Pillows I Can't Make

Well howdy-doo everyone. 

Imma gonna partake in just a slight Bliss Bashing.

Quit reading if you can't fathom that thought.

When I started this blog I announced for God and everyone to read that I. Can't. Sew.

That was no joke, and then I went on to make some coffee sack pillows which was agony for me even though I was pleased with the result. 

Here's my coffee sack version of a burlap bolster with added doo dads for bling. Coffee Sack Pillows

I don't think I have sewed anything since that time and if I have I've blocked the trauma of it out.

Is 'sewed' even the proper word to use in that sentence?

I can't sew, in spite of what that pillow might lead you to believe.  And I hate sewing, mostly because there is math involved and I suck at that too.

So why did a self professed sew-hater make pillows one time when the sun shone upon her sewing abilities?

Because Linda from It All Started With Paint was having a PillowPalooza party and darnit I wanted to palooza my pillow!

Linda was celebrating the opening of her Etsy shop, Drop Cloth Designs Co.

Drop Cloth Design Co. on Etsy
And now she is celebrating again. It's stocked and ready to roll.

Drop Cloth Design Co. on Etsy
Not only can you find some great pillows in her Etsy shop, but you can really have a ball!

Check it out......... Etsy:

And when it comes to Mason Jar crafts, well she wrote the book on that one.  Really....she wrote a book for the Ball Jar people.

                           Mason Jar Blog:

Tell her Bliss the sew-hater sent 'ya.

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  1. LOL! You are just too sweet my friend!!! And I'm not a math fan either. I keep my calculator nearby at all times. Even when I'm trying to figure out seams! Love you, my friend!

    :) Linda

  2. I'm like that when it comes to carpentry skills, but if I want something made bad enough, I'll suffer the pain of using saws and drills and other noisy frightening tools. Your pillow turned out pretty cute for somebody who doesn't sew!

  3. Just the threading of the machine and bobber scared me away.

    Your pillow is awesome!

    Jane xx

  4. Lovin' your cute pillow...i can't sew either and hate it with a passion. going over to ck her out.

  5. Well, I can sew a somewhat straight line and that's about it. Trust me, math is NOT involved in my sewing projects. I love your pillow Bliss. Imma make me one:-) Going over to Linda's. Happy Sunday!

  6. My mom was a Home Ec teacher. We lived in the country. We might as well have had a sign on the wall: Sew or Go Naked. And I "heart" Linda!!

  7. Nothing could be more difficult for a novice sewer than trying to work with burlap! Pick an easier fabric next time. If there ever is a next time, that is.

  8. I come from a long line of sewers. I love being able to make things. Seems like even I put off sewing though. Mostly for me it's getting the machine out and the big mess it makes. You're a dear, you know. So is Linda.

  9. LOL! I can only sew a straight line with my 30 plus year old Sears Kenmore sewing machine. I wish I could sew like some of the peeps in blog land. What a blessing they have with being able to sew. Thanks for the intro to Linda I am hoping over to her Etsy now.

  10. She has some pretty things in her etsy shop! I love her union jack pillows.

  11. I love to sew, but not recently. I don't know why. It's werido.

    Love the pillow and your sweet shout out for Linda. That girl is awesome!

  12. Have Machine ... Will Not Sew! At least as little as possible. Cute post and great intro to Linda. Her shop is really nice.

  13. You know I'm a "no-sewer" through and through unless it's absolutely necessary! Thank goodness my girls have learned how to sew (without me). I really should try and get back to it but it's so frustrating!! Love the pillow!

  14. My mom is a sewing goddess. She made my wedding dress. Then she made my second wedding dress. Then she told me NO MORE WEDDING DRESSES. Who can blame her? I like sewing as long as it does not involve reading a pattern. I have no idea how to do that. Your pillows are adorable, even if it was h#ll making them. Great Etsy store share though. Love those pillows.


  15. Linda has a great shop! I have tried to see something wrong with your pillow, but there just isn't.
    You be crazy, B.

  16. My mom was an amazing sewer. Time and again, she tried to teach me and I refused, having no patience for all the steps. So, instead, I sat on a stool next to her, while she sewed for hours at a time, babbling on with my tales of childhood angst. Some years later she gave me her sewing machine, and one day, I decided to sew something. I started on the project and low and behold, I knew what I was doing. Of course I'm not an expert, but from watching her all those years (while babbling on with tales of childhood angst), I must of been paying attention. I think I did the same thing in the kitchen but somehow those lessons were lost in translation. Clicking over to check out the pretty Etsy stuff, and I love your pillow, too!!

  17. Well, I can sew but I still hate it, so I'm very impressed, and I love the added doo dads !


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