Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Jingle Bell time is a swell time. 

How come every post I do about Christmas I feel like singing?  

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

In 2012 I was tasked with turning a little horse that Cassie from Primitive and Proper sent to me, into something Christmasy.

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Since this Jingle Bell Junk Tree is still one of my most popular posts I decided to bring it back like the ghost of Christmas past for anyone who wants to make their own.

The all around groovy chick and super talented Cassie from Primitive & Proper drew my name for a junk swap and she wasn't horsing around when she packed that bugger in enough bubble wrap to mail a priceless, irreplaceable, fragile tea cup, to say.... someone in England (hi Fiona).

(To Cassie.... FYI, Trigger arrived safe and I have reused all the bubble wrap.  The box too.)

Then I did what any good crafter would do.

I spray painted the little filly.  The pony, not Cassie.  Although Cassie, is actually like a filly running with the wind.

I had several ideas how to use the horse, but when the time came it was re-purposed in Krylon silver for the good of the whole.

Whole tree.   

Whole junk tree.

Whole bunch of junking jingling bling.

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

The base started out as a regular old bent up tomato cage from the tomatoes I can't seem to grow, so I may as well repurpose it.

There was no rocket science here in making this thing.

Twist the top stakes together and you have your basic tree shape.

I spray painted all the items that were not already silver before hand and either wired or glued them onto the frame or each other till all the bare area was filled in.

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Some of the junk I used:

I picked up two of these Christmas tree mold things above, at a summer garage sale.

They didn't fit together so I'm not really sure what you would mold in them.  I used half on my project along with my pretty little silver filly and any junk I could find that was already silver.

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Now I've gotta give credit where credit is due...... I didn't come up with this on my own.

I pinned the idea a while ago and you can find the original pin-spiration and more on my Pinterest board.

The creative genius behind the junk tree idea is Debbie from Curious Sofa.

And. I. Love. It.!!! 
Thank you Debbie at Curious Sofa for thinking it up.

My Tree

See the horse front and center?

The tomato cage tree has all sorts of good junk.

And plenty of Jingling Bling.

Like this vintage ice cream scoop.....

An old metal egg separator....

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Some antique tart tins....

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

My Christmas tree mold thingy's...

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

An old egg beater that worked so good I thought of putting it in my kitchen drawer......

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

A cross of nails that one of my kids made has a prominent place at the top....

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Lots and lots of old cookie cutters and of course the little horse that started it all.

Tomato Cage Junk Christmas Tree, Bliss-Ranch.com

Thank you Cassie.  It was fun and without this horse I don't know if I would of raced to get the inspiration tree that I pinned completed.

To store the tree, a large kitchen trash bag covers it to keep off dust.  If something falls off mysteriously before Christmas comes again, all I have to do is get out the glue or wire and reattach it.

I think I will put this in my kitchen just in case I need to separate an egg, then I can think of that creative little filly when I wash dishes.  Cassie, not the horse.

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  1. Such a cute look! Trust you to come up with this!!!

  2. I love the Curious Sofa blog. Debbie is so talented. I think that tree is pretty neat. You did a great job putting it together. I've never seen anything like it before. I see a lot of "firsts" on your blog! Ha Ha.

  3. Funny, we had that same ice cream scoop, manual egg beater, cookie cutter tree and a similar egg separate in our kitchen drawers when I was growing up. They way you've brought these all together is just beautiful. The blingy, shimmery effect of all the silver is one of my favorite holiday looks. Thanks for the memories, too!!

  4. Well, isn't that the cutest little gadget tree ever? I had that same ice cream scoop for years and years. lol I love what you did here- VERY clever! xo Diana

  5. A lot of great junk went into making this awesome tree!

  6. I love it...absolutely genius!!! Would look awesome with white lights wound in there somewhere too!!!

  7. That's an amazing little tree...I would love just exploring it...

  8. Guess I hadn't found you yet in 2012 ... cause I don't remember this terrific tree. Rustoleum sent me an entire case of spray paint ... but it's all one color, a creamy white. I've been thinking about what to do with it. Your cute conifer is inspiring me ... to get off my bum and DO SOMETHING! May have to add a little layer of glitter on top for the bling. THX

  9. Loved it then, Love seeing it again!

  10. Loved it then, Love seeing it again!


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