, if you are reading this, no we have not forgotten about last years Christmas gift of a laundry room makeover.  It might be the gift that keeps on giving as this years Christmas gift too!)

An idea from Courtney at A Little Glass Box
 Coat & Hat/purse Rack

I jumped onto Pinterest to see what might be had in the hanger department.

The first one that caught my eye is a hanger turned hanger upcycle.

I spied all sorts of wood hangers with either fabric or colored paper Mod Podged on like the ones below from Makeit-Loveit.com.  Nice for a pop of color in the laundry.

But I tend to like my hangers a la natural with lettering, so the way Donna from Funky Junk Interiors used her hangers on the wall is more my style.......
Funky Junk Interiors Vintage Hanger Hooks
Pinterest also had photos of twig hangers, which of course I loved but would defeat the whole purpose of buying a box of wood hangers.

Photo via Linen & Milk

For the integrity of this post I marched my sock footed and jammie covered body out to the dirty garage to actually look in the box and see just what I got for my $2.00.

16 pants hangers; two lengths, two wood colors, two metal finishes
2 unusual pants hanger things
11 hangers with the bar for pants on the bottom; mostly unfinished, a few finished/varnished,               some flat- some heavy duty curved for coats
3 with some type of advertising
3 that have old vintage metal on them

And one plastic hanger like the kind that comes back with your coat from the dry cleaners if your dry cleaners had off white ones from Germany.  

I promptly trashed that one, no plastic wanted, but not before removing the metal hook part just in case I need it.

So that is a total of 35 vintage wood hangers for an investment of two bucks.  Seems fair huh?  

I guess there is enough of them to try my hand at just about every idea I viewed on Pinterest.

 Vintage Hanger, Bliss-Ranch.com
Usually this friends clothes hanger that stays on the mud room coat tree, holds an article of clothing whom we can't identify the owner of.  

And trust me, you don't want to leave something behind at our house.  

If it goes to the laundry room it might never come back out, and if it hangs on the hanger for a year without being claimed we incorporate the item into our own wardrobe. 

We find stray pants from time to time, I should probably put one of those slack holders on the coat tree.

Hopefully I won't be a *slacker* working on the box of hangers like I've been on both my daughters laundry room and my own.  So far both of us have the floor done.

The difference however is my floor is always covered with laundry.  Hers is not.

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  1. Well if you do the hat/purse rack and no one else has room for it, there's a home for it here!

  2. If I had a hanger...I'd hanger in the mornin'...(Oh, wait. Wrong word. Sorry.)

  3. Don't you love it when an item sends you on a pinterest exploration?? How fun!

  4. okay, hate laundry but cant wait to see what you do with this one.

  5. Love the hangers cut in half and used as hooks Bliss... with that many hangers, I expect at least 3 different projects. Get busy on it Missy!

  6. The hanger hook picture is awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with your treasures!

  7. Very cool find...I do love a vintage hanger! Fun inspiration ideas, too!

  8. Love the one with the hangers cut in half as a coat rack. Can't wait to see the spectacular project you come up with.


  9. All great ideas! I love your friend hanger...that's hilarious. I need one for nieces- they leave so much behind when they visit.

  10. You could just let them hanger around until you find a use for them but don't get too "hung up" on finding the perfect solution. I love the way FunkyJunkDonna used them or the coat rack where they were cut in half! It just so happens that am collecting some for my "new" laundry room soooo....if you should decide that you can't possibly "hanger" on to ALL of them, I'll be "clothes" by and "wood" be more than happy to take the "Chicago" one off your hands/floor/etc. Truly though, TWO BUCKS?!
    You're no "slack-er", you're amazing!~ That "tops" any deal I've heard of! xo

  11. I've always loved secret treasure boxes and grab bags and mystery marvels like that. Wow, a whole big box for $2 bucks. Cool!

  12. I can't believe you got that whole box for only $2!! I paid more than that for just one hanger! I can't wait to see what you do with them! I like them left unpainted, too. Have fun!

  13. Genius ideas. You'll come up with something even better though. By the way, you're screwed...Kirby and I have both stuck you with the "50 things" post....


  14. Can't wait to see what you do! I like the hangers that were left in their natural state and hung upside down but those fabric/paper covered ones would be cute for a special someone too.

  15. Well if you're a "slacker" - har har - then I am too, since I have a suitcase full of hangers I've picked up from various places. But you'll probably beat me to using them.

  16. what a great deal on those hangers. I may have passed them up--for lack of purpose. I can't wait to see what you do.


  17. Love the ideas for the hangers, what a cool find! My favorite however is the "friend's" clothing hanger! Definitely something that would come in handy here. Love that you gave your daughter the laundry room makeover for Christmas. I am thinking the soon to be teen daughter's bedroom makeover that she has been asking for, for months can be spread out over her birthday and Christmas!

  18. I love wooden hangers, but vintage........for $2.......amazing !


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