Wow an Appealing Post of Other Peoples Stuff

My friend Laura over at Top This Top That has a weekly feature she calls *Weekly Wows*.

My friend Kirby's blog, Kirb Appeal does a *What I Found Appealing* feature highlighting things that appeal to her - get it... Kirb Appeal.. Appealing?

And I'm sure there are a million other blogs that highlight and feature awesome projects from around the web. 

So I'm gonna be a million and one.  At least for today.

This morning over coffee I had time to look around the web a bit. 

Coincidentally the few scattered pages I had time to look at each sported something that I can't shake outta my head.

It might be stuff you have seen before, but lil 'ol me never laid eyes upon these goodies, and my mind keeps wandering back to them.

An entry way locker area made from old doors and chair bottoms.  I love it!  Stop over at Vintage Charm Restored to see how Lori made it.

Family Locker Unit from Recycled Doors Vintage Charm Restored

Featuring cool stuff I've seen on line is kind of like showcasing favorite stuff without the work of a link party, or a bit like saying "hey-look-at-this-cool-stuff-I-didn't-make-but-wish-I-did"

Deb from Lake Girl Paints, always, ALWAYS !, paints things I want for my home.  This Gather sign is just my style.  I'm telling you now Deb, I just might have to copy it.

Gather Sign from Lake Girl Paints

I spied this gem of a chair from Lorraine at Miss Flibbertigibbet ....

Painted Map Chair from Miss Flibbertigibbet

A painted, map adorned chair.  Geographically speaking, I think this is way cool.

I just happen to have the perfect chair to try my hand at this, as well as a book with old maps in it. 

I paid a buck for this chair, that's a $1.00 sticker you see, not $100.

There was also this antique vanity from Lisa at Create Inspire.  If you don't regularly stop in at her blog to see what she paints you are missing out.

Antique Vanity from Create Inspire

Just an FYI Lisa.... I'm highly attracted to painted projects where some part of the piece includes a stained wood part.  Like the top on this.  And those sunflowers aren't half bad either!

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  1. Nice post, Bliss. That entry bench definitely caught my eye this week too - so unique. I love all of what you featured, and am also especially fond of part of piece maintaining its original paint - especially the top. All of these are worth copying!
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. Lots of great stuff...I love that map chair, too...can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  3. I do so love what your mind kept wandering back to today, especially that map chair! Gonna go pin it right now! Thanks a bunch for sharing :)

  4. Copy away my friend!
    Would love to see it in your home .
    Thanks Bliss!!

  5. These are all amazing!! Wow..I love the entryway bench.

  6. I love all of them...including your chair. Give it to me. ;)

  7. mmm love the black dresser and the map chair - fabulousness!

  8. Pretty amazing stuff! It boggles the mind how many creative women are out there, and you ain't no slouch yourself, Bliss!

    I hope this comment crosses the blog lines. I've been dealing with bloggy commenting snafu's (some comments show up and others disappear) and unresponsive pages for weeks now, but I "think" I finally have all the issues resolved. Fingers crossed......

  9. Love it all, Bliss! Love all of these choices. (And now I'm working on my own (un)appealing dining room chairs.)

  10. Yep, lots of talent in blog land and wow that chair for $1!!

  11. I love that you did this, Bliss...usually you see features at a link party, this is just much more easier. Secondly, we might just want to check out the blogs of these talented ladies. I saw I few I'm going to have a peek at.

    I love the map chair and I know you are going to do a smash up job on that bargain chair you found!! Can't wait to see it!

    Jane xx

  12. Wow! Love them all! That map chair is so cool and so are those lockers! Everything!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your take on the map chair!

  13. Great features Bliss! I like all of them! I recently made a gather sign for my dining room. That map chair .... love it! Can't wait to see yours. Have a great weekend!

  14. I think it's fun to see what caught your eye around blogland. I'll have to check out some of these projects.

  15. Such beauty - that dresser OMG - gorgeous - and Love Lorraine's chair too -
    Hmmm - will we be waiting for that chair as long as we waited for your dining room chairs LMHO !!!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. I love Lorraine's chair. Long sad story . . . I bought a chair to do this to, (it took me a long time to find a functional vintage office chair on wheelsI could afford0, for Mike to use as his office chair, I have the maps, convinced Mike to trade out for his cushy stupid plastic ugly office chair, he used it for two days and one (or two) of the wheels don't stay in place, what the ????, I need Braun to help me fix these. Then I can be cool like you guys and have a map office chair. I've also been thinking of doing an appealing post regularly, but I'm not very regular...

  17. Hey if you're not making it, then we love to see what's makin' you look twice or thrice! All of these are too cool. I think I could find a place for each one in my home...gladly.

  18. What a lot of fun stuff! I never miss Laura's Wows...and now I have another place for new inspiration!

  19. I have a major girl-crush on Lisa.

    Well, on you too.


  20. Thanks for sharing my map chair! Yours IS perfect...I expect to see that done before the weekend....I know how quickly you finish chairs so I'm sure it will be no problem! I LOVE all the other stuff you highlighted too! That black chest is GORGE!!

  21. Great ideas, so glad you gathered them all and shared them with us, ...I might have missed some!

  22. oh,, can't wait to see what you do with that chair. hope all is well in your corner of the country.

  23. Pretty great projects all around. I'd have to say the dresser is my favourite but I'd be happy to have any one of them in my house.

  24. Ok, they're all great, but that chair............. maps are just the best decoration.


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