Antique Oak Table

In the early days of kids and dinner, our home had an antique round claw foot table that was 100 years old and made of oak.

We bought it with the typical four press back chairs that had caned seats.

This was at our first house and we used it as our kitchen table.  We bought it from an elderly man named Harry Peterson who went to auctions and refurbished furniture, mostly oak pieces.  

Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch
Harry told us that he had bought the table at the auction of the mother of our local state representative. 

You could seat 4 people at it without a leaf in which was perfect for our little family.

At our second house we added a couple more kids to the family and put the two old oak leaves in the table and it became our dining room table because we had a banquette for seating in the kitchen that we could sprinkle our growing family around.

In our current home the claw foot table once again became our kitchen table because Brawn built us a big pine farmhouse table for the dining room.

All was good with the table situation until........

One day at a garage sale I picked up this antique oak table that had a painted lavender top and 5 awesome turned oak legs.

Laminate Removal Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

The new old table was larger and a better shape for our current kitchen nook and I halfheartedly sold the round claw foot table on Craigslist - but kept the press back chairs - and got to work removing the lavender paint from the table top.

We used the re-stained oak top for a few years, and eventually the varnish started to wear thin from wiping and scraping off milk splatters and Cheerios from the six offspring who now dined on it.

Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

I got the practical, although not beautiful, idea to top the table with laminate, not once, but twice when I grew tired of the shiny black marble style that was first put on.  

I traded milk splatters on oak to constant finger prints on the shiny black top, and the maintenance was constant too, so the black was replaced with some brown swirled stuff.
Laminate Removal Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

And just an FYI.... Cheerios stick just as well to laminate as they do to oak.

Fast forward to now.  

Everyone seems to splatter milk much less then they used too and I wanted to see the wood on that table top again, not to mention not see the Formica that didn't match anything anyway.

Laminate Removal Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

Using a heat gun and a husband with a flat tool, bit by bit the laminate came off.  

It was glued on for all eternity, so this was a time consuming task.

Laminate Removal Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

All able bodies were put to work and I was careful not to burn anyone's fingers.

Brawn did get a cut from a sharp piece and was immediately doctored up by a 7 year old bearing a ninja turtle bandage.

After the laminate was all off there was glue residue, so some gel stripper was smeared on the top and the glue was scrapped off too.

Laminate Removal Antique Oak Table, Bliss-Ranch

As fast as it was done the table was promptly piled with garage junk, but I know it's there underneath the stuff without any laminate.  

My goal is to get the top sanded and then I'm not sure what I will do to it.  

I've already re-stained the legs and bottom a dark color, but I want something lighter for the top.

Maybe lavender?

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  1. LOL- Oh- I can so identify with what you went through with that table. I have an old scrubbed top (now) downstairs that I use for wrapping, packaging -etc. It came out of a barn and was our first ever table so I am reluctant to part with it....I am thinking lavender might be perfect for your table. lol xo Diana

  2. oh my! what a change that table has been through. :) See, people get all bent out of shape when we paint wood. It's WOOD people! It can be undone! Even laminate can be undone! :)

    I hope you do something to it soon. lol


  3. how about just wax the top? the wood is a pretty color as is.

  4. You're so silly! LOL All that work and the thought of lavender again. LOL The legs are gorgeous on that piece. Anxious to see what you do with it. (I highly doubt lavender)


  5. I've been down that road. I'm considering a table make over here too. I agree with Gail-- it can be undone! Can't wait to see it!

  6. I bet that WAS a lot of work to get that old top removed! That takes a lot of patience (which I don't have) but I know you're glad that part is done. I can't wait to see what you do with it next!

  7. That style of table is one of my favorites. Good luck getting the glue off. I think natural wood. Maybe???

  8. Like your Mr. Peterson, my parents went to auctions for furniture to refinish and sell. They also refinished and reupholstered most of the old furniture for members of this community I live in. It's great getting a piece that you know someone has worked hard on. Your table is great with those lovely legs. Glad you got off the formica. Can't wait to see what you do now.

  9. Lovely table.... Stain it and put it back into the kitchen again.... I'm a big fan of Annie Sloan paint if you are thinking about going that route again.

  10. Bliss be careful with the cild labor., lol. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the top.


  11. Ah Hah! Good to see that your talents run in the family! It'll be fun to find out what's done.

  12. It looks so pretty under that laminate...looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  13. What I love most about this story is how these pieces have transformed through time with your family and as the story continues it's like a provenance for each furniture piece. Can't wait to see waht you do next.

  14. Oh the stories that table can tell! These are my favorite makeovers even unfinished because they tell the tales of the family. It reminds me of the giving tree...That table is your giving tree! :)

  15. I'd say you deserve a break after all that work! The hard part is done and now the fun begins. Nice save!!!

  16. I know it will look fabulous once you are done! I am trying to figure out something do with our kitchen table.

  17. Or goes well with pretty much anything that you pile on it...and equally well with ninja turtle bandages.


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