Life's Ruff Dog Bed

It's a dogs life isn't it? 

Sleep when you want, someone brings you your food, and it's ok not to shave your legs.

Now I'm not claiming for one second I came up with the idea of turning a headboard into a dog bed.  If you look on Pinterest you can find a gazillion of 'em to use as inspiration.

Not only do I not claim stake to the idea, I didn't make this one either.

My ever increasingly talented #2 daughter got out the saws and used her skillz.

She trekked out for a day of garage sales with me and came home with this five dollar twin headboard, which was exactly what she was on the hunt for.

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

You see there is this boy. 

Well, a guy.  Or I guess technically after a certain age they are probably men.

And this fellow, (yeah I like fellow), and my daughter are an item. 

Then there is Greta and Walt. 

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

The fellow adopted Greta from a lady who had to move, and Walt was approaching a year in age, the last from a litter without his new home, so the fellow gave him one. 

The fellow obviously has a kind heart, and it seems a love of dogs....and my daughter.

Walt is as sweet as can be even while exercising his teeth on #2 daughters phone. 

Good introduction to kids being expensive right?  Even the four legged kind.

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

So daughter #2 measured and sawed, nailed and glued and ended up with a frame to fasten the cut down version of the headboard too.

She painted it up in two shades of Fusion Mineral Paint - Sterling for the letters, with a top coat of Ash. 

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

She had a little help from a certain 5 year old with the sanding to distress it.

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

Life is ruff all right, and I surely liked my view looking out the front door as they toiled.

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

I'm no stranger to re-purposing a headboard as something else, I've got a full size one turned into a bench, and I think the matching foot-board is somewhere in the Shed 'O Schitt. 

Headboard Turned into Bench Bliss-Ranch.com
Old Albert's Headboard Bench
It looks like her twin size headboard is almost identical to the full size one I used. 

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

Thank you to Daughter #2 for texting me a picture proving it really is a dogs life.

Headboard turned into dog bed Ruff Life, Bliss-Ranch.com

Maybe after a nap I'll wander to the Shed 'O Schitt and scavenge for the other part to my headboard.  I think I know another dog who has a Ruff Life and needs his own bed.

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  1. aaaaw, i am so happy those dogs were rescued and have such a sweet bed!

  2. Can the ducks be next for a fancy headboard bed?? Your daughter is quite talented and following in your footsteps!

  3. So sweet! I love watching puppies sleep. Chewing on phones? Not so much.


  4. such a sweet tale:)
    Also, thank you for your thoughtful visit last week!
    Have a super happy day!

  5. Clearly the acorn did not fall far from the tree ;-)

  6. How cute! I have not ever seen a headboard for a dog's bed before. Your daughter obviously takes after you with her wood working skills and creativity!

  7. Awww! I love those faces! It makes me happy that your daughter made a bed for those sweet babies. If I ever steal this idea from you it will be made in King size...that way I can sleep in it when Bruce and Jack push me out of my bed.
    Do Walt and Greta play with Mo?

  8. It's a dog's life, but they look like they are "ruffin' it in style - love it!

  9. So cute! Clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :)

  10. LOVE the dog bed Bliss! that daughter gets her skilss from her momma?

    cute pups!

    I'm getting a new furbaby, and I'm trying to decide what I want to repurpose to make her life easier. :)



  11. Love this! And your five year old looks suspiciously like my niece did at that age. Could we be related?

  12. Uh Oh, Bliss, be careful; that daughter may pass you on the climb up Creative Mountain. Adopted TWO dogs, huh. I think she found a keeper there :D

  13. I love the style of that headboard...it really made a wonderful dog bed. I wish I could sleep like that dog. And I bet quite a few of us on the blogs have a Shed O' Schitt...I know I do.

  14. Love how it's color coordinated to the fur. That girl's got talent and the pups are adorable!

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