Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Copper Ornament Redo

You've probably seen those long tubes of red and green ornaments that retailers have in the isles this time of year.

The tubes are filled with several shapes of red and green, sometimes other colors like silver and gold.

I picked up two large tubes of those ornaments, brand new, a couple years ago at a garage sale for a buck each.

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

They are plastic.

Shiny metallic, plastic.  I intended to use them on my outdoor decorations.

But sometimes outdoor window decorations don't happen.

Like when the snow arrives on the window ledges before the greens do.  That means the snow is under the festive array of evergreens instead of softly fallen on top of them.

Snowy Window Ledge

When the snow falls on top you don't always get to enjoy the underneath anyway.

So since the plastic ornaments have never made it outside in the years since I picked them up, I decided I wanted to jazz them up in colors that fit in with our family room.

This meant shades of copper, reddish brown, earthy.

I purchased several colors/shades of copper "metallic" spray paint - because spray painting all those buggers would be fast right?  And Christmas was coming.

I tested each color on one of the plastic ornaments.

And they all looked like crap to me.

Where was the shimmer of metal I was looking for?

I know where......

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

I was about to give up when I decided to plop my round hiney in a chair and hand paint each ornament with Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Copper I received from Fusion Mineral Paints.

The line of metallics is awesome.  If you want some design inspiration stop over at Holiday With Matthew Mead to see how he adds a designers upcycled style to everything he creates.

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

Hand painting ornaments is a time consuming process but it wasn't exactly rocket science.

I even got out the glitter in three different colors.

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

And as my round hiney was about to go numb in the chair, the last copper brush stroke was completed and that box of red and green plastic ornaments had been turned into a box of several shades of glittered metallic perfection for use as decorations in our coppery family room.

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

Even after sitting for so long to complete them, I looked around to see what else could use a fresh coat of metallic copper.

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

I'd like to say when I was done the angels sang. 

Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Paint, Copper redo,

But what really happened is that the angel closest to me was galvanized and she got painted copper with glittered wings, before she ever had the chance to open her mouth to sing.


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  1. Love how your ornaments turned out and your Angel is beautiful. Never thought of metallic copper on the Christmas tree but your ornaments look beautiful. Not too sure about the glitter ... I don't like finding glitter all over the house for the next year.
    Good job as usual Bliss.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Well, those would look spectacular on my tree, B. Although I'm attempting to keep the glittery stuff at a minimum this year, my ornaments are very sparkly for the most part. Brilliant idea for all NEW ornies. I've had a crush on Matthew for a few years now. He can do no wrong in my mind...umm, what's left of it anyway! hahahahaha

  3. The ornaments are stunning now...looking forward to seeing how you use them...

  4. Great transformation Bliss... I love the copper and the glitter idea is awesome!! :) Happy Decorating!

  5. Painting is my favorite :-)
    I was going to paint some of my ornaments this year but didn't. I like what you did with the angel too. I really prefer the rustic, natural colors and white of course but I can't seem to get away from kids are sentimental about all the old ornaments. I just recently got rid of the sesame street ones! Big bird had to go!

  6. I love the new metallic color you gave to those ornaments and angel. I love metallics myself. I'm sure that was a pain staking project though!

  7. Bliss,

    I love the new look of the ornaments! Metallics aren't generally my "thing", but they are very pretty!

    cute angel as well!


  8. SOOO much better! Love the shades of copper!

  9. Nothing is safe you and your fabulous paint! You sure know how to dress up an ordinary ornament. LOVE these!


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