Pine Box with French Lime Paint

I don't want to act all goofy and giddy, but Maison Blanche sent me a new paint to try out, and well, I LOVE IT!

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

Maybe some of you have painted things like the Sistine Chapel or Italian Frescoes but not me, I'm small pahtatas in the world of art.

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello.   If you're like me those are Ninja Turtles.

In fact, I really don't know much about art other than I like what I like.

And I like La Chaux French Lime Paint from Maison Blanche.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

It's like their regular paint but just a little thicker when it goes on, then it morphs into sort of a clay-ish consistency when you let it sit for 20 minutes (which I assume is the lime in the paint) and you work it, work it, move it, move it - all around your project with a plastic credit card and a plastic bag and the end result is this really vintage worn layered style.

Yes the new tools of the trade are an old credit card and plastic bag, see the video at the very bottom which will demonstrate this technique.

Over the weekend Brawn accompanied me to a couple garage sales after I received a tip about some "stuff" I would like.  At that sale I picked up a box of something that shall remain a mystery for now.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint
Down the road at another sale, he spotted this plain unfinished wooden box, and since I was planning on a box project, his keen eye basically got him out of making one for me.

And it was only three bucks.  I knew I could make it work at that price.  I scooped it up, threw $3.00 at the garage sale lady, and ran off with the bin.

Or maybe I paid politely, Brawn tossed the bin in his truck, then pinched me in the azz as he pushed me into his tall truck that I find hard to climb in to.  One of those scenarios for sure.

I stained it first because I wanted the lettering in wood shades, not painted.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

With La Chaux first you need a base layer of something with a mineral base or alkaline  paint to build on.  The Maison Blanche line of Vintage Furniture Paint is perfect for that, so I used Spanish Moss for my base - it's a great color, but it wasn't meant to show this time.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

Next up was a coat of White Pepper French Lime paint, which is like a cement color, a perfect under tone for the look I was after.

The last coat is Candied Yam and it's not a bright orange color, more like a orange clay color, or how I would describe it, a worn vintage orange.

Whatever, it is just the color I was wanting for this time of year without screaming HELLO I'M A PUMPKIN.

 Here is the front of the box while the paint is still wet.  Look at all that texture.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

When I make signs or lettered items, I like them to have meaning to me, not just random words.

Everything on this wood box is true.

Half Moon Bay is a real town in Northern California.  My BFF lives there.

If you drive there from Pacifica you will drive along the coast over Devil's Slide on Highway 1, and if you do that in October you can attend the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival.

Devil's Slide was a crumbling stretch of Highway where if you blinked you might end up in the ocean.  They have new tunnels now and part of the old road has become a trail.

I don't really care, I'm still not someone who likes to drive over it tunnel or no tunnel.

The only thing worse than driving over it as a passenger in a car with my eyes shut, was driving over it as a passenger in a car with my eyes shut knowing I was in the fog.

The edge always felt like it was pulling the vehicle over with suction.

Anyway, the pumpkin festival is a huge deal in Half Moon Bay, and I like that my crate is a page out of my friends life.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint
For the next step on the wood box I used Maison Blanche Translucide furniture glaze.

This was the first time I ever used a glaze and of course now I wonder why I waited so long!  I tinted the clear glaze with a copper craft paint that gives areas of the box more color definition.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint
To finish this project I used dark wax which got in all the cracks and on the edge of the letters and enhances all that texture from the lime paint.

I think it's really awesome in person, the crate looks like a vintage bin and the letters almost look as though they are carved into the wood.

I'm typing this calmly, the lime paint is pretty cool to work with.  But inside I'm yelling about the worn look it creates and how fun this stuff is to work with.

Half Moon Bay California Box Maison Blanche Paint

I can't wait to use it again now that it's had a maiden voyage with me.

Wonder if the ceiling in our church needs something painted on it?

Here is the video from the company on the process.

I'm not alone in trying out this new lime paint.  
My cohorts are the very talented ladies who I have joined all summer long
who bring projects highlighting products from Maison Blanche.

Please stop by each of their blogs to see how they used the textural lime paint.
Bliss at Bliss Ranch

About French Lime Paint from Maison Blanche:
This is a traditional Lime Paint made with European Lime and natural pigments.
It has zero VOC, is eco-friendly.
Highly alkaline which means it is naturally resistant to mold and the fungus among us,
and it's anti-bacterial so it's great for bathrooms, kitchens and kids rooms.
The best part is that it gives the look of multiple layers with only one coat.

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  1. It looks FLIPPING FABULOUS! I love that color so much. But since I tend to pick ORANGE everything, I didn't this time...Kinda kicking myself! Love it you ninja turtle loving lady! :)

  2. Love that color combo, Bliss! Isn't this paint ahhhh mazing! You really can't mess it up!!!

  3. Sweet! Plus I've been to Half Moon Bay, too, so I like it even better ;)

  4. That paint is new to me! Love the look, the box, how it turned out and your Half Moon Bay story....We've driving Hwy 1 and it was the scariest drive of my life, all three of us girls were car sick too..poor hubby!! We wanted to take the scenic ride.hah!

  5. I love reading you. It's like watching a fav 30 minute sitcom. You make me laugh!!
    Oh, love the project too.. of course, you did the amazing Blissification to a plain old box!!
    You put so much of you into what you do!!

  6. Oh. So. Great! Thanks for sharing this product with us. I love when someone has come up with a product to make stuff look old and weathered but in an easy way.

  7. Bliss,
    This came out amazing. How fabulous. Love this.

  8. So many exciting new paints to try! Oh, the possibilities with this one. I can feel your little hands shaking.

  9. This is way cool. But I'll have you know, we only do FULL moons here.


  10. I love the well worn finish you achieved on that box! I can just your mind working overtime wondering what else you can transform. I love the box and the story behind Half Moon Bay, but I don't think I'd like driving along that old highway either!

  11. This is beautiful, Bliss!! What a fun way to try out the new products.

  12. Really pretty piece. Love what you did with it. Great job!


  13. Classic Bliss! I now feel like I need DL to make me some boxes, but now that he's taught me, he'll just tell me to make them myself.

  14. Very cool. I love working with textures. How did you keep your letters looking so good?

  15. love the look of this box Bliss!! The paint does look fabulous.

    I love the way you used sentimental favs for the text.


  16. I haven't heard of that paint before. I love the results though! It really has a clay look.

  17. A FANTASTIC job!!! Have not heard of the paint either, but it turn out great!!!!

  18. The box looks amazing Bliss! Love how you used words with meaning. The vintage orange is perfect. Like that so much better than bright orange. I'm intrigued.

  19. Love it, my friend!!! And I love that it has a story to go with it too! :) Linda

  20. That turned out beautifully, much texture and detail...reminds me of old plaster walls. And what is with husbands and that azz pinchin' lol...

  21. I love that you used Half Moon Bay on your box. We'll be heading there for the pumpkins in just a few short weeks and I love it there!

    1. We are super super lucky to live here! Just steps from the pumpkin farms and the beach. Have fun when you come to the festival!!

  22. You could give Michaelangelo a run for his or no shell! What a cool technique!!

  23. That is one sweet technique! I adore your box. That texture is amazing...

  24. There are so many different paints and techniques out there that I haven't heard of or tried. This is a really fun one!

  25. This paint looks amazing Bliss - love how worn it looks - just perfect !
    It would make a gorgeous magazine rack too!

  26. The aged look you ended up with is amazing, Bliss! Love usual!

  27. I know that you are from there and I've only been out to visit relatives a handful of times but you really captures that California vibe, in my opinion. La Chaux Lime looks like a really product to work with. Beautiful!!

  28. Fun post! Glad to have found you on Pinterest. We actually live in HMB and love it. Love every little piece of our coastal paradise.

  29. Looks great! That paint sounds interesting and fun to "play" with. Your comment about the ninja turtles made me chuckle...I have a 10 year old boy :)

  30. The box is incredible. I have, shhhh - another brand - of paint like this and love working with it. I call it "peanut butter paint". I've used it inside a stencil before but never thought to use it in a reverse stencil way like you did. Awesome job. And color, too! Oh, and I'm glad these paint companies are on the glaze bandwagon again. They sure are easy.

  31. But now I want to know how you did the lettering. I always shy away from lettering. I never know what to put on it, and the idea of having to cut those letters out, scares me. (I don't have something like a silhouette ;-( )

  32. What a fantastic finish, very vintage-y.


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